Atome X Huawei: Up to 25% Off Offer for All Huawei Users on Atome!

Aug 15 2022

Atome is excited to announce its collaboration with Huawei to launch an amazing discount offer called the Surprise 25% off offer for BNPL savings. You need to have a Huawei account and either an Atome account in which you haven’t placed your first order yet or you would need to create a new Atome account. Though the offer is from Atome, this deal is only valid if you have both the accounts; on Atome and Huawei, and you need to use your Huawei mobile phone to proceed with this event.

This is a discount like never before, and it’s even better than its preceding discount (Summer Special offer – 25% discount) that garnered a lot of popularity back in April of the same year. This time, the promotional offer will last from August till October and isn’t limited to selected items only; you can use this coupon on any item on the vast majority of the business merchants of Atome, which means that this deal is not exclusively on mobile phones or Huawei devices, you can use it to purchase anything from the many merchants of Atome this offer is applicable on. This is a one-of-a-kind discount where a mobile company is offering discounts not just on its products but on all the products of the BNPL company it is associated with.

Atome X Huawei

Where can you receive this coupon from?

All Huawei users can click on the following link below and avail this amazing activity discount coupon. If you don’t receive the coupon after clicking on the link, or if you have questions/ queries regarding the coupon, our customer care service is always at your disposal to keep your worries at bay.

Is this coupon only applicable on selective Huawei phones?

Absolutely not! You can use this discount voucher on any Huawei phone, regardless of the model and make of the phone. This offer is valid and applicable to all Huawei users, whether you have a new Huawei phone or an old one.

How many coupons can you get with one account?

Do note that a single Huawei user is entitled to just one 25% off coupon. In order to avail more of these coupons, you need to have more than one Huawei account. So, if you don’t have a Huawei phone or just have a single Huawei device, here’s your cue to get yourself a Huawei mobile phone to avail amazing discounts and offers like these! As for the prerequisites from Atome, you need to have a new account or one in which you haven’t placed the first order yet.

Can the Surprise 25% off coupon be superimposed on novice coupons?

Unfortunately, only one coupon can be used at a time. You can either enjoy the novice coupon or the Surprise 25% off offer at a time. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom because the Surprise 25% off can be used with other business event discounts!

Will this offer be automatically applied at the time of checkout?

No. You will first have to visit the Atome app and get the coupon, make sure that the coupon is activated, and then enjoy shopping with the discount applied at the checkout. Do make sure that the merchandise you’re hoping to buy does apply this code.

What to do if the preferential amount is wrong?

You don’t need to worry if there is an error in the amount of discount you receive at the checkout. Contact the clerk about this immediately. If that is in vain, you can then contact Atome customer service for this inconvenience and they’ll make sure to resolve the issue.

Atome – The best Buy Now, Pay Later Singapore app:

If you’re a shopaholic and love going on shopping frenzies, then you must know that this happiness is ruined when it’s time to proceed to the checkout. The burden of expensive shopping takes its financial toll on all your other expenses. But worry no more! Atome is just meant for this. Atome is a Buy Now, Pay Later E-commerce website that was made to mitigate the toll of an expensive shopping.

Atome was found in 2017 and is a revolutionary fintech company mutually benefiting the customers and the merchants alike.

There are plenty of Buy Now, Pay Later Singapore apps and Buy Now Pay Later business models, but first, you must understand exactly what “Buy Now, Pay Later” means. Buy Now, Pay Later is a business model in which a company allows you to purchase merchandise with a fraction of the original/ total bill. The rest of the payment is divided into monthly installments. They can be with an added service charge or completely interest-free.

This is how Atome is so amazing; it believes in reducing your monetary burden, not adding onto it. This is why Atome is an interest-free company; You pay for one-third of the total amount at the checkout and then pay for the remaining amount in two monthly installments. It has no hidden charges, service charges, or interest at all! Atome is headquartered in Singapore but operates in 9 other countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Mainland China, and Indonesia. Atome has more than 15,000 merchants, this includes their online and offline merchants, and Huawei is, fortunately, one of them!

Other prominent merchants of Atome include Sephora, ZALORA, and SHEIN. You can avail all the greatest sales, discounts and amazing offers on these merchants through Atome. The said merchants vehemently promote their users to pay through Atome for the ultimate shopping experience.

If you want to know how Atome works, just click on the link and find out! It doesn’t just stop there; to make things even more amazing, Atome offers you the inaugural 10$ voucher when you shop for the first time! So, why wait any longer? Get the app now! It’s available on Android as well as iOS.

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay using Atome?

It’s really no biggie:

  • First up, select all the items you wish to shop for. Add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout;
  • Next, you will find many payment options; choose Atome.
  • After that, you have to sign into your Atome account. Don’t have one? No worries at all; You can create one completely free!
  • Alas, you’re ready to pay using Atome. A third of the total bill is compulsory to be paid at the checkout; the rest is split into two monthly installments that you will pay in the subsequent months.

You can read up on Atome reviews online and witness the hundreds of satisfied customers advocating for Atome for yourself. As for queries, you can always reach out to the email address: You will get a response within 24 hours.

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