Discover The Hottest Makeup Styles This Season with Bobbi Brown

by jiatongma

Oct 06 2022

2022 is the year about having a natural, radiant appearance. Whether you’re searching for dramatic eye makeup or a simple bronzed face, we have the greatest beauty trends for this springtime and beyond, thanks to Bobbi Brown’s amazing makeup range.

An absolute game changer, the make up trends for 2002 ranges from euphoria-inspired eye jewels to the comeback of Y2K beauty. Frosted eyeshadows and thin brows are also returning this year, giving a very clear tribute to the early aught. However, several new styles have also become popular thanks to celebrities, influencers, and experts. The beauty industry has stepped up its game on creativity and expression creative expression. From graphic eyeshadow patterns to false freckles (we’ve got the rundown on how to get the look) we have seen these trends appearing on media platforms and the red carpet.

Continue reading on as we break down avant-garde beauty trends that are sure to rule in 2022.

2022 current makeup styles

In 2022, one thing is certain: We’re prepared to put on cosmetics once more. Being your most extravagant, vibrant, and glittering self is a theme that runs across several of the hottest beauty trends of the year. Nevertheless, some popular trends, such as complexion-enhancing foundation and eco-friendly packaging, also resonate with our more minimalist sides.

Hottest makeup styles/trends right now

The makeup trends for 2022 are shown below, along with references to Bobbi Brown items that may be used to accomplish them.

Eyeshadow in the negative space

According to cosmetic expert Jonet Williamson, negative space patterns are quite popular and part of the general graphic eyeliner trend. The easiest way to get the look is using an eyeliner pencil but keep Q-tips and makeup wipes nearby in case of a mistake.

Luminous lips

According to Williamson, the statement lips have made a triumphant comeback. Unsure about which hue to choose? In contrast to cosmetic professionals who are all about a crimson moment, she suggests corals and berries. The red carpet has been flooded with bold red lip styles. Everyone can wear red, and it looks good day or night.

Young healthy skin

Young, radiant-looking skin is an ageless cosmetics trend that has already taken over social media and the catwalk. For a dewy shine, cream and watery products are essential but don’t discount the value of your applicator. To mix highlighters, bronzers, and blushes onto the face contours, makeup experts advise using a fluffy, multipurpose brush like the Omnia BOM-265.

The revival of the thin brow

They are indeed back. We had assumed that low-rise jeans and thin eyebrows were trends of the past, but as seen by Bella Hadid, it appears that the polarising aesthetic has managed to resurface. The Pamela Anderson filter, becoming increasingly popular on TikTok, according to Williamson, is to blame for the throwback. Danielle Vincent, a brow specialist, advises faking the appearance rather than going crazy with the tweezers by carefully using concealers and brow pencils.

Colored/White eyeliner

The use of white eyeliner to widen the eyes is a trend that may soon take off. You’ll see it used as a double eyeliner with your standard black liquid liner to brighten the part of the eye and line the rim of the eye. What does she use to achieve the look? The White Gel Eyeliners from Bobbi Brown’s Tattoo Studio is advertised as having a 36-hour wear time.

Bronzed skin tone

Imagine Jennifer Lopez in the year 2000. Apply a cream or powder tanner first, then a spray self-tanner to complete the appearance. The Bobbi Brown Self Tanning and Bronzer lines are a tanning spray we are now in love with since they give any makeup look a wonderful shine.

Designs for lower lash lines

A robust wing should be nothing new, but Davy has been turning the traditional style on its head. Enhancing the lower lash line is a non-traditional technique to use eye makeup, liner, sparkle, or any other embellishments, and it doesn’t matter what type of eyelid you have (it works excellent for hooded eyes). Visit Bobbi Brown to buy one now!

Monochrome skin

A “new” take on ’90s glam, according to makeup artist Cassandra Garcia, is one of the greatest trends for 2022. She loves bringing back brown colors for the lips and eyes. The warm tone works well with all skin tones, and the neutral colors are probably present in your cosmetic kit.

How to apply eyeliner like a kitten

The striking black liner look made known by Julia Fox has its place and time, but baby wing tips are mostly the major trend for 2022. This year’s fascinating yet subtle variation on the classic cat eye includes black, brown, and strong hues. You’ll need an ultra-thin liquid liner for this look, such as the Bobbi Brown Liners, which are appropriate for any occasion.

Unreal freckles

The experts are all about fake freckles this season, with Williamson and Kristina endorsing the trend. Whether you want to highlight the beautiful features you already carry or add a little additional something-something to your skin, this is the year to try it. To duplicate the look, use brown eyeliner to draw tiny dots wherever you want to resemble a freckle. The marks can then be removed by pressing and jabbing your finger over the product. You can use Bobby Brown products to create unreal freckles and rock your day!

Pastel colors

Angelic-inspired pastel colors are still in style. Additionally, multipurpose items like the Bobbi Brown’s Cheeks Blush Stick enable you to put together a monochrome face beat in a matter of seconds.

Lustrous lips

While matte lip colors will always have a place in the market, glossy lips are totally in for 2022, especially for the spring and summer. Popsicle stains and hydrating products are bringing color back now that masks are slowly peeling off. Consider shiny with a little pop.

Metallic eyeliner

One of the hottest trends is a gilded, gleaming shadow that almost seems wet. What’s best? It’s ridiculously simple to duplicate. The ideal quantity of pigment in your eyeshadow will make it catch the light and seem natural. Look at Bobbi Brown Glitter Pigments for a high glitter effect, which may be applied with a finger swipe.

Intense Blush

Don’t be afraid to blush your cheeks! Bright and daring cream formulations, according to the makeup artist who works with celebrities like Chrissy Metz, are indeed the way to go. The Bobbi Brown Cheek Stains and Blushes collections are to blame for the over-blushed look’s virality on TikTok.

What is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown was established almost 30 years ago, and their makeup accentuates your natural beauty rather than masking it. The trusted powders, liners, foundations, primers, face creams, and other products from Bobbi Brown, a pioneer in the beauty industry with the sole goal of boosting women’s confidence, boldly set a new standard for shade diversity. Their distinctive shade concept considers the organic undertones that give each person’s unique skin color to achieve the most accurate skin match.

Bobbi Brown is now a company that manufactures numerous products. Apart from their Vitamin Infused Face Base that has achieved cult status, Bobbi Brown has many other incredible products that are worth checking out.

A few must-have Bobbi Brown items in your beauty collection have endured the test of time, from the Bobbi Brown foundation to skincare to lipstick.

Other star products of Bobbi Brown

Which Bobbi Brown products are the best? Find out which Bobbi Brown items you should put in your shopping cart now!


The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is one of the brand’s best-selling products and has developed a cult following in the beauty world. You should put this product on your list of things to try if you want a boost of moisture and a smooth base before users start wearing makeup!

Bobby Brown’s face base offers all the advantages of a moisturizer to smooth and prime the face for makeup. On the skin, it feels moisturizing and rich, yet not oily.

Shea Butter is used in this cutting-edge composition to moisturize and soften skin. Additionally, it is created with citrus and geranium aromas, which give off a light, uplifting perfume, as well as vitamins B, C, and E to provide antioxidant protection from environmental stresses like pollution. This Bobbi brown foundation is the only product your skin needs!


This long-wearing corrector, a Bobbi Brown best-seller, quickly brightens dark under-eye circles with the ideal amount of coverage. Even if you wear your makeup for the entire day, it blends well and doesn’t wrinkle.

This corrector’s pink and orange tones serve to balance out under-eye darkness before you apply concealer. A decent corrector can make a difference if you’re not wearing a full-coverage foundation.

Bobby Brown’s corrector is created with kaolin to soak up oil and lengthen the wear duration of makeup and is enriched with conditioners to preserve the sensitive under-eye region. One of the top Bobbi Brown beauty products, it comes in 16 pink and peach-based tones and is designed for all kinds of undereye discoloration.


This lip tint, which is ultra-lightweight and hydrating and has all the advantages of a lip moisturizer, is one of Bobbi Brown’s best-selling items. This hydrates and softens lips while adding a tiny bit of color that integrates seamlessly with your natural lip color. It’s one of the greatest lip balms with color.

Olive, avocado, and jojoba oils are included in the formulation to moisturize lips.

The Bobby Brown Lip Balm SPF15 is a good option if you like a lip balm without any color. One of the Top Lip Balms to Heal Dry Lips is a great nourishing lip balm.


This award-winning gel liner, which has been among Bobbi Brown’s top sellers for years, provides the appearance of a liquid liner with the comfort and feel of a gel composition. It is highly pigmented, long-wearing, and water-resistant to keep you looking great even over the longest days.

Because it can be applied quickly and easily with the correct brush, We prefer to use an angled brush.


This bronzer from Bobbi Brown has a smooth, matte finish and is lightweight. It’s ideal for rapidly warming up any region of the face or giving your skin a sun-kissed appearance. It works especially as a contour powder and has a matte finish.

The natural-looking red and brown tones of a real tan are well balanced in the lightweight, mica-free product. It blends well and applies smoothly. It contains lanolin extract, a rich moisturizer that strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier and increases its capacity to retain moisture.

This is the ideal bronzer from Bobbi Brown to use if you want a dewy, fresh-from-the-beach shine!


You might wonder, “What is the greatest Bobbi Brown foundation?” Finding a solid foundation may be challenging, but this one from Bobbi Brown checks all the requirements! This multidimensional matte finish, second-skin-like glide, and ultra-smooth emulsion result from a high-speed cold fusion technique. Hands down, the best Bobbi brown foundation!


These Bobbi Brown blushes are buildable and blendable, making them ideal for adding an immediate pop of wholesome color and character to the face.

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