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by Starry

Jul 05 2021

Are you tired of getting shirts that are just not your size? Have you visited almost every shop and tried shirts, but nothing seems to work? It’s about time you trust a professional and sit back, relax while you receive your personalized, tailored shirt to your doorsteps by tailored shirts Singapore.

It is a known fact that every brand and every store has a specific size chart that might change accordingly. Though the universal sizes are small, medium and large are a good choice, but for dress shirts, it is better to have a more elegant look with properly measured tailored shirts. The tailored shirts Singapore is the only service that provides its customers to get beautifully stitched, premium quality shirts sitting at home.

Thanks to Atome

Atome is a blessing to all shopping lovers. It is a Singaporean head app that has brought all the best brands of fashion, ef care, home care, travel, lifestyle, health, etc., to one platform.

What makes it even more popular is their motto, “buy now and pay later.” Due to this amazing payment policy, this newly launched app is already getting very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Now that Atom has collaborated with tailored shirts Singapore you can buy the best bespoke shirts and suits tailored according to your size and desire. You can order now and payback in three easy installments.

Perks Of Having Tailored Shirts

Imagine going into a shop that is not a shop for tailored shirts in Singapore and looking around; you will find shirts and suits of different fabrics and different sizes; let’s say you are medium size in shirts.

You pick up a good-looking and premium quality shirt, you go into the changing room to try it out, and it is a little loose on the shoulders, which ruins the entire look. So you go for a Small size, thinking okay, maybe this store has different size guides. But guess what, the shirt is too small for you even to fit.

So now you have the choices of a shirt with a slightly bigger shoulder size, a small that does not fit, and a large size that could fit two of you. Stressful right? Would you buy the medium and wear it as it is? Or would you resize it by going to a tailor? That means paying twice for a single shirt. That is why tailored shirts Singapore has been brought to you for a better shopping experience.

Perk # 1

You do not have to walk door to door of different shops when it comes to tailored shirts in Singapore because all you need will be brought to your doorstep. All you need to do is provide proper measurements, select the fabric that you want, and add little details if you want and that is it. Your customized tailored shirt will be dropped at your doorstep within a few days. The joy of a perfectly stitched shirt is nothing more than being euphoric.

Perk # 2

For tailored shirts in Singapore, only the best and premium quality fabric is used. There is no doubt that atome will send you a shirt which will have a fabric any less than the best one on the market. Tailored shirts Singapore are known for their amazing quality and durable fabric, making them very popular and easy to fall in love with.

Perk # 3

You can easily highlight your style by making small comments accordingly. The size and every little detail can be changed according to your desire by tailored shirts in Singapore. You can put your style personalization as you want, just a nic here and there; you will have the most amazing shirt on your hands that will be applauded every time you wear it.

Perk# 4

You will have to pay for the exact amount of fabric you have used for your personalized, tailored shirt. Singapore’s tailored shirts are made to help you keep on budget and provide exactly what you have been looking for. With this amazing service at hand, you can get your perfectly stitched shirts and the style that will enhance your personality style.

Perk# 5

When you love a shirt that has been made only for you, it only makes sense that you take extra care of it. Such tailored shirts Singapore shirts are taken care of and worn with love from time to time. These shirts are of premium quality, which makes them durable. Also, such extraordinary shirts last longer than any other shirt you may buy on the market.

Why Buy A Tailored Shirt?

There are many reasons to start ordering personalized, tailored shirts in Singapore, but the most relatable reason is that it is always easy on the pocket, and you get exactly what you want. In terms of colors, you can select whatever color and print you want on your shirt through atome tailored shirts Singapore.

There is also a choice of stitching, and you can click a picture of your favorite shirt or suit and send it with proper measurements. For tailored shirts in Singapore, there is no term like difficult or unable to do.

Having professional tailors sitting at the beach end, you do not have to worry about finesse and amazing stitching. Also, the quality fabric used will be of premium quality, but as a perk of tailored shirts in Singapore, you can buy these premium quality shirts for almost half the prices on the market.

Your Fashion Statement

Having specific items in your wardrobe that compliments you so well that it becomes your fashion signature. Everyone experiences this. Now imagine if the shirt or the suit of that specific style is no more on the market? Or does the brand not have enough finesse as it did previously? For such situations, tailored shirts Singapore are the one to call for. They can replicate anything and in no time. Maintaining your standards and that unique style that you have.

 Not every person is of the same height, size, or stature; certain changes might need more attention. That is why tailored shirts in Singapore are always a better idea whenever you feel like you need to upgrade your wardrobe or look for shirts, especially for a specific occasion.  


Having a place where you can get the attire that you desire is a blessing. For the same reasons, a tailored shirt Singapore has provided everyone an opportunity to have personalized shirts and a personal sense of fashion.

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