Bring the Best Coffee-Maker Home: A Philips HD7762 Review

by Starry

Apr 21 2021

Drip coffee machines have become quite a rage in recent years, especially since many organizations and offices have also adopted a more flexible style of working. Coffee machines have great utility for not just workspaces, but even at home, as many prefer to have one in their kitchen. There are several enticing models circulating the market, but particularly impressive is the Philips Grind & Brew drip coffee machine. In this Philips hd7762 review, we are covering crucial details of this model so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you should buy this model or not.

Philips Grind and Brew Review

Undoubtedly, Philips Grind & Brew model is one of the high-end drip coffee models currently available in the market. However, the quality of service and the reliability that comes with the brand Philips, make this a worthwhile purchase. There are two premium features being offered by this drip coffee model:

  • Well-integrated grinder, and
  • Timer

Philips hd7762 review: Design features

When it comes to consumer electronics and home appliances, few brands have the credibility that Philips has. Especially when it comes to design, the brand has seldom disappointed its customers. The same is true for Philips grind and brew. A review of the design of this model revealed some interesting features, that are as under:

  • A larger machine, this model has an aesthetic, rounder design. The overall appearance of the machine is quite sophisticated and subtle.
  • Mimicking the design of oversized auto-espresso machines, this one leaves ample space in its bottom half for the purpose of holding the decanter that accumulates the brewed coffee.
  • The complete bottom half of the Philips Grind and Brew is enveloped in stainless steel. However, the main body is built from ABS plastic.
  • You will find that the control panel comes with digital indicators. Placed in the absolute center of the board is the principal control button that you would use to operate the machine.

Functional features

One of the most stellar features of Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew is that this model comprises not one, but two compartments for the purpose of storing coffee beans. The lid of these compartments are labeled 1 and 2, and therefore, you can easily distinguish between the two. There is also a selector knob provided for your convenience so that you can easily pick between the two containers while using the machine. You can even make two kinds of coffee, or prepare two separate types of coffee and mix them afterward, to get a unique taste.

Below are some of the distinctive functional features we discovered while assessing the model for this Philips hd7762 review:

  • The model comprises a bean duo container. Having two bean containers allows you to make two different kinds of coffee. You can choose the bean you want to use for brewing. Not only could you pick between the two types of coffee beans, but also create your own combination by picking both and then mixing the two prepared coffee.
  • Depending upon how strong or mild you prefer your coffee, you can adjust the intensity of your coffee while using this model. All you have to do is set the strength of coffee according to your preference, and you will get mild, or medium, or intense coffee.
  • The large and bright LCD display makes the machine easy to operate.
  • There are more than 9 different grinding options available for users to choose from. Go for a fine grind if you prefer strong coffee, or else, select a coarse grind if you prefer a mild and soothing taste.
  • Another highlight of this coffee machine is its ability to also make ground coffee. So don’t worry if you ever run out of coffee beans, you can always use ground coffee to prepare coffee in this machine. All you have to do is disable the grind-off function of the grinder. Once you have disabled the option, you can simply put ground coffee in the filter.
  • The machines come equipped with an aroma twister. This is a smart nozzle that comes in-built within the jug. This twister ensures that the inflowing coffee circulates evenly throughout the jug, developing consistency and aroma, delivering the best possible taste in the process.


There are some other features that we uncovered while researching for this  Philips hd7762 review, that is worth highlighting:

  1. This model provides you the option to choose for how long you want your coffee to remain warm. Starting from 10 minutes, going all the way up to 2 hours, you can adjust the automatic shut-off time according to your preference. Your coffee will retain warmth accordingly.
  2. The model comes equipped with a timer. So you can set your coffee maker in advance, according to the time you usually crave coffee. With this timer, you will be able to get a freshly brewed cup of coffee, exactly when you crave it.
  3. The machine has a water level indicator so that you can fill the water tank, easily and accurately.
  4. There is a drip-stop option as well, so instead of waiting for the full brewing cycle to complete, you can stop mid-way and pour yourself a cup if you want.


Hopefully, you would have found this Philips hd7762 review useful in making an informed buying decision. Given its unique combination of grinder and timer, Philips HD7767 Grind & Brew is a truly amazing coffee maker. It is hard to find other products that have so many attractive features, all in one model. Moreover, considering when to replace your coffee maker is also necessary.

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