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by Starry

Jun 10 2021

Newborn babies have sensitive skin and also a delicate immune system. Skin acts as an essential defense mechanism against pathogens. It protects the body from infections and also protects the internal body organs. As newborns have a weak immune system, their skin is sensitive to any allergies and diseases.

So, it is important to take great care of babies to protect them from bacteria or other pathogenic organisms. The skin is perhaps the largest organ of the body and the body’s first-line defense; this is because pathogens get exposed to body skin at first. The adult human body has matured or grown-up skin that protects the body from outer infections.

As newborn baby moms, women are always concerned to take care of their baby’s skin with the most reliable baby skin products. The women want to pamper their newborns with chemical-free beauty care products. These chemicals should be free of chemical or any toxins. We can’t use adult beauty or skincare products on newborns as they contain very harsh and toxic chemicals.

For really delicate baby skin, fragrance-free and chemical-free products should be used. Special baby skin products are launched to prevent the baby skin from itching and rashes. In the past, beauty products contained a chemical called Phthalates, but now studies have shown that it causes childhood obesity, asthma, and other genital abnormalities. Baby care and beauty products industry worth 1.7 billion dollars. Baby care products are now gaining significant exposure among retailers.

The manufacturers have been working hard to manufacture products that are mild and safe. The leading baby care product companies have launched various skincare products shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, baby oils, baby wipes, baby powder, fragrances and creams.

The bulk purchase of baby skincare products has been witnessed due to covid-19 impacts. This is simply because people are more concerned about the safety of their babies. To check the market growth during the pandemic situation you can check facts online.

7 Best baby skincare brands

1. Beauty Counter Brand

This brand is specially launched to pamper baby skin with these natural beauty products that provide smoothness and enhance baby skin’s glow. It has a vast range of products from newborn to adults. It has all the products from cleansing, moisturizing to beauty products for babies. 

2. Wash with water – organics brand

The products of this brand are all-natural, organic, free of harsh chemicals. These products are very convenient; the packaging is great and very easy to use. The products are made from plant-oriented ingredients so are close to nature.

3. Johnson’s baby care Products

Most gentle and artificial chemicals free products are launched by Johnson’s that are comfortable for baby skin. They have a long-range of products from bath, beauty products, fragrances and moisturizers.

4. Paloroma brand

Gentle with aesthetically beautiful packaging of skin care products for skin care and beauty. It is thoughtfully formulated as it is odorless and contains numerous nourishing ingredients like chamomile and shea butter.

5. Burt’s bees Baby Products

The one concern every mom has regarding baby shampoo is that the harsh chemicals start itching in the eyes. So, these tear-free products are launched for a comfortable joyful bath.

6. Noodle and Boo Skincare line

This is the brand especially launched for extremely sensitive, delicate skin. All the products are made from natural, organic ingredients.

7. Earth mama and baby

They launched products for both mother and babies with natural ingredients. These organic ingredients are essential for pregnant women newborn care.

Newborn Skin and Beauty Brand

This beauty and cosmetics brand also provide beauty services like manicure, pedicure, and eyelash extensions. The newborn skin and beauty products include sun cream, hydrating cream, shampoo and moisturizers—good quality products with great packaging. Apart from beauty products brand, Newborn care and beauty also provide beauty services for women.

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