YU Home’s Automated Laundry System Makes Drying Clothes Feel Like A Breeze

by jiatongma

Oct 27 2022

Do you ever think about how we are constantly surrounded by technology in one form or another throughout the day? And rightly so because technology has made doing everything so convenient for us. Take any random chore, like laundry, for example. With just a push of a button, your laundry machine starts washing up your clothes. Then you take them out and hang them to dry…. oh wait, I forgot how hectic the hanging and drying part was, especially if you live in an apartment unit in Singapore!… Or is it?

Meet Yu Home’s Automated Laundry System, which makes drying clothes feel like a breeze.

Conveniences of an automatic laundry system

Imagine, after working all day long, you get back home and look at a huge pile of dirty clothes that need to be washed up. Even after a long day’s work, more must be done. You see, the most physically exhausting part of laundry is not washing; instead, it’s hanging those clothes out to dry afterwards!

Don’t you wish that those clothes could hang themselves? Literally!

Well, look at the conveniences offered by an automatic laundry hanging system:

  1. An automated laundry system makes hanging clothes convenient.

An auto laundry system looks like a modern chandelier frame installed on your ceiling. It descends like a ladder from the sky with just a button push. It has rungs on it, on which you can hang your clothes. Another push of the button, and it ascends back to the ceiling, where it quickly dries your clothes.

It is as magical as it sounds!

  1. An automated laundry system takes no floor space at all!

That is because it is installed into the ceiling, so it takes no floor space! This is even more convenient if you live in an apartment unit in Singapore, where floor space is already in short supply. YU Home will install its best laundry hanging system right in the ceiling of your house.

It’s like a beautiful chandelier of clothes!

  1. You can dry more clothes at a time with a smart laundry system

Doing more in less time can never be bad. Therefore, YU Home’s automated laundry system has a huge capacity of 35 kgs. That is the laundry of a week, dried at once!

Features of YU Home’s automated laundry system

If you are in the market for the best automatic laundry system in Singapore, look no further than YU Home SG. They offer two world-class products, i.e., Automated Laundry System Basic and Automated Laundry System Pro.

Both models come equipped with the following basic features:

  • Wireless remote control

Yu Home’s laundry hanging system comes with a wireless remote control that has a compact design. It is user-friendly and enables users to control all the rack features with just a button.

  • A chandelier of clothes

They come with powerful 18W LED lights that make it easier for you to hang clothes at night. It improves visual acuity and lets users navigate in dimly lit areas.

  • Obstacle detection

This enhanced safety feature ensures that the rack auto-stops while descending if it detects an obstacle like a person standing below it. It is a smart laundry system.

In addition to all these features, Automated Laundry System Pro has some unique features that enable you to do more than just dry clothes.

  • Best quick dry automated laundry system in Singapore

Drying laundry is not just physically exhausting, but it also needs good weather and adequate sunlight. With Solar-heat and wind air drying, the automatic laundry system pro can dry up your clothes four times faster, irrespective of the weather and sunlight. This feature also auto-turns off after 2 hours to save electricity.

  • Dual ultraviolet lights

YU Home’s automated laundry system has a dual ultraviolet light feature that penetrates your clothes evenly to disinfect them from germs, bacteria, viruses, and mould. It also turns off automatically after 30 minutes to save electricity.

  • Negative ion purification

This automated laundry system eliminates bad odours from your clothes while purifying the air, so your laundry always smells good and feels fresh.

Things to pay attention to when installing an electric clothes rack

YU Home offers solutions for all kinds of things related to the installation process. However, you should pay attention to the following details while installing an auto laundry rack system:

  • Ceiling type and height

For FOC standard installation, the house should have a concrete ceiling with a height of less than 2.8m. If you have a non-concrete ceiling, you can still contact YU Home’s customer service for the best solution.

You can still get the automated laundry system if you have a false ceiling. YU Home’s team uses a special technique to connect to the actual overlying concrete slab, with wires concealed, so your ceiling looks clean.

  • Electrical requirements

YU Home’s laundry rack system is very power efficient and requires only a minimum of 6 Amps by a regular power point. There is no need for a dedicated power supply. You can also get a free on-site assessment with YU Home for the best and safest solution.

  • Installation Charges

YU Home takes no installation charges if your house has a concrete ceiling below 2.8m height with a power source point.

  • Dismantling of existing manual system

YU Home can even dismantle your existing rack without any additional cost. They will also patch up the hole in your ceiling left behind.

Can it be installed for all families?

Yes, all families living in a house with a concrete ceiling, with a height of less than 2.8m and an available regular power source point of minimum 6 Amps can get an auto laundry rack system installed.

Where to get the best Automatic laundry system in Singapore?

YU Home offers some of the best auto laundry rack systems in Singapore. They have been in the market since 2018. With all that experience, cutting-edge technology, and solid customer feedback in their support, you can not find any better option.

Services offered by YU Home

YU Home aims to create a living environment focusing on wellness and health. With a philosophy centred around service, sincerity, credit, assurance, and support, Yu Home is dedicated to serving its customers with honesty and reliability.

Following are some of the services offered by them:

  • Installation Services

YU Home not only sells the best laundry systems in Singapore but also takes care of the installation. There is no renovation required for the installation of the hanging laundry system. A cherry on top is that it only takes 1 to 1.5 hours to install the auto laundry rack system.

  • YUCare Warranty

YU Home’s automated laundry system models come with a standard two-year YUCare Warranty. With extended YUCare, you can get up to 3 years of warranty. This includes unlimited repair, transportation, motor, remote controller, parts, labor, and even replacement in some cases!

Now that is an offer that you cannot refuse!

  • Post-installation service

YU Home’s services don’t end with just installation. They will follow up with you to check if there are any issues. Customer satisfaction is their utmost priority.

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Learn more about how Atome works!

YU Home does not only offer its customers the best laundry systems in Singapore but also the best customer service! Their automated laundry systems are the most versatile, efficient, user-friendly, safe, and durable. With standard two years YUCare warranty service, you can rest assured.

Now with Atome, owning the laundry rack system becomes even easier. So why wait when you can order one today?

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