What is The Best LashStore Near Me?

by Starry

May 21 2021

As you prepare for an important event, you may ask yourself, “where can I find a lash store near me?”. It is almost an automatic habit of people to make their lashes a lot better aside from just putting on makeup. Some people are born with lashes that are long and are very nice to see. But those people that are not satisfied with their natural eye lashes tend to look for more.

J.Lashes is a Singapore based studio for eyelash extension. For over 4 years now, J.Lashes has continuously attracted more and more customers and built a name for itself. The J.Lashes staff are skilled enough for providing high quality services. As J.Lashes focuses solely on eyelash extensions and embroidery, customers are treated into consultation and services.

Currently, J.Lashes has five branches of their store in Singapore. They are located at The Cathay, Tanjong Pagar, Aramsa in Ang Mo Kio, and Fusion Aesthetic Spa at Orchard Wheelock Place. With all of their stores scattered in the country, it will be so easy for you to find one and get your eyelash treated to an amazing experience.

If you want to experience the J.Lashes treatment, you have to book an appointment with them. When booking an appointment, you can choose for your desired branch where you will experience J.Lashes’ services. In addition to that, booking with J.Lashes is much easier by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your online payment method.


As you are in Singapore and you question yourself, “what is the lash store near me that provides high quality services?”, J.Lashes should always come to mind. Their staff are well-trained and much capable of doing the best eyelash extensions and embroidery services.

Eyelash Extensions

The most important thing about having eyelash extensions is the elimination of using mascara in your everyday life. Aside from that, it also saves you time when you are putting on or taking off your makeup. Some may say that eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes, but they do not. If applied in a correct and proper way, they do not ruin your natural eyelashes’ health. That is exactly what J.Lashes staff assures you.

Eyelash Extension services of J.Lashes are categorized. You can browse through the list below and look for the best one that suits you.

  1. Classic
  2. One single strand of eyelash extension is attached to each of your natural eyelashes. This extends the length of your natural eyelashes and gives a mascara look.
  3. This is recommended for first time users of eyelash extensions.
  • 2D Volume
  • This is different from the classic one, as instead of one strand, 2 strands of eyelash extensions are attached to each of your natural eyelashes.
  • This is the most basic type of eyelash extension volume technique.
  • Camellia
  • This type of eyelash extension attaches 3 different lengths of strands of eyelash extension for each strand of your natural eyelashes.
  • This is good if you want to mimic the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes.
  • Tutu Volume
  • This type of technique was originally invented by J.Lashes in 2016.
  • This technique attaches 6 strands of eyelash extension for every natural eye lash of yours.  This results in an “eyeliner effect” on your eyes.
  • Mega Volume 9-16D
  • Just from its name, you can easily get that it enhances your eyelashes to a thicker and fuller one.
  • This technique uses multiple volumes of eyelash extensions without the pressure of your natural eyelashes.
  • Eyelash Extension Removal
  • This is a 30-minute session of removing your eyelash extension.
  • This also includes a complimentary eyelash spa to clean away dirt that is trapped in your eyelashes.
  • Lash Botox
  • This service is the newest one at J.Lashes.
  • Lash Botox curls your eyelashes to your desired look while also repairing and nourishing your natural eyelashes.

Microblading & Microshading (Embroidery)

As eyebrows have different shapes, getting the perfect brows will really depend on the shape of your face. With the help of J.Lashes’ therapist consultation, you can have your perfect eyebrows that will complement the shape of your face. They use the korean microblading and microshading technique which is a painless one.


J.Lashes is the best go-to place in Singapore whenever you are in doubt of “what is the best last store near me”. With their outstanding and high-quality services, you will surely not be disappointed. Their eyelash extensions and embroidery services will be perfect for your eyelash needs. You can book for J.Lashes’ services by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your online payment method.

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