Feng Shui – Explore The Ancient Art And Science of Feng Shui

by jiatongma

Sep 05 2022

Feng shui is the combination of two words: ‘feng,’ meaning wind, and ‘shui,’ meaning water. The concept is not a new one but has been practiced around the world for many years. Originating from China, feng shui is derived from a poem that describes how human life is linked with and affected by its surroundings.

Feng shui is the practice of harmonizing furniture and objects in a living space, creating balance with the surroundings. So, when you say ‘feng shui your home,’ you aim to harness energy sources and form an agreeable arrangement between an individual and their environment.

Chinese Feng shui is linked to Taoism. ‘Tao,’ meaning ‘the way,’ believes that the basic rules of feng shui reflect nature in your life. Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan explains, “If you create a balanced representation in your home, it can reflect how you’re reacting to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything in life.”

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ideology that helps align one’s living space with who they are and what they want. Whether it is your home or workplace, if you want to bring a change in your life, it’s important to change your environment. Proper arrangement of objects in a space ensures that energy flows with you and creates positive chi.

Striking balance between yin and yang

Yin relates to feminine energy, while yang is connected to masculine energy. You establish an ideal environment when you balance both energies in a space.

The feminine energy of yin consists of:

  • Quiet
  • Coolness
  • Nighttime

The masculine energy of yang denotes:

  • The sun
  • Heat
  • Sociability

You can adjust these energies if you want to change the feeling of the room.

The 5 elements of Feng shui

According to feng shui, the world is divided into five elements: wood, earth, fire, water, and metal. Each element has the power to invoke different feelings and inspire your mood. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in a living space, you can balance feng shui’s five elements to create an ideal environment.

Here are a few ways to integrate the five elements in your home or office.

  1. Wood

Wood represents growth, strength, intuition, and flexibility. It harnesses the power of expansion and creativity. If you are surrounded by too much wood, you might feel more stubborn, inflexible, and generally overwhelmed. However, having too little of the wood element in a space can lead to stagnancy, depression, and a lack of creative ideas.

You can add the element of wood to your space by incorporating:

  • Feng shui plants and trees
  • Wood furniture
  • Fresh flowers
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton

Anything that mimics the shape of tree trunks and the delicateness of leaves and flowers can do the trick. Green and blue are predominantly wood colors, so you can add hues to balance your space.

  1. Earth

Earth is associated with balance, stability, and the feeling of being grounded. It brings strength and order into your life. However, too much of the element can weigh down your room, making you feel sluggish and bored. If the representation of earth is too little, you can feel unfocused, disorganized, and chaotic.

Here are a few things you can add to your space to include the earth element.

  • Square and rectangular shapes
  • Low or flat surfaces
  • Objects in earthy tones
  • Images of landscape
  1. Fire

The fire element helps increase leadership skills and enthusiasm. Using it in the design of your space can boost expressiveness and inspiration. But adding too much fire in your room can make you feel angry and aggressive all the time. Too little can lead to emotional coldness and inexpressiveness.

To integrate the fire element, you can use:

  • Animal prints in textiles
  • Electronic equipment
  • Hues of pink, purple, and red
  • Sunlight, incandescent lights, or candles
  1. Water

The qualities of water are that it’s flowing, shifting, and downward. It invokes spirituality and emotions. If your space is balanced with the water element, you will experience insightfulness, wisdom, and inspiration. However, excess water can leave you with a sense of drowning emotionally. Too much fluidity can make you feel overwhelmed. Not having enough water elements in a room can lead to isolation, stress, and a lack of sympathy.

If you want to include the water element to a space, you can add:

  • Reflective surfaces like feng shui mirrors and gazing balls
  • Asymmetrical or free-form shapes
  • Deep or dark-toned colors
  • Fountains, aquariums, or glass water pots
  1. Metal

Two things that are deeply affected by the presence of metals are logic and mental clarity. When your room is balanced with metals, it improves your focus, organization, and analytical abilities. Still, too much can make you overly critical and rash. If there isn’t enough representation, you will notice a lack of focus and cautiousness in everything you do.

Here are some ways you can add metals to your room:

  • Gray, silver, or white hues
  • Round and oval shapes
  • Stones and rocks
  • Metal objects such as pots, vases, candle holders, etc.

Now that you have discovered the art of feng shui elements, there is an easier way to balance them and invite positive chi into your life.

Fengshui World

Fengshui World provides customers with home, business, and personal feng shui and Bazi consultation. You can find feng shui masters who can help your transform your personal and professional life. Qimen Saint Dez Ng is one of the founders of Fengshui World and is also a master. He has 20 years of practical experience in Feng shui, Bazi, and Qimen Dunjia divination.

With Dez Ng’s guidance, you can holistically navigate your current life situation and change your future with practical actions. A Bazi consultation with the master will reveal not just your good and bad days but also delve deeper into your natural luck cycles and base nature. All the advice given during consultation is relevant and doable to make the most of your Bazi chart.

The Qimen Divination Consultations with Dez Ng will help you make better choices when facing a dilemma. From work prospects to your romantic life (space) – the more specific your questions are, the more benefit you will gain from the consultation.

Another master at Fengshui World is Kieron Chua QiYong. He has extensive experience in Chinese metaphysics and Buddhism. Having helped thousands of people towards a better life, this Singaporean Geomancer is very talented.

At Fengshui World, you can get the following services:

  • Personal Bazi Consultation
  • Home Fengshui Consultations
  • Business Fengshui Consultations
  • Auspicious Name and Date Selection
  • Baby Name Selection
  • Prayers and Sanctification

The feng shui services at Fengshui World can help you maximize your wealth and business opportunities. A home feng shui consultation can create a harmonious environment for you and your family to live in peacefully. With special attention to feng shui of the bedroom, bed position, and other areas, the masters can reduce the frictions of life.

Both home and business feng shui consultations include:

  • Bazi destiny analysis (owner/ business owner)
  • On-site feng shui analysis
  • Face-to-face feng shui report consultation
  • Auspicious move-in/ renovation date
  • Complimentary follow-up session

If you want to get a consultation, you can visit Fengshui World at these locations:

  • Bedok Mall
  • Hougang Street 21
  • People’s Park Centre 01-45
  • People’s Park Centre 02-75
  • Waterway Point

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Allow Fengshui World to bring positivity into your life

Balancing the five elements of feng shui can help draw positivity towards you and empower you to lead a joyous and prosperous life. Book a feng shui consultation with Fengshui World and begin your self-exploration journey. If you’re worried about the cost, partner with Atome and split your consultation charges into three parts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your world. Say yes to feng shui; say yes to Atome!

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