Smart Storage Solutions for Small Homes with Houze Singapore

by Starry

Nov 16 2021

HOUZE, Singapore’s largest homeware retailer, has a wide range of attractive, high-quality homeware products ranging from storage boxes to laundry accessories, even balloons and Christmas trees, as well as kitchen and bathroom accessories.

HOUZE has two locations in Singapore: a flagship store in PLQ Mall (10 Paya Lebar Road) and an Online Collection/Pickup point at 4 Changi South Lane.

With a wide assortment of over 500 modern home organising tools to keep your stuff sorted, faster, and convenient, the brand provides solutions for living larger with less clutter. When you visit the shop, you’ll find everything from stylish storage containers to smart bathroom requirements, as well as extra storage options for even the tiniest and most difficult areas.

About Products and Accessories of Houze Singapore

Each Houze product is a perfect mix of beauty, great craftsmanship, and affordability delivering long-lasting quality and timeless designs that you won’t outgrow.

  •  DIY
  • And lifestyle goods are among the primary product categories.

In a nutshell, all Houze products and accessories are ideal to remodell your home and bringing back its charisma with genius storage solutions.

Following is the list of some innovative home storage ideas to help you choose your Houze products accordingly.

Reduce in size

Living in a tiny area might motivate you to get down to basics and pare down your belongings to the bare minimum. You can prevent overcrowding and make better use of limited storage space if you have fewer goods to keep.

Declutter your house by keeping only what your family needs—a pair or two of towels, for example—and replacing items when they wear out or get damaged. Maintain convenient access to the objects you chose to reserve by partitioning open spaces for greater management.

Shelves should be staggered.

Uniform, boxy shelving units may overwhelm a tiny space, making it appear much smaller than it is. Instead, seek ladder-style furniture with narrowing shelves at the top. This may assist to lighten the appearance and feel of a space while also providing practical storage for a variety of objects.

You can buy innovative storage boxes and shelves from Houze online and make your place look bigger and brighter.

Invest on furniture that may be used for several purposes.

Small-space storage pieces that may be used in a number of ways are ideal. Home offices, for example, can be challenging to design with little space, but properly placed bookshelves can double as storage and desk space. A little stool tucks under the work table, and compact bins and baskets neatly organise the necessary.

Don’t Toss Away Possible Storage

Choose furniture items that provide concealed storage in unexpected ways to maximise small-space storage. A restroom stool isn’t just a place to sit in this case. It also has a pull-out bottom drawer that holds additional towels, bath items, and washcloths.

Make Storage More Accessible

Cabinet doors take up space that may be limited in a compact room. Instead, utilise thin open shelves to get more surfaces for storing regularly used objects like as plates and glasses. Be smart about what you place on the shelves and leave enough of open space between stacks of products to keep them appearing neat.

Remove floor clutter.

In tiny areas, clutter may be a continual fight, but innovative storage solutions can help keep your rooms tidy and serene. To get precious spaces to stow supplies, use the following strategy: Hang tiny cubes or rectangular shelf units on the wall for open storage. You don’t need to allow extra clearing space around the units because there are no doors to open and close. A wall-mounted light fixture frees up the tabletop for books, drinks, and other items.

Incorporate Incremental Storage

Consider easy add-ons to basic storage solutions to get more storage out of tiny places. Take, for example, this new thin shelf. This little shelf with a notched back has just enough space for glass jars to keep frequently used goods close at hand.

Closet Space as a Substitute

Many compact houses lack adequate closet space, making storage in the foyer, in particular, a concern. To compensate for lack of storage at your front entrance, use a mix of hooks and open shelves to create a personalised dropzone that works for your family—sort items by family member or kind of item in bins or baskets on the shelves.

Include storage that is accessible to everyone.

Closed doors and drawers aren’t the sole options for storing stuff efficiently. Smaller areas may demand the use of prominent locations.

Consider storing similar-sized items—in this case, rolls of vital kitchen papers and wraps—in a stylish storage piece that matches the room’s décor. Aluminium foil, parchment paper, and other culinary supplies are kept in a mesh file.

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