Where to Find the Best Capsule Coffee Machine?

by Starry

May 18 2021

Coffee lovers surely want to find the best capsule coffee machine near them. As drinking coffee has become their habit, they tend to find the best coffee machines that are easy to use and those that can produce the kind of coffee they like. If you are one of those coffee lovers, then the Nespresso brand is for you.

Nespresso is one of Nestlé’s operating groups. Since its establishment in 1986, they have been continuously discovering and inventing new techniques to roast, grind, blend coffee beans. Aside from that, Nespresso’s coffee experts also source the finest coffee beans in the world. They strive to provide the ultimate experience to all the coffee lovers around the globe.

For over 30 years, Nespresso has been providing the best coffee machines to coffee lovers all over the world. It all started with the idea of giving the opportunity for non-baristas to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee. Through time, Nespresso’s coffee machines have redefined and changed the way people enjoy their coffee.

Nespresso is currently available in over 80 different countries all over the world. With their online website, you can shop whenever you want. Plus, shopping at Nespresso is made easier by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method during online checkout.


There are a lot of varieties that Nespresso has in terms of the best capsule coffee machine. Nespresso categorizes their coffee machines into original and vertuo coffee machines. The original type of coffee machine practices the classic pump-based and pressure-driven brewing technology.

The Vertuo line of coffee machines uses the latest centrifugal extraction method (making more crema) of brewing. In addition to that, Vertuo line coffee machines also tend to lower its temperature and produce milder coffees compared to the original line. Some of Nespresso’s available coffee machines from each line are listed below.

Original Line

  • Inissia,
  • Pixie,
  • Essenza Plus,
  • Citiz,
  • Lattissima One,
  • Creatista, and
  • Barista.


  • VertuoPlus,
  • VertuoPlus Bundle,
  • VertuoPlus Premium, and
  • VertuoPlus Premium Bundle.


Nespresso also has its own different blends of coffee capsules aside from its high-quality coffee machines. As their coffee experts sourced the finest coffee beans they could find in the world, their coffee capsules should not be taken for granted. With the use of their coffee machines and their coffee capsules, you can make the perfect coffee that is suitable to your everyday taste.

They also have two lines for their coffee capsules, same as their coffee machines. Some of their coffee capsules are listed below.

Original Line

  1. Master Origins
  2. Master Origin 40 Capsules Assortment,
  3. La Cumplida Refinada,
  4. India,
  5. Indonesia, and many more.
  6. World Explorations
  7. Cape Town Envivo Lungo,
  8. Stockholm Fortissio Lungo,
  9. Tokyo Vivalto Lungo, and many more.
  10. Ispirazione Italiana (Inspired by Italian roasting traditions)
  11. Ispirazione Napoli,
  12. Ispirazione Roma,
  13. Ispirazione Venezia, and many more.
  14. Espresso
  15. Capriccio,
  16. Volluto,
  17. Cosi, and
  18. Volluto Decaffeinato.
  19. Basic Creations
  20. Chiaro,
  21. Scuro,
  22. Corto, and many more.


  1. Master Origins
  2. Master Origin Peru Organic,
  3. Master Origin Costa Rica,
  4. Master Origin Ethiopia, and many more.
  5. Espresso Vertuo
  6. Altissio,
  7. Diavolitto,
  8. Voltesso, and
  9. Decaffeinato Intenso.
  10. Double Espresso Vertuo
  11. Double Espresso Scuro, and
  12. Double Espresso Chiaro.
  13. Gran Lungo Vertuo
  14. Fortado,
  15. Arondio, and
  16. Decaffeinato Ontuoso.
  17. Mug Vertuo
  18. Stormio,
  19. Odacio,
  20. Intenso, and many more.
  21. Barista Creations
  22. Bianco Forte,
  23. Bianco Leggero,
  24. Caramel Cookie, and many more.
  25. Alto Vertuo
  26. Alto Dolce, and
  27. Alto Intenso.


Aside from coffee capsules and coffee machines, Nespresso also provides you coffee accessories to further intensify your enjoyment and love for your coffee. These include coffee cups and spoons, travel mugs, and a capsule dispenser where you can store your coffee capsules.

Member Benefits

Nespresso is launching their loyalty programme called “Nespresso & You” where all members are to enjoy extra-special benefits, and coffee discoveries. This is a great campaign as aside from having the high-quality coffee machines and coffee capsules, you are also treated with special benefits. Some of their member benefits are listed below:

  • Free Delivery,
  • Machine Warranty,
  • Accessories Discount Voucher,
  • Exclusive Access,
  • Exclusive Coffee Samplers,
  • Machine Upgrade Vouchers, and many more.


You can truly say that Nespresso has the best coffee capsule machine. With their high-quality coffee machines and their special coffee capsules, you are treated into the new world of coffee brewing. In addition to that, coffee will make you always look forward to every single day. Nespresso is scattered all throughout the world so you will have no problem shopping from them. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method whenever you shop online at Nespresso.

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