12 Best Skincare Tips for You! A Guide You Need

by Starry

May 27 2021

Skin is the most important layer of the body. It is protecting our entire body from external harm and different risk factors. If you do not take care of your skin, it might get rough, tinted, blemished, and lose its integrity. IF you are here looking for tips on how to take care of your skin, you are lucky to have drx products online for having a better idea of what your skin demands.

The online store drx products online is a Singaporean store that provides you with all the skincare products with brief instructions on how you can use them. Not all skins are the same, similar to not every person is the same. For the very same reason, there are many products on the webstore for your skin type.

Availability of the store

The drx products online are now brought to your screens by Atome, an online app available on android and IOS play stores. Atome is a Singaporean-headed app that has been fully functional in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is a great initiation of bringing all the best brands of fashion, skincare, health care, and much more to your screen.

Now you can buy whatever you need in just one tap. The amazing payment policy of Atome is that you can buy now and pay later whenever you can see in three easy installments. Now the collaboration with drx products online can allow you to enjoy all the skin-pampering you want.

Skincare tips for you

Knowing your skin might not be affected by the products that many uses mean you might have a difference in genetics that require special or just a different set of products. At drx products online, you can find products, but here are a few healthy skin tips by derma experts.

1. Hydration

Keep your body hydrated. Even though all the products at drx products online are amazing and will help your skin regenerate and rejuvenate, your skin needs to be healthy from the inside to generate as well.  It is simple biology when you replenish your body with water; your cells can easily function.

2. Moisturization

Your skin and skin pores need to be moisturized after a good wash, every day and night. You can help yourself to any of the moisturizers available at drx products online; some of them even have SPF, which allows you to go out in the sun as well. A good moisturizer prevents your skin from cracking and getting pimples.

3. Washing

After a rigorous day of pollution, sun, and dust, your skin needs to be washed. Always remember water is not enough. The drx products online have a variety of skincare washes that will help clean all your pores and prevent acne.

4. Scrubbing

Scrubs are a good way of removing dead skin from your face, hands, and even other parts of the body. It helps to promote the regeneration of new skin. But not every skin type may require scrubbing. You might find your desired scrub at drx products online.

5. Too many products

If you think using too many products will help you have beautiful skin. You are wrong. Choose the product that is all in one; you may find such products on drx products online. Stick to one product at max. You do not need plenty of products to maintain your skin.

6. Touching

Don’t keep touching your face. You may infect it with skin with your fingers. Who knows where your hands have been. If you keep on touching your face, you might get a pathogen on your face and cause acne.

7. Vitamins

Vitamins are not only for oral use. You can even use them on your face, such as vitamin E, biotin, etc. You can find vitamin C serums on drx products online, which are for brightening and tightening your skin. Your skin deserves good conditioning from time to time. Vitamins are good when you use them orally, but skin also absorbs externally, which means for healthy skin, you might want to apply vitamins to the skin directly.

8. Greens and leans

Eating green vegetables promotes healthy cells to regenerate and your bodily toxins to be excreted easily. When you do not eat much fiber, your body goes into constipation, and that means toxins start to build up. When your body cannot expel the toxins that start to become visible on the skin, your skin loses its brightness; it becomes flakey, acne appears and becomes unaesthetic.

9. Remove all the make-up

The rule of having gorgeous skin is to always remove your make-up when going to bed. Never I say never go to bed with make-up on; it is absorbed by the skin, clogs up all the pores, and the new cells are blocked from regenerating. It also blocks the toxins from being released, which turns into pimples and acne. You can find good make-up removers on drx products online.

10. Sanitary wash

Wash all your make-up brushes. They might seem harmless, but the years on make-up and shedded skin on these brushes attract different pathogens that are embedded in these brushes. It is good if you give your bruises a wash from time to time. Amazing brush cleaners are available at drx products online.

11. Sunscreen

Not many people know this, but your sunscreens are your lifesavers. They don’t just save you from direct sun and Uv light, rather it helps your skin to remain smooth and untainted. The aim of SPF in sunscreen is to protect your skin from heat and sunlight that may affect or burn your skin. Find yourself a suitable sunscreen at drx products online and never go out without it.

12. Sleep routine

Your rem sleep actually maintains your body and skin. If your sleep is not sufficient or not deep enough that means your body has not regenerated cells properly, and your body does not have the proper energy to work. The same goes for your skin as well.

Every night when you sleep deep, your skin produces fresh cells that lay a layer on while the former one sheds. With no or little sleep, this mechanism is disturbed. You may find a night cream at drx products online, but you will have to make a healthy sleep cycle for yourself if you want healthy and beautiful skin.


Buying skincare products is actually a smart investment. You might buy many make-up items, but none would look good if you do not have healthy skin, and it is not easy to make unhealthy skin. Take a look at products available at drx products online to have healthy skin.

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