Why Should You Be Pumped about Dyson Sale Singapore?

by Starry

Apr 28 2021

Have you been waiting to buy some high-performance consumer electronics for your home? Then there hasn’t been a better time to go on a shopping spree. With April 2021 bringing you the Dyson Sale Singapore, you don’t have to worry so much about shelling out more than your pocket can take. Be it vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, or just fans, Dyson products consistently deliver high performance at reasonable prices. You no longer have to wait for months on end to save for a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner, bladeless fan, or hair care equipment. With Dyson sale Singapore, you are getting amazing discounts on all Dyson products. With prices changing every week, you never know, this could be your chance to get the best Dyson deals.

 All about Dyson

Dyson is a UK-based technology company. Dyson Ltd. Was established in 1987 by James Dyson. The company is responsible for developing a range of consumer electronics and household appliances. You would find phenomenally high-performing home appliances made by Dyson including vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, hairdryers, etc. Dyson sale Singapore is offering an opportunity to test out some of these amazing products at affordable rates.

 Why should Dyson be your choice?

When it comes to home appliances, people like to go with something that is reliable and long-lasting. After all, who wants to be in a position where they have to keep repairing or replacing their costly home appliances every year. This is why Dyson products are so popular among consumers. The company has built a reputation that is rooted in ingenuity, innovation, and invention. Instead of going for tried and tested solutions, Dyson has adopted an approach of constant learning and improvement, which reflects in the quality of products it delivers. Irrespective of whether you want to do a touch-up and upgrade your household electronics, or want to do a complete replacement of home appliances, this is the right time to buy these items with the ongoing Dyson sale Singapore.

 Offers and deals being offered by Dyson Sale Singapore

There are tons of seasonal offers and deals offered by Dyson that are incredibly attractive. Especially, the discounts that are being offered by Dyson in collaboration with certain banks and financial institutions are definitely worth checking out. Smart shoppers are always looking for deals and offers that would save them the most money. Dyson Sale Singapore is offering the same opportunity to you. Cash in on this opportunity by going through the attractive deals and discounts discussed below.

OCBC Promotional offer:

Maximize your savings by exploring the latest promotional offer by Dyson. This promotional period starts from 17th April and will last up to 16th May 2021. Indeed, are right in the middle of this amazing promotional period, so make the most of it. However, do keep in mind that the offer is only applicable to certain products, and not all existing promotional items.

Buy a Dyson home appliance using an OCBC card, and you would be saving a huge amount. Use the promo code DYSONOCBC60 to get up to $60 off on a $500 purchase. Similarly, using the promo code DYSONOCBC90, you would be able to save $90 on an $800 purchase.

A mother’s day special discount

Dyson is also offering a special Mother’s day discount to celebrate the day. You may get a free travel pouch. Moreover, if you are using an American Express® Card, you would be able to get an additional 10% off on your purchase.

Apart from the above-mentioned two offers, Dyson also offers 0% interest installment payments on all its Demo Stores. Do read the terms and conditions carefully though, before accessing the installment payment services of Dyson.

Dyson Sale Singapore: A hassle-free shopping experience

  •  Customers are being offered free shipping for all orders.
  • Dyson offers a 2-year warranty on certain products, also a 5-year warranty on some products.
  • Unlike other brands that often wash their hands-off after selling you the product, Dyson makes sure that the appliance is taken care of even after sale. Dyson does this by offering a warranty on parts and labors for a minimum of two years on all the following products:
    • Cordless vacuum cleaners,
    • Hair stylers, and
    • Air Purifiers.

Dyson offers a minimum of a 5-year warranty on lightings.

Note: Spare parts and accessories are not included as a part of the warranty.

  • Customers can return the products that have been delivered, within a 14-day period by canceling the order. The period starts from the day you receive your ordered products.


Dyson has a different way of doing things. Unlike most of its competitors, Dyson prioritizes innovation in technology, enabling the engineering of the technology to take place in a way that is oriented towards real-world problem-solving. You need to experience it to really understand what makes Dyson home appliances singularly distinct from other consumer electronics. Try out the range of high-performing Dyson household appliances, by taking advantage of the Dyson Sale Singapore. Capitalize on the numerous deals to bring home your favorite Dyson device, without breaking your bank.

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