Where to Get False Lashes—Pick Brow Art Asia

by Starry

Sep 02 2021

Brow Art Asia is a famous Singaporean company that provides highly professional and exceptional services to its clients. Their embroidery artists are very professional and well trained.

The company is working to achieve a multi-dimensional effect which will make your brows look natural and realistic. Brow art Asia will perform a painless process that gives style to your eyebrows just like expert artists due to their brows. It will enhance natural beauty features such as hair color, skin color, cheekbones, and many others. Lip embroidery will further enhance them. They also help out those who want to find where to get false lashes.

We provide 100% customer satisfaction by collaborating with ATOME. This will help our customers in the payment process. They can now easily choose the services they want and pay only a small amount of the payment. The rest can be paid later.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Great Brows don’t occur by chance; rather, it happens by appointment. Make an appointment with Brow Art Asia to get eyebrows that will make your eyes pop!

Depending on the type of eyebrow style, their experts will design your eyebrows. Furthermore, they can also guide you on what style will look best on you. They first created a detailed pencil marking to shape your brow professionally.

They disinfect your brows before starting the marking process. Thereafter, they apply numbing cream and start the embroidery process. The expert also guides you on how to use healing cream every day after the embroidery process. The experts prohibit peeling off the excess. The expert will also ask you to avoid spicy food, hot soup, or seafood for a week after the process.

The process will help you get perfectly designed and shaped eyebrows according to the facial features and shape. This will enhance your natural beauty.

Eyelashes Embroidery

Do you have a hard time finding where to get false lashes? This service provides semi-permanent lashes which are attached to each natural lash individually. It will give beautiful-looking lashes and will make your eyes look attractive. We use professional lash glue for attaching the lashes. The highly-trained lash specialist performs the procedure. They use lashes of different thicknesses, lengths, and curl types for different customers.

Eyeliner Embroidery

Are you tired of applying the perfect liner every day before going to work? Brow Art Asia’s beauty salon professionally trained workers apply semi-permanent liner either on the outer half of the lower eye line or on top of the upper eye line. This will make the look of your eyes defined. In addition to this, it will give a refreshing look to your face. This eyeliner treatment will enhance focus on your eyes with the help of our experienced and professional therapist.

Lip growth Therapy

The latest technology used for lip growth treatment has no side effects, is semi-permanent, and is painless. Brow Art Asia takes care of their customers by providing them safest lip enhancement services. The team strives to completely satisfy their customers by providing them a lasting look that will make them look more beautiful and confident than ever before.

Facial treatment

Are you looking forward to enhancing your facial appearance? Book an appointment with us and take the customized facial treatment service.

Our beauty salon provides a variety of treatments; you can book quick consultation from our experienced therapist. They will help you in choosing the best products according to your skin for your facial. Our facial services include customized facial treatments, hydrating facial treatment, deep cleansing, purifying your acne, hyaluronic collagen treatment, mineral oxygenation treatments, aromatherapy treatment, and many more.

These treatments will make your face look fresh, young, and beautiful than ever before. It will reduce the wrinkles and acne from your skin, hydrate it, and will help in eliminating all your skin problems.


Book an appointment with our professional therapist that will provide you ways to tone and slim the stubborn areas of your body. This will minimize cellulite and will detoxify your body. It will firm up the curves of your body and will define the Silhouette. Their treatment is highly effective and recommended for post-natal slimming.

Brow Art Asia’s customized slimming treatment includes the following services:

  • Body wrapping slimming therapy
  • Radiofrequency firming therapy
  • Lymphatic Detox therapy
  • Hot blanket therapy
  • G5 slimming treatment

Hair removal

Brow Art Asia’s beauty salon provides hair removal treatment by highly experienced and professional trainers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of products used for waxing or your skin’s allergic reaction. First, perform a patch test then carry out the procedure. They provide waxing services for half arm, full arm, half legs, full legs, underarm, chin, and upper lips. IPL (intensive pulsed light) is also used for this hair removal therapy. It prolongs the time required for your hair to grow back.

Skills training

Are you thinking of taking up the courses related to eyeliner embroidery, eyebrow embroidery, lip enhancement, facial therapy in Singapore? Contact Brow Art Asia so that we can make you learn and train you in these skills. Brow Art Asia has a leading team that personalizes your lashes, eyebrows, lip, and facial features, increasing your self-confidence and beauty. Their trainers are experienced, updated with the latest technologies to make new techniques and trends available for you.

Why buy with ATOME?

Brow Art Asia provides amazing services to its customers by collaborating with ATOME. ATOME does partnerships only with the brands that provide high-quality services to their customers. This proves that Brow Art Asia does not compromise on the quality of the services. Therefore, now you can get the special services from our beauty salon by specialized professionals in an attractive pricing method. ATOME has a “buy now pay later” policy which will divide your payment into three halves. Out of which, only one part will be paid at the time of getting the service.

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