What is Instore For You At the Pretty Fit Outlet?

by Starry

Apr 30 2021

Whether attending special occasions or even for everyday casual wear, the Pretty Fit Outlet has it all for you. PrettyFIT is a global fashion brand that sells thousands of styles for womenswear. It provides the best fits for women that would like to flaunt and embody an unconstrained and confident attitude while expressing her own unique self.

It is the go-to store for women that seeks to have this stylish look for themselves since 1994. Driven by its ambition to provide women their confident look, Pretty Fit sales comes from the 38 stores that span across 5 countries (Bulgaria, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar). Aside from that, they also have a website that you can use instead of going into a physical store.

  • For convenience purposes, you can always browse at https://www.atome.sg/ when shopping from Pretty Fit online.
  • It is also convenient as after you choose the shoes or bag that you will buy, you can have it delivered to your doorstep.
  • The website has all the displays of different types of bags, shoes, and accessories all available for you to browse and choose the one that best suits you.

What can you buy at the Pretty Fit store?

The Pretty Fit Outlet offers different types of women’s bags, shoes, and accessories. Items from Pretty Fit are known to have boosted every woman’s confidence by using any of those items. And with that, let’s tackle more about those Pretty Fit items and what makes them unique from other brands.

  • SHOES 

Almost all women have the same answer when asked why they love their shoes. And the answer is how those certain shoes make them feel. Many women tend to play with different kinds of shoes in order to fit them into their attire. Shoes are very much a part of the reasons of a woman’s pride to confidently walk along the streets of a town.

Pretty Fit sales include different kinds of footwear. From flats, heels, sandals, loafers, wedges, casuals, and ballerinas, they almost have it all. There are also a lot of designs to try and find the perfect match for your outfit. Moreover, Pretty Fit is proven to be a good brand when it comes to selling footwear that is worth every penny paid for it. Whether you are to find shoes to wear on a job interview or just to simply wear while strolling in a street, Pretty Fit is where you can find them all.

  • BAGS

Aside from the footwear, you also have to find the perfect bag that would complement your outfit of the day. With that, finding the appropriate bag to further enhance the way you look is as easy as it can be at Pretty Fit. Backpacks, clutches, and shoulder bags are some of the types of bags that you can shop from Pretty Fit. There is also a crossbody bag that you can shop to match your dress. Different designs of bags are sold at an affordable price that will surely attract that inner fashion-self of yours. The sales of the bags have also proven to have a big part in the Pretty Fit sales.


You should never forget to add accessories to your outfit. May it be an expensive or an average-priced accessory, wearing it together with your bag and shoes greatly enhances how you look. The high Pretty Fit sales include the sales of the bag and shoe accessories.

For bag charms, the likes of a keychain that has a design of a tiny unicorn, bear, lion, star, and pony are some of the different designs of bag charms that are available at Pretty Fit. The same goes for the shoe charms, there are also various designs to choose from. Adding these tiny accessories to the overall look of your outfit will surely boost your confidence while walking in a street or in any place you are in.


A lot of things that will compliment your everyday outfit can be bought at Pretty Fit Outlet. One thing you should always remember is that when choosing a certain item, you have to feel comfortable wearing it. It is one of the main reasons that will help you present yourself confidently. Luckily, all of it is available at https://www.atome.sg/.

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