What Is Great About Installment Laptop Without Credit Card?

by Starry

Feb 23 2021

Have you ever wondered if you could get an installment laptop without a credit card? The answer is easy and I will give you some reasons why and how to get a laptop without a credit card.

Why need an installment laptop?

In our century we need laptops for various reasons, such as learning, self-growing, or managing careers and businesses from anywhere and anytime. And mainly, every person needs to have access to computers and this product should not be a luxury item nowadays. We need techniques at every step of our lives this can be a mobile or computer or tablet and that’s the reason getting an installment Laptop without a credit card or any other electronic device is the best idea.

Main Characteristics

Comfort – We cannot tolerate stress and therefore try to simplify everything as much as possible and such as portable items that make our lives easier. Hence, a laptop gives us the ability to manage our schedule to our preferences, work as many hours as required, and run businesses from preferred locations.

Durable – We should give credit to Microcomputers and laptops since they have been running for much more years than for example mobiles and they stay relevant for new technologies.

Business-oriented – laptops are also great for either smaller or bigger business meetings, they are flexible since do not require extra wires plugged into systems and fancy gadgets.

Internet access – One of the main reasons why the demand for laptops is growing is the internet as it provides internet access via Wi-Fi technology. You can take your laptop to any cafe, restaurant, park, or another public place where there is a Wi-Fi network, and connect to the Internet. Moreover, some laptops allow you to use mobile internet as well.

Spend Wisely

What are the advantages of installment payments? Firstly, it allows you to always have extra savings for emergencies and unforeseen events. Track your finances and spend money more wisely, if you do not want to splurge at the pick of tightened budgeting, this is the time when spitted payment allows you to handle stressful situations on a higher end.

And last but not least and most importantly, unlikely Credit Cards, Installment payments allow us to get rid of extra debts and pay after several months, sometimes up to 36. This is the exact way of borrowing money and it allows you to decide how much to borrow and when to pay it back. To this end, you and the seller both are in a win-win situation.

laptop installment singapore

How to get an installment laptop without stress?

There are so many great customer-friendly and safe companies providing installment payments for clients loving online shopping. A lot of brands start negotiating with such companies, cause of their interest in not losing customers, only because they may not have the budget at that time frame. Furthermore, an Interest-free deposit makes this experience even more fascinating. The number of brands using this payment method is increasing daily, which gives us an opinion that more and more customers also using installment methods, cause as mentioned earlier, this gives saving opportunities. After getting the laptop, do not forget to buy a laptop sleeve.

The laptop shopping process is easy:

  • Firstly, find the product of your choice on their site
  • While purchasing, note the preferable method, in this case, 3 easy payments
  • Pay only the first installment first and then the second and third half after months apart.
  • This allows you to get laptop installments without a credit card and extra charges.

What is Atome installment laptop, and why should you trust it?

Atome is an application that lets you buy now and pay later for your purchases. It is a free and simple app with over 10,000 partner brands, so you can definitely use it to get a laptop in installments in Singapore.

Coming to the question of why one should trust Atome, as mentioned above, several international brands vouch for Atome. They collaborate with the app to make shopping easier for their customers.

You can use Atome to pay for your laptop in installments at merchants like Asus, Lenovo, and Compaqs. Whether shopping online or in-store, you can always avail Atome’s services at partner stores.

With an app like this, you can invest in a quality laptop without going over budget.

Atome payment features

When one decides to pay via Atome, their total bill is split into three payments that are supposed to be paid off at due dates that are equally spaced apart. The first payment is charged immediately, while the other two are at respective due dates. There is neither interest nor any sort of hidden charge.

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

Furthermore, downloading the Atome app is also free of charge, and you get a $10 discount voucher for signing up now.

What to consider before getting a laptop installment plan?

Be it the Asus, Compaq, or Lenovo laptop installment plan; there are certain details one should always be mindful of before getting one.

  1. Choose a laptop with features that suit your requirements and are worth investing in.
  2. Watch out for hidden charges and interest rates. Get a plan that is free of both, like Atome’s laptop installment plan.
  3. Ensure that it’s a flexible payment plan so that you can pay off the installments easily.
  4. Beware of scammers to avoid losing money or ending up with a poor-quality product.

Where to buy a laptop in installments?

If the laptop you have your gaze set on isn’t from the brands mentioned earlier, then worry not because there are other companies that have teamed up with Atome.

These include BestLaptops, NXND Computers, and OnSmart.

You can now easily get the laptop of your choice in installments, and that too without having to use your credit card. A total win-win situation!

Best place to buy a laptop in Singapore in installments

If you are wondering where to buy a laptop in Singapore, and that too, on a fantastic installment plan, then look no further! Here are some of the best sources where you can get the best laptops in Singapore! As luck would have it, these merchants are also partners of Atome. This means using Atome, you can divide your bills into three installments!


First on the list is the world’s largest online marketplace, Qoo10. Not only will you be able to get the best installment laptops without credit cards that are available in Singapore on Qoo10, but also a number of other items, including phones, gadgets, house supplies, groceries, and so much more. Qoo10 is set to become Asia’s top-leading online marketplace, offering its services in more than five countries.

Now with Atome, you can receive a sign-up voucher of $10 off your first purchase, on top of the fantastic laptop installment plan that Atome offers. The Atome app splits the cost of your laptop into three easy and interest-free installments. Pay the first one at the time of the purchase and immediately get the delivery of your laptop. Atome truly makes life so simple! 


Next up on the list is the technology conglomerate Samsung. When it comes to electronics, there is hardly any other brand with as much market penetration as Samsung. In addition to offering some of the best plans for laptop installment in Singapore, Samsung also offers best-in-class smartphones, gadgets, accessories, TVs, etc. 

Head on to Samsung now and buy your favorite laptops in installments using the Atome app! 

3.    Prism+

If you are in the market for the best gaming monitors, then Prism+ is where you want to go. In addition to offering some of the best plans for laptop installment in Singapore, Prism+ is set to fuel your ultimate high-performance gaming needs with its amazing displays. 

Their products are designed in such a way that they deliver a comprehensive and fully-loaded power punch through a minimalistic and elegant form factor. Their goal is to bring their high-performance packed displays to the masses. What’s amazing is that now you can get a laptop installment without credit cards using the Atome app on Prism+. Download the app today to buy your laptop in three easy and interest-free installments and receive a bundle of amazing deals and offers on the Atome app.

Atome: A simple user guide

You can pay for your laptop via Atome at partner brands’ online and physical stores.

When you are present at the store, just look for Atome’s QR code and scan it using the app to pay for the laptop in installments. More details about the Atome user guide.

However, if you are purchasing one online, then follow these basic instructions:

  1. Select Atome to pay for your haul when checking out.
  2. Sign in to your account or make a new one; it barely takes a couple of minutes.
  3. Pay the first payment on the spot and the remaining two at specified intervals.
  4. The application automatically charges payments on each due date, so that’s another factor you don’t have to worry about.

Who thought it would be so easy to get their dream laptop?

Final Thoughts

Getting a laptop with split installments allows you to save your money from the bank’s extra fees and to buy things you wish and maybe not be affordable for you at that time. And when it comes to having a high-quality laptop, which is essential for personal development and running businesses, it is gratifying when some services and companies allow us to choose the best product available on online markets.

If you need a company that is trusted by the world’s leading brands, with simple and easy functionality and we want to buy a computer, here is the page, where you can choose from a wide range of online electronic stores.

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