A Foolproof Guide to the Layering of Winter Wear

by jiatongma

Nov 24 2022

Adequate layering is the best way to stay warm during the cold season. From underwear to insulating apparel and outerwear –it’s crucial to wear appropriate winter wear to truly enjoy this time of the year.

This article will serve as your ultimate guide to buying the right winter clothes this year. We will also introduce the BNPL service of Atome so you can shop for the right apparel without stressing about hefty payments. With Atome, you can divide your bill into three payments and pay them while you flaunt fashionable and cozy winter looks.

Let’s find out what you need for your winter wardrobe this year.

How to layer winter wear for maximum protection against cold winds

We all love the winters until we start freezing –this is why you must be equipped with proper attire to brave subzero temperatures.

Wearing the right layers means a three-piece outfit consisting of a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. This clever layering technique allows you to create chic looks without compromising warmth and comfort.

Here is a glimpse at how each layer works in your favor.

The base layer keeps you sweat-proof

The base layer comprises a close-fitting undershirt. The aim of an undershirt is to absorb sweat and keep your skin dry. If you’re wondering why you need a sweat-proof shirt, you should know that some people sweat excessively, even in cooler temperatures. This condition is called hyperhidrosis, which can lead to hypothermia in winter if the skin remains damp and cold.

The base layer should fit snugly around your body, but it should not be too tight. This apparel essential keeps you from becoming chilled or, worse –hypothermic. You can find a variety of fabric options, including synthetics like nylon and polyester or natural materials like silk and merino wool. Each fabric has different properties when it comes to odor retention and durability.

The middle layer keeps you warm

You can think of the middle layer as one that insulates you from the cold. It traps body heat and helps you stay warm regardless of the chilly weather outside. The more efficiently this layer traps the heat, the warmer you will feel.

When buying base layers, you will again find plenty of options in both synthetic and natural materials. Usually, the thicker or puffier the layer, the warmer it will be. Some common middle-layer materials include wool and polyester fleece. Down and synthetic insulated jackets are also excellent choices if you’re searching for an insulating layer.

The outer layer protects you from wind and rain

No matter the number of clothing layers you wear, if they cannot withstand heavy rain, they will end up getting wet. Therefore, you need a final layer to protect you from strong cold winds and rain, and that’s where the outer layer comes to the rescue.

The outer layer is also referred to as the shell layer because of the way it functions. From expensive mountaineering jackets to basic wind-resistant jackets, there are different options that you can try. Regardless of your choice, almost all of them are treated with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish to make water slide off the fabric.

There are four types of outerwear that you can buy according to your requirements:

  • Waterproof/ breathable shells
  • Water-resistant/ breathable shells
  • Waterproof/ nonbreathable shells
  • Soft shells

Where can you buy winter wear layering?

Many stores offer various options for winter wear layering, but it’s important to select high-quality and durable ones. Most of the time, the pricier ones provide better value for money because they last for a longer time.

Here are our picks for formal and casual winter outfits:

The North Face

The North Face is an authentic apparel store serving major fashion goals since 1966. The first choice of athletes and modern-day explorers, the brand offers a variety of high-quality products to meet your everyday wardrobe needs.

You can find all three-layer options at The North Face –from base-layer T-shirts and leggings to insulated vests, winter jackets, parkas, winter boots, and more.

north face winter jacket


ZARA is a renowned fashion label that has dominated the streets for many years. It is one of the largest international companies that offer the latest trends every week. If you are fashion-conscious and want to stay ahead of new trends, ZARA is the right apparel store for you.

The layering options at ZARA are virtually limitless. You can quickly build an outfit by pairing different winter clothes in stores. They have various styles in gilets, sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, overshirts, tracksuits, and blazers to cover casual to formal looks.

zara winter jacket

Atome’s fashion partners: The North Face and ZARA

Whether you want to buy a North Face winter jacket or invest in a ZARA winter jacket, there’s an easier way to pay for your purchases: Atome!

What is Atome?

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How to pay with Atome at physical stores

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Get all your winter layering essentials with Atome

Shopping for your winter wardrobe can be expensive, especially with the high prices of quality products. But thanks to Atome and its flexible payment options, you can conveniently build your winter wardrobe from the base layer to outerwear. From Calvin Klein underwear to Hush Puppies and ZARA winter coats, Atome empowers you to own anything you desire.

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