Where to buy DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore

by Starry

Mar 01 2021

Are you curious to buy drones, the tech wonders? The unpiloted aircraft, drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can carry multiple tasks. Whether you require a drone for weather forecasting or military operations, it does all for you. Drones come in many sizes ranging from palm to aircraft size. Many viewers want to know that where to buy DJI mavic pro in singapore?

To answer your queries, we are bringing this piece of writing to let you know about DJI Mavic Pro’s buying options.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is a powerful and small drone, capturing your creative canvass effortlessly, making every moment an aerial one. This drone’s size is compact, hiding higher degrees of complexity, making DJI Mavic Pro one of the most sophisticated cameras. It comes with twenty-four high-performance computing cores with its seven-kilometer meter transmission system range, 4k cameras, and four vision cameras in a tap of your finger.

Do you want to buy this small wonder? Continue reading to know where to buy DJI mavic pro in singapore?

The high-precision three-axis mechanical gimbal with a stabilized camera system provides smooth videos and crystal clear photos, making it lose a single pixel. Its remote control has OcySync transmission technology with a range of seven meters, making you fly the miles from your pocket.

It is easier for DJI Mavic Pro to see obstacles with its Flight Autonomy as far as 15 meters, making it fly up to 36 kph without scrapes and bumps, and lands almost precisely at the place where you took it off.

Where to buy DJI Mavic Pro In Singapore?

Snagging DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore is easier than you can think. You can snap these tech wonders off the shelves or walk into a store, or purchase it online from various online stores based in Singapore.

Here are a few stores to inform you that where to buy DJI mavic pro in singapore.

  • Hobby Square LLP
  • 65drones
  • Sky Hobbies Singapore
  • Radio Control-Sports
  • Singapore Hobby Supplies
  • Rotor Hobby

The list of some of the best online shopping stores to buy DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore include the following:

  • Lazada
  • Qoo10
  • iShop Changi
  • The drone shop
  • DJI Store

Specifications of DJI Mavic Pro

Now that you know where to buy DJI mavic pro in singapore, you must see its specifications and features.

  • Approximate price: $799 at Qoo10
  • Dimensions: 83w x 198h x 83mm
  • Battery: Li-Po of 3830mAh
  • Video Streaming Range: Full HD 1080p/720p
  • This drone’s flight time is 27 minutes with a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour within Seven Kilometres.
  • Its camera type and video resolution are  4k.
  • It also has a Smartphone control, remote control, Glonass, and GPS for navigation.

Uses of Drones

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have more innovative applications and uses and are more practical with each passing year. It has penetrated consumer use and the technology world. Many businesses are looking forward to utilizing these small machines to the best of their capacity effects. Besides the basic uses of drones, there are many applications and uses of drones to put them to work, including:

  • Journalism and filming
  • Aerial Photography
  • Healthcare
  • Weather forecasting
  • Law enforcement
  • Rescue operations
  • Safety Inspections
  • Agriculture
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Disaster Management
  • Geographic Mapping
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Wildlife Monitoring

Military Uses

Drones have found various applications in the defense and military world, including:

  • Bomb Detection
  • Surveillance
  • Air Strikes

Laws for Drone in Singapore

It is not an easier task to fly a drone anywhere. You need to follow the set rules for your and society’s safety. To fly your drone in Singapore, you must know the laws in Singapore.

  • Avoid disrupting others and clear the crowded places if you are testing this small machine in a public place or waters. Besides, flying at public places may disrupt emergency service providers, such as ambulances, or crash into anyone.
  • Fly within the five kilometers of protected areas, like airbases and airports.
  • Avoid flying too high. Keep a watch on the altitude to avoid soaring higher.
  • You must get a permit to fly your drone if it is above seven kilograms.
  • All aerial photography activities, aerial advertising, or surveying in Singapore need an application to the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Avoid attaching dangerous goods, biological agents, fireworks, explosives, arms, or radioactive materials to your drone.

Keep a note of these rules before you fly your DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore.


Drones are gaining popularity with time. Many businesses and people are looking forward to buying a drone for safety, preventive measures, photography, or other uses. Its most important uses are weather forecasting, or military uses, etc. To know more about where to buy DJI Mavic Pro in Singapore, check the above-mentioned in our article. Avoid disrupting the rules when you fly your drone in or around your area.  

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