What Is The Best Credit Card With No Minimum Spends?

by Starry

Feb 25 2021

There are plenty of best credit cards with minimum spend out there with plenty of perks and benefits. Some of the credit cards offer massive sign-up bonuses, but in order to qualify for that, you have to invest thousands of dollars. For folks, with little investments and modest earnings, it might really be an economic hurdle.

The good news is that some credit cards require no minimum spend to qualify.

What Are the Best Credit Cards with Minimum Spend?

1. Discover it® Cash Back

It maintains a unique approach to a signup bonus. Instead of handing you a massive bonus after a minimum spends, this card offers the bonus, after matching your annual expenditure for the first year. Hence, it requires no minimum spend.

  • This card offers 5% cash back on categories that rotate our daily life such as gas stations, restaurants, and groceries.

2. Cash Rewards Credit Card

It offers the $150 cash back after you spend a mere $1500 within three months of opening an account, just $167 per month.

  • This card has a $0 fee and no foreign transaction fee.

3.  Discover it® Miles.

If you like the cashback approach to sign up for the bonus but do not want the bonus category, this card is for you. This card is a travel card so there is flexibility while implementing the rewards. There are no international transaction fees.

  • The only drawback to this card is that it is not universally accepted and hence it is not a good companion for international travels but the best option for domestic traveling.

4. JetBlue Plus Card

Airline credit cards frequently consider more significant minimum requirements, so JetBlue plus cards are refreshing. This card offers 30,000 bonus points if you typically spend $1000 in the first three months.

The card gifts back six points for each dollar purchase, two points per dollar are giveb back to you if you pay via the card in the resturants and at groceries and one point fo other purchasing. It is also a “chip + pin” card which is extra easy to use abroad. If you live in or near a city where Hub of JetBlue is present (New York) this card is 100% recommended. 

Other benefits, you’ll get with this card are;

  • One free bag each time you travel
  • No reward restrictions and blackout dates
  • 5000 points with the annual anniversary
  • Get 10% points back each time you redeem

The primary drawback with this card is, it costs a $99 annual fee. It does not waive the fee even for the first year. Get it only when its potential benefits really are worth the annual fee.

5. Avianca Vuela Visa® Card

It includes no minimum spend, and you get a 40,000 LifeMiles bonus after your first purchase.LifeMiles are one of the most lucrative point currency.

Its annual fee is $149 and unfortunately is not waived in the first year.

6. AAdvantage Aviator Red Card

This card is similar to Vuela visa as;

  • It comprises altered names.
  • It offers 60,000 points on first purchase and there is no minimum spend. But it requires a $95 annual fee which is not waived the first year.

It, in addition, delivers you 10% of points back when you redeem.

7. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

There is no annual fee with this card, and it offers unlimited 1.5% cashback on all purchases.

This card as Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred, follow the 5/24 rule which means if you open 5 or more new card accounts in the past 24 months from any bank, you will most likely not be approved.

Before you start to apply for the card, you should keep in mind the two important things.

  • These cards benefit those with good credit. Always keep in mind the specific requirements for qualification and constantly try to improve your credit score first so that you have a better chance of getting approved to enjoy the benefits.
  • Always determine first, which card is suitable for you. Achieve this by considering your expenses and personal preferences. For instance, if you require flexibility, go with a cashback card and if you want to maximize your rewards select the card with bonus categories.

Bottom lines

The above-mentioned credit cards in common are with no necessary minimum spend requirements and offer some good benefits. Always keep in mind your financial strategy while opting for the card which suits best with your expenses.

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