A Guide to the Common Types of Durian with Golden Moments

by Starry

Nov 10 2021

Whether you consider yourself new to the durians or an individual who happens to indulge in this king of fruits, nobody will blame you if you are overwhelmed by the different types of durian available in the market. From the signature taste of the red prawn durian to the goodness of the golden phoenix durian, each of the durians has a distinct taste that can be appealing to different palates. Golden Moments is the top producer as well as the seller of the durian delicacies that are handcrafted right from its beginning in 2017. You will find its signature durian mooncake to be filled with rich, luscious, and delicious durian flesh. This is the main reason why this brand is getting more popular day by day, and more people have started to give positive reviews that look just incredible.

How do we open durians?

After buying your first durian, it can be quite a nightmare to crack open one of these green porcupines because of their tough shell and sharp spine. There are a few tried & tested techniques that can be very helpful for you to understand how to open different types of durian with ease.

  • Be sure that it’s ripe

The last thing you would want is to go through the effort of opening the durian without feasting on its tasty flesh as it is unripe. The best way to tell whether the durian is ripe or not is to shake it. When you shake the fruit gently, you need to observe if you hear a rattling. If you do, this means that it is excellent for eating.

  • Place your knife in the right spot

There is a brownish outline that you can find at the base of every durian. This particular line is the durian’s suture and separates this fruit into different segments. You need to stab the middle of the durian’s base and then apply force on the line holding the durian steady.

  • Use hands for the final stretch

When you open the durian by a few inches, you can easily take out all of its segments with your bare hands. You need to make sure that this is done in a careful manner and try to protect yourself from any of the sharp spines of the durian.

Types of durian that you can indulge in

  • Red prawn durian

This type of durian stands out from the rest of the durian variants because it has quite a unique bright orange flesh. There is a creamy and dense texture coupled with a tinge of bitterness and a sweet taste. You will find it to be a perfect choice if you would like to try a sweet durian that can be different from the rest in the competition.

  • Durian xo

If you prefer a durian that is bitter and intense, then Durian xo is the one you should be looking for. This is one of the types of durian that has pale yellow flesh and is a little watery. It has an alcoholic name that derives from the fact that this particular breed is cultivated through an extended fermentation period inside a shell, and that is why it has a bit of alcoholic aftertaste. Usually, the durian xo is oval or round in shape, whereas the thorns are pointed inwards towards the base of the fruit.

  • Golden phoenix durian

Many people have a belief that the durians more significant in size may not always taste better. But when you taste the Golden Phoenix durian, you will realize that there is a lot more in this complex flavor profile and a creamy mouthfeel.

Unlike any other famous durian type, the Golden Phoenix durian indeed features a dry and thick consistency. In return, you will get a bitter and sharp taste that will satisfy you as a durian fan looking for an alternative to the sweetened variants.

  • D24

There are many types of durian that flood in today’s market; for the old-school durian fans, D24 is considered the best as it tends to offer a perfect balance between the sweet and bitter notes.

You can thank some additional fermentation; the D24 offers creamy goodness and also a potent alcoholic kick. As a result, you will be getting a booze-like and a bit bitter aftertaste that you will not find in any other available types of durian.

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