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Sep 15 2022

Jumpsuits in Singapore have gradually become a staple in the closets of women of various body types and ages. The first thing we love most about jumpsuits is their comfort. Jumpsuits are versatile, allowing us to wear them on various occasions, from a laid-back date night to a festive meal with friends. Yacht 21 has some unique jumpsuits that will upgrade your wardrobe and style this season.

What is a Jumpsuit Dress?

A one-piece clothing called a jumpsuit often has long sleeves and complete leg coverage. The term comes from the jumpsuit’s initial purpose as a practical piece of clothing for paratroopers. Although it is widely used as a uniform in contemporary society, the jumpsuit has also influenced current fashion trends. All year long, various jumpsuit styles are offered on the market. Blazer jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits, flared jumpsuits, overall jumpsuits, skinny jumpsuits, straight jumpsuits, and sweatshirt jumpsuits—a winter wardrobe staple—are a few of the different types of jumpsuits that you can wear.

What is the Difference between a Jumpsuit and a Romper?

A long, one-piece outfit called a jumpsuit is appropriate for every season or situation. Jumpsuits come in a variety of styles, including strapless, with or without pockets, and in fabrics including cotton, silk, cotton-blend, silk, ruffles, chiffon, or drapes. A romper or a onesie is a one-piece outfit of skirts, shorts, or a miniskirt combined with a top or shirt. Therefore, the length of the clothes is the primary distinction between a jumpsuit and a romper. Whether a romper or a jumpsuit, Yacht 21 online has a great variety waiting for you!

Best Jumpsuits for Different Body Shapes

Season after season, jumpsuits for women have been popular, and more gorgeous new designs and styles are introduced each year. Jumpsuits might resemble the one-piece pajamas we wore as children, making them seem a little daunting to those unfamiliar with them.

Jumpsuits might not look well on you, in your opinion. We’re here to dispel that rumor! Jumpsuits are flattering and may be tailored to women’s specific body types and fashion preferences. With so many different jumpsuits available, we’ve created a list of the ones that work best for certain body types. Yacht 21 Singapore has some best options for every body type you will explore as you read below.

Hourglass Bodies

Women with hourglass figures were born to wear jumpsuit dresses. An hourglass body shape means that your chest and hips are larger and your waist thinner, making you the ideal choice for a jumpsuit dress. Wear a jumpsuit with a tighter fitting that highlights your waist and natural form. Show off your sculpted waist and luscious hips. Use a belt that further accentuates your waistline and goes the additional mile. You may wear your jumpsuit dress in chilly weather by pairing it with a gorgeous long cashmere cardigan.

Pear-Shaped Body

People with pear-shaped bodies typically have larger hips and smaller shoulders, giving them this shape. Jumpsuit dresses that blend the body’s upper and lower parts are ideal for this body shape. You can show off those magnificent shoulders with off-the-shoulder or wide-neck jumpsuit designs. Use jumpsuit dresses with wide or straight legs to make your silhouette flow. Layer your favorite summer sleeveless jumpsuit over a women’s white shirt for a sleek and fashionable style that still flatters your body throughout the cooler months.

Petite Body

All the benefits of the jumpsuit for women are also accessible to those who are petite or short-heighted. Choose tailored fits rather than looser and flowing fashions to give this physique more form. Longer hemlines on straight legs will assist stretch and elongating the body, giving the impression of greater height. Jumpsuits often offer the impression of length due to their uninterrupted linear appearance, but selecting more form-fitting silhouettes and solid colors can assist in emphasizing that length so much more.

Buy Your Favorite Jumpsuits from Yacht 21 Singapore

Jarenis Ho, the company’s creator and creative director established YACHT 21 in 2009. She was inspired to create a modern yet practical collection for the women on deck who were boringly dressed on a boat trip with friends. Yacht 21 Singapore offers high-quality, adaptable, hassle-free, and seasonless items accessible for modern, trendy ladies. Yacht 21 Singapore is cleverly made for a brighter tomorrow. The brand offers some great options for jumpsuits for women in Singapore.

  1. Irma Tropical Print Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit by Yacht 21 online has an adjustable halter neckline and is made with a tropical design. This season, it’s unquestionably a must-have. Wear flops and a straw tote from the shoreline to outside cocktails on your upcoming vacation.

  • Fabric is a polyester mix.
  • Hidden zipper closing at the back
  • Non-stretchable and lined
  1. Aila Tailored Jumpsuit

Get your hands on this amazing piece for a formal meeting with your favorite client. Leave an everlasting impression due to the confidence you will seek to adorn this beautiful blue jumpsuit by Yacht 21. Match perfect silver accessories to make the outfit more standout. Comfortable yet classy, the dress speaks of its quality.

  • Round neckline, no sleeves, and functional side pockets
  • Made of cotton
  • Minimalistic denim stripes
  • Back zipper with snap button closure
  • Lack of lining and no-stretch
  • Opaqueness: The jumpsuit is not sheer at a;
  • Only accessible in blue color
  1. Dedinda Belted Jumpsuit

This belted, buckled jumpsuit by Yacht 21 exudes modern style. This sleeveless all-in-one is created with buckle detailing, useful side pockets, and pleats on the shoulders to create a modern appearance. Put on your favorite strappy sandals or sneakers and your go-to purse to complete the ensemble.

  • Comes with lining
  • Is non-stretchable
  • Hidden back zipper
  • Made up with a polyester blend
  • Available in Green and Blue
  1. Donina Tie-front Jumpsuit in Black

Simple yet elegant, look beautiful without having to put much effort into this beautiful jumpsuit by Yacht 21. The design comprises a wrap-up that can be adjusted to the waist size, making the jumpsuit look perfectly tailored to your body type. The article has pockets that give the jumpsuit an overall oomph.

  • Functional side pockets
  • A tie-front waist design
  • A concealed back zipper closure
  • A polyester mix construction
  • Wrap details
  • Comes with lining
  • Available in Black and White
  1. Kehla Luxe Overlay Jumpsuit

This Yacht 21 online piece consists of chiffon panels that will catch the breeze as you walk, giving you an elegant but relaxed appearance. This jumpsuit dress can be worn with or without a sash. Maybe tie it all around your neck if you’re daring. Available in both red and green.

  • A polyester-blend material
  • Hidden zipper closing at the back
  • Lacking a lining and not stretchy
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