Choose the Right Sized Storage Boxes

by Starry

Dec 06 2021

Have you tried storage box? Who would not love an organized room, kitchen, or home? Of course, everybody does. To keep your things at their right place and in a defined space, you need storage boxes of multiple sizes and types, including plastic storage boxes, storage boxes with lids, and stackable storage boxes.  

People use plastic storage boxes to keep their important stuff like medicine, cosmetics, and food items. A storage box is used for keeping your important items secure and used for packing purposes.  It is important to select the right storage boxes to organize and pack or move your important stuff from one place to another.  

There are many storage boxes available in multiple sizes and materials on the market, and each type is designed for a special purpose.

What to consider when selecting a storage box?

Your decision of selecting a storage box depends on these questions:

  • Do you need a storage box for organizing or packing?
  • What kind of items do you want to keep in it?
  • How long do you intend to store the items in the box?
  • The place where you would like the storage box?

Kinds of a storage box:

Let’s have a look at some of the kinds of storage boxes so that you can choose accordingly:

A Cardboard box:

A cardboard box is less expensive as it is made of cardboard. People usually use cardboard boxes for shifting situations because they are easy to pack and stack with a label. Besides, when a cardboard storage box is not needed, you can easily dispose of it off and send it for recycling.  

The other option is to break it down and keep it in your store for future use. It comes with multiple benefits, but it is not a recommended storage box for storing items for a longer-term, as it can be broken down easily and cannot resist moisture. These can also be damaged, and so as the inside stored items with heat and humidity.

A plastic storage box:

Most people consider the plastic storage box the best option for storing and organizing things.  The reason is that they can be easily stacked and provide maximum protection to the items kept inside.  A plastic storage box keeps your items protected from heat and moisture.  The good part about them is that they are self-sealable, which means you do not have to buy packing tape for them.

A Specialty box:

A specialty box is a kind of storage box specially introduced in the market to keep fragile and valuable items. The purpose is to safely store the items that are at risk of getting damaged with moisture. You can use a specialty storage box for storing the utensils or dishes, decorations, and flat-screen TVs.

A specialty box is available in plastic and cardboard. The most important benefit of using a specialty box is that it allows you to store the difficult items and pack them if you are shifting or moving, as these are easier to pack.

A specialty storage box is costly. Compared to other traditional boxes, these boxes are costly, as they offer convenience and protection to items.

Box sizing options:

As mentioned earlier, a storage box comes in various sizes. It is available in the market in small to medium and large sizes.  It is important to choose the right size. Choose the box that holds your expensive items and protects them, and could hold the weight of the items.

Small box:

It is 15.5 cubic feet.  This size of the storage box is used for heavy items but to some extent.

Medium box:

The size of this box is three cubic feet.  These can be used to store apparel or shoes and toys.

Large box:

A typical large storage box comes in the size of 4.5 cubic feet. It is used to store large linens and blankets, glass lamps, and medium-sized kitchen appliances.

Extra-large box:

The size of this box is 6.1 cubic feet. They can bear up to about 70 pounds of weight.

Where to buy storage boxes?

Getting your required storage box is not a difficult task. A storage box of any size is available at any nearest hardware and most of the grocery stores. If you want to purchase online, there are many digital platforms to select one that suits your storage or organizing needs and order.

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