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by Starry

Sep 02 2021

In Men’s accessories, messenger bags are the new tradition. Gone are the briefcase days, now messenger bags are used due to the comfort and the ease they offer. Messenger bags are synonymous with backpacks and briefcases rolled into one. They are easy to carry and easy to access than a briefcase which is why men use these more than the traditional briefcases. A backpack is used informally and isn’t made for everyday accessories use which is why these bags are spreading in fashion now. The best messenger bags are available at Timbuk2.


The story of Timbuk2 started in 1989 in a small district of San Francisco. The current founder of the company, Rob Honeycut was a messenger boy and it was when he started using a messenger bag he literally fell in love with the versatility of the bag. From a free-thinking, freewheeling messenger boy, he became a founder of a company that initially dealt widely with messenger bags. He kept improvising on the bag and the messenger bags changed their image from being slung on the bicycle to being pivoted to the meeting, moving swiftly, outsmarting the challenges of the city.


Timbuk2 started off its journey as a brand of messenger bags. It has the widest variety, starting from easy school bags to the more complex office bags that need to have enough space to house all the everyday essentials one might need at the office. Additionally, they even offer to personalize the classic messenger bags according to the flair of their customer.


When you sling your messenger bag onto your shoulder, may it be for a meet-up with friends or an important office meeting, the bag should have all your items housed in the bag. When you buy your bag, be sure to check out some important features before you spend your good money on it. Let us discuss those important features.  

Be sure to check the warranty on the bag. If they offer a warranty then you can be sure that the bag is of good quality. Check the bag’s interior compartments. Ensure that the laptop fits easily in the bag. Check for the smaller compartments that can hold your iPod, headphones, and charger separately. Be sure to check the shoulder strap whether it’s adjustable or not.


There are the classic messenger bags that have an iconic shape, a three-panel design trademark. It always comes in a crossbody style. These revolutionized over time, adding more accommodation for our different gadgets, including our laptops. Timbuk2 is ready to personalize the classic as per your requirements.

Then there is the water-resistant messenger bag, which will keep your stuff safe and sound. This feature was added so that while you rush around town, maybe commuting in public transport, you do not have to stop to take shelter from the rain. Your items will remain safe regardless of rainy days.


Timbuk2 started off as a Messenger Bag specialist but slowly they expanded and became a bag brand. Now they deal in all sorts of bags.

  • TRAVELLING BAGS. You will be surprised by the variety offered under traveling bags. There are duffel bags, designed for frequent travelers. It comes with easy-packing compartments. Then we have the road trip travel bags that are ideal for a rough trip on the road. These are adventure tested for durability. They also have duffel bags, bike travel bags, and a lot more.
  • BACKPACKS. These are the most popular bags across the globe. As the name suggests, you can sling them onto the bag and you are good to go. Timbuk2 has some of the best backpacks and they have even customized them for women as well. There’s the water-resistant backpack, work backpack, and many more.
  • SLINGS. Slings are comfortable as all you have to do is sling the bag across and you are good to go. Timbuk2 offers a variety of crossbody bags. Travel bags and Messenger bags are also made Slings.
  • TOTES. Tote bags have multiple usages. They are open from the top hence they are extremely useful as shopping bags and can even be utilized as exercise bags.
  • ACCESSORIES. We all love accessories. Timbuk2 has produced a line of useful accessories like small pouches to hold your jewelry in your bag or keep your gadgets or bags for your other tech gear.
  • BAGS FOR WOMEN. Timbuk2 believes in gender equality which is why they have produced all the above bags in customized colors and more feminine styles for women. You will get a messenger bag for women as well as feminine backpacks.


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