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by Starry

Jun 25 2021

When it comes to skincare, there should be no compromise on your skincare routine or the products you use. Sothys online shop has the best products you can ever find. If you use low-quality products, then your skin will become even worse than when you were not using any products. OR if you do not use any product, there might be instances where natural home DIY’s do not help with certain situations. In other words, there will always be a situation where you need to use products for your skin and other body care routines.

Sothys online shop is a French beauty site that has the answer to all your skin problems. The products available at this site are all FDA approved and are made from organic components for almost no irritating effects on the skin.

Products available at Sothys

There are plenty of products for everyone at Sothys online shop; no one should be left out. The aim of this shop is to provide amazing and premium quality skincare products. If you scroll the Sothys online shop site, you can find a lot of sections with different products;

1. Face

a. Lips

b. Night treatments

c. Cosmeceuticals – Repair

d. Day treatments

e. Eye contour

f. Creams

g. Make-up removers & cleansers

h. Exfoliants

i. Masks

j. Serums

k. Cosmeceuticals – Booster

2. Body

a. Hydration & nutrition

b. Slimming & Firming

c. Hands & feet treatments

d. Scrubs

e. Shower & bath

3. Prestige

A fine selection of creams and serums by  sothys online shop for those who really love to take care of their skin and understands the molecular and biological effects of this concoction.

4. Sothys Athletics

A variety of products are made by sothys to promote skincare in athletes; these products are used to soothe the skin or even help the depigmentation caused by the harsh sun. These products are mainly for the hands and feet to make them feel relaxed and nourished.

5. Men

Men have their own way of keeping clean and fresh skin. At the sothys sothys online shop, you can find aftershave balms, perfumes, and face cleansers for men. Though not many men take care of their skin, they should. There is nothing non-manly in skincare, and that is what sothys wants to promote. Skincare for all!

6. Seasonal treatments

As the seasons change, our skin needs also change accordingly. In the winter, sothys online shop provides us all the chance to keep our skin moisturized with high-density creams and lotions. So that the weather cannot snatch away the smooth freshness of our skin. Every product at sothys online shop is made for a reason, and it works what they have been told about. In the summers, when our skin can dehydrate easily, a hydrating cream has been provided for our benefit to use. Along with elixirs to nourish our entire body.

7. Suncare

The sun can be very harsh on our skin, and with the ozone-depleting, the direct UV of the skin is even more damaging. For the same reason, sothys online shop have manufactured an amazing strong SPF sunscreen for our daily use. The lotions and sunscreens are enough to fight off the harmful rays of the sun and also prevent skin damage such as depigmentation, discoloration, sunburns, freckles, etc.

8. Scented waters

No skincare and no look is complete without a scent. The  sothys online shop perfumes and scents are mesmerizing. A puff and you can go fresh through the day. Their scents are very nature-inspired, and that is what helps in keeping you fresh and relaxed the entire day.

A beauty regime

Cleaning your skin, keeping it hydrated, and keeping it moisturized throughout the day with a skincare routine, but how. Here is a sothys online shop special beauty routine that you can follow for the rest of your life and be thankful.

1. To start your day, it is better to wake up an hour before your leaving time. This gives you enough time to start a healthy day. Start by taking a glass of warm water. It helps keep the skin hydrated and replenished. Wash your face with sothys online shop morning gel or a purifying foaming gel. Any product from the cleanser section will do.

2. On every 4th day, make a habit of using an exfoliant, such as a sothys online shop for biological skin peeling. It helps keep the dead skin away.

3. Now depending on your skin type, you can use any moisturizer or cream, such as Purifying serum, repaising cream, gentle emulsion, etc., from the day treatment section of sothys online shop.

4. Now you can apply any makeup you want to it. It would be better to use any sunscreen below the base.

5. After a long day, always wash your face before settling in. Use any cleanser gel and remove all the dirt and makeup layers from your face. It helps the skin breathe. IF your skin is dry and feels stretched, you should moisturize it with any moisturizer from the sothys online shop selection.

6. The nighttime is when your body starts to shed old and dead cells and make new ones. Sothys online shop have a very efficient night care routine as well. After you have thoroughly washed and dried your face, you can use the detox resurfacing night cream for a radiant glow in the morning.

7. Every Sunday should be your me day. You should celebrate yourself and treat yourself to good skincare, starting with a soothing mask. Masks are a very good way of exfoliating and rehydrating your skin; sothys online shop has different masks for you to select. All of them are amazing and are worth your money.

8. Add lip care to your Sunday treatment. Lips are almost always seen dry, which is why any lipstick or tint looks uneven. Sothys lip care is effective and amazing.

9. Eye contour can be added to a part of your daily night routine. But every Sunday can be effective too.

Skincare now

Some being a practical app allows its customers to shop instantly and pay later. It has become very popular and fully functional in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia due to the same reason. Now with the collaboration with sothys online shop, you can buy all the best beauty products now and payback in three easy installments.

Some being a Singaporean app has made sure to get all the best brands on one platform and made it available for everyone. The brands that are included on the Atome home page are fashion, home care, self-care, medical, travel, educational, etc. With the motto of buy now and pay later. Atome has achieved new heights of success.


Skincare and beauty go side by side. If you do not care for your skin, your beauty will never get a chance to flaunt. For this very reason, sothys online shop has a whole variety of skincare selections for those who want to keep their skin beautiful.

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