All That You Need to Know About Dicks Sporting Goods

by Starry

May 06 2021

If you are a sports player or fitness enthusiast, you would find this article worth reading as it will highlight the facts and figures of one of the largest sports goods retailers, Dicks Sports Goods. During the pandemic when most of the athletic gear and apparel retailers reported a huge loss in the business, but Dicks Sporting Goods reported record earnings and sales of its fitness product.

About Dicks Sporting Goods

 Dicks Sporting Goods, Inc is a leading retail company offering high-quality American sporting goods apparels and gears from almost all the top brands. It operates with approximately 850 stores, about 95 Golf Galaxy, more than 25 Field & Stream stores and e-commerce sites including the sports site of the youth Team Sports HQ. The first retail store was opened by Richard Stack, nicknamed Dick in 1948 in Binghamton, New York.  

Initially, it was established to sell fishing tackle in order to help Dick financially and is now one of the most famous shopping spots when sportsmen and women are looking for sports-related apparels, footwear, accessories and equipment. It sells a full range of both sports and outdoor products. Dicks also carry products of various national brands including North Face, Nike, Under Armour, Taylor Made, DeMarini, Field & Stream and Callaway Golf.

The company was founded with a commitment to make a difference in sports and on a belief on the value of sports. A belief prevails within the company which empowers them to perform at the highest possible level for the athletes and entire sports community in order to help them to achieve their best. It is the belief that sports can shape our individuality, transform communities, build our character and change lives. In the 1980s after Dick retired, his son took over the company, it was the time when the company expanded vigorously. Various stores were set up in many new locations and team sports were introduced in 2016.

5 Interesting facts about Dicks Sporting Goods

  1. West was unaware about the shop until 2009: Though the first shop was opened in 1948, people living in the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast of the US were not familiar with Dicks Sporting goods and were also unaware that the store was operating for decades in the East.
  2. It is the biggest sporting goods brand in the nation: This sporting goods chain has expanded vigorously over the decade with around 850 shops throughout the U.S, 30,300 workers and five distribution centres. The company envisions expanding their business by adding new locations in the near future.
  3. Discontinuing the sales of assault weapons:  After the tragedy at the Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018, Dicks had stopped their sales of assault weapons and also high-capacity magazines. The minimum age of customers to whom they would sell weapons have also been increased to 21.
  4. Dicks was accused of copyright infringement in 1971 on a patent that was assumed to be the property of Furnace Brook, LLC and a complaint was filed. Then again later in 2009, they were accused of another patent infringement of Donkey Company, Inc.
  5. Dicks held their game high and officially sponsored the athletes of team USA. The Ambassador Program and the Contender’s Program were the joint effort of the US Olympic committee and Dicks.

Why Dicks Sporting Goods stand out compared to other companies

  1. Dicks purchased various major companies including Galyans Trading, Golf Galaxy chain, Affinity Sports and Golfsmith, Dick’s acquired their brand name and all the locations of both the companies.
  2. Partnered with the celebrity singer Carrie Underwood to launch a new fitness lifestyle line, the introduction of the new line made the brand extremely popular as they were stepping into the popular trend fitness along with sports.
  3. They also contributed their hands in social work and tried to raise awareness towards the deficits of young athletes. Dicks partnered with celebrities Jon Gruden and Michael B. Jordan as the spokespersons for the launch of their awareness program.
  4. After the powerful hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, Dicks made a donation to help repair the damages for the sports facilities in the area.
  5. Dicks are continuously evolving according to the trend: They brought the shop online to make shopping much more convenient. In the online sites they also offer those products online which are not easily available in the stores along with various discounts. They have also adopted the recent trend of order online and collect it from the store, this is preferred by those who would check the quality of the product before buying.

All in all, Dicks is the ultimate choice if you are looking for any sports apparels, gears, accessories or equipment as it gets you covered almost all the brands with a wide variety of products. So instead of looking for various options and different brands, opting for Dicks would make shopping easier along with valuing your time.

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