Where To Find Exquisite Curtains in Singapore?

by Starry

Nov 26 2021

When someone invites us to hang out at their house, one of the first things we notice is probably the interior and décor of their place. Even the small details like the cleanliness of the rooms or even the choice of curtains will catch our eye. It will create an everlasting impression in our minds. The way a person chooses to design his place gives away something of his personality.

Curtains are surely one of the most significant parts of any room’s decoration. Yet, most people do not pay much heed to it. Blinders control the flow of natural light. Window shades will stop dust and other harmful particles from getting into your rooms. Using shades will also increase your privacy. It will protect you from the prying eyes of strangers.

Shop from Craft Axis Singapore

When it comes to transforming and decorating your place, there are few brands’ you Singaporeans can trust. And one of them is Craft Axis. This place specializes in wall coverings and window shades. It strives to bring designs from all over the world to your city. That is why it serves customers from many East Asian and American states.

The thing that makes Craft Axis the ideal choice for many people is its wonderful customer service. This label has made it clear that the customers are its top priority. For this reason, it tries to make its products as affordable for them as possible.

So, if you are looking for blackout curtains, blind curtains, curtain track, day curtains, or night curtains, Craft Axis is a place you must visit.

Blackout Curtains

Many of us have trouble getting the ideal eight-hour sleep. And the dazzling morning sun does nothing to help it. To sleep without interruption, one needs a dark room. Unfortunately, our usual curtains cannot make morning seem like midnight. However, there is something that can do this. It is called Blackout curtains.

Another benefit of these window screens is that they provide a form of insulation. It means that they can balance out the temperature of the room.

Blind Curtains

Do you want something to protect your privacy? Do you prefer your window shades to be modern and automatic? Then you must explore blind curtains. These are ideal for those people who are tired of fabric window hanging. You can get them in manually functioning or remote-controlled options. You may very often find them in offices and hospitals as well as contemporary kitchens.

Manual Blinds

By purchasing manual roller blinds, you will not have to worry about their maintenance for some time. With these shades, getting rid of dust and trapped particles is relatively easier. They are waterproof so just cleaning with a vacuum would be enough.

The best thing about roller curtains is the affordability. Now, you no longer need to spend a fortune on house transformation.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds provide accessibility and convenience that we never had before. Now, with just a button you can manage the radiance and temperature of any area. With a top-quality motor system, these curtains provide efficient and noise-free performance.

Day Curtains

Do you want to give a natural and cheery aesthetic to your apartment? Have you not yet found the perfect window drapes for your bright mornings? Let us introduce you to the world of day curtains.

People who love the natural morning glow tend to prefer this type of blinder. This is because they do not completely block the flow of light. Instead, they just filter the high-intensity and harmful rays from getting through.

Day curtains typically use sheer and translucent fabric. This gives a warm and minimalistic vibe to your living room.

Night Curtains

You may have also heard about night curtains. Ever wondered what those are? And what purpose do these drapes serve? In simple words, just like day curtains can create a bright and warm atmosphere, night curtains can transform the morning into the evening.

However, night curtains do not block the sun completely unlike blackout curtains. Craftsmen usually use an opaque and textured cloth to make these drapes. They will effortlessly provide a neat and luxurious look to your flat.

To avoid the dilemma of picking one between day curtain and night curtain, you can choose to install both. This way you can choose the intensity of light you want. Thus, you will get the best of both worlds.

Curtain Track

When shopping for home décor, you may face some trouble finding accessories such as curtain tracks and railings. The good news is that you will not have to undergo this struggle with Craft Axis. Not only does it offer high-quality curtains in Singapore, but also supplies curtain tracks and other such ornaments.

Zip Screen

For big family places and verandas, zip screens become a must-have. Zip screens can effectively connect two places. Thus, they can make your place bigger. It does so while also providing you privacy.

Most people prefer these screens for their temperature management attributes. With these, you can get fresh outdoor air without excessive and unwanted heat or chill. This way it will also protect your expensive furniture from any damage and wear and tear caused by the sun.

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