Birthday cakes in Singapore for everyone at ZEE & ELLE!

by Starry

Feb 10 2022

Cutting birthday cakes are thought of as the best way to celebrate birthdays and add a little flair to them. The cake-cutting ceremony on a birthday is without a doubt the most-awaited moment in a birthday celebration, and people of all ages are enthralled by it.

In a birthday celebration, the person that just added another year to their lives is like the main star of the party and is the center of everyone’s attention. Don’t you just love being the center of attention? If you do, this year, you should order the best birthday cake in Singapore and radiate a royalty-like vibe for your birthday.

ZEE & ELLE’s birthday cakes

It’s time we look at some of the gorgeous birthday cakes ZEE & ELLE can prepare for you for a birthday cake delivery that is sure to be the envy of all your guests.

Here are some of the best birthday cakes in Singapore you can get your hands on for your upcoming birthday.

Blush Blooms Floral Mini Cake

Are you tired of looking at ravishing happy birthday cake images? Well, we get you! This is why we bring you this ‘Blush Blooms Floral Mini Cake’ – this birthday cake is a literal treat!

This 4-inch mini cake unveils a serene, garden-like, and dreamlike look that is only complemented by gentle strokes of blush floral petals, tinges of gold pearl, and embellishment of baby breaths, cotton rabbit tail, and fresh lisianthus.

If you’re looking for ways to amuse your better half on their birthday, getting them this cake on their birthday would be a good start.


  • The diameter of this cake is 4 inches and comprises three layers.
  • Make sure that you consume this cake within the first day of birthday cake delivery for the best experience.

Timeless Black Marble Mini Cake

Spark your curiosity with this 4-inch mini birthday cake that has all the makings of a mysterious birthday cake. This cake flaunts a jet-black buttercream that is accentuated by white and gold touches.


  • The diameter of this cake is 4 inches and comprises three layers.
  • Make sure that you consume this cake within the first day of birthday cake delivery for the best experience.

Honey Yuzu (Bestseller)

This Honey Yuzu Cake exhibits a yuzu sponge that is layered with manuka honey-infused cream and yuzu curd. This cake is one of the best birthday cakes you’ll find in Singapore and is one of ZEE & ELLE’s best-selling cakes.

The Honey Yuzu Cream cake packs a citrusy flavor that tickles all your taste buds in the right way. Moreover, if you’re looking for a birthday cake that’s light, we advise you to go for ZEE & ELLE’s Honey Yuzu cake.

Passionfruit Jasmine (Bestseller)

If you’re a fan of jasmine tea, wait till you get a taste of ZEE & ELLE’s Passionfruit Jasmine happy birthday cake! The Passionfruit Jasmine happy birthday cake showcases an extremely soft jasmine tea sponge that is layered with light jasmine cream and passionfruit cream.

This happy birthday cake is made with only top-quality jasmine tea extracts and is best for people who prefer something light and delicate.

Chocolate Cherry

Are you looking for a happy birthday cake delivery in Singapore? Well, look no further! This Chocolate Cherry cake is just what you need to add luxury to your birthday.

The Chocolate Cherry cake by ZEE & ELLE boasts a milk-infused chocolate sponge that is layered with freshly prepared cherry compote and chocolate cream. If you’re a lover of chocolate, you’ll simply adore this Chocolate Cherry cake by Zee & Delle.

Meet ZEE & ELLE, the birthday cake masters!

ZEE & ELLE takes the inspiration of its birthday cakes from the rhythmic flow of oceans, the aesthetic forest paths, summer skies, and the rustle of autumn leaves to meticulously create multi-layered, intricate cakes that showcase ZEE & ELLE’s love for baking beauteous cakes.

If you’re looking for the best birthday cakes in Singapore, we suggest you go to ZEE & ELLE. They even offer birthday cake delivery in Singapore and are always ready for more orders.

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ZEE & ELLE birthday cakes will definitely bring the moon, stars, and a close-to-the-nature vibe to all your birthday cake deliveries in Singapore.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best happy birthday cake in Singapore from ZEE & ELLE and use the Atome app to make the payment!

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