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Feb 20 2021

When it comes to purchasing a washing machine, many buyers want a budget-friendly one and come with good performance, as buying a washing machine stick for an average of ten years. Hence, a buyer must check the washing machine Singapore review and see the one that fits into your current and future needs. If it is your first time purchasing a washing machine, here is the guide to help you select the suitable washing machine, fitting perfectly for your home.   

Front-Load and Top-Load Washing Machines

It is challenging for a customer to find out the washing machine that will suit their household needs and requirements.

Top Load Washing machines

If you go through the washing machine Singapore review, you will know that top load washing machines are more extensive in terms of capacity. It is best suitable for those who have larger families. These machines have a capacity of around 12 kg. It allows you to stuff in and wash more oversized clothes like stuffed toys, curtains, and duvets without a hitch.

For people looking for a budget-friendly washing machine for their larger households, the top load ones are the perfect fit for them. Its capacity is larger than the front load washing machines.


  • Larger incapacity.
  • Best for larger households.
  • Shorter and faster spin cycle.
  • Budget-friendly.

However, the top load washing machines use more electricity and water. Besides, it is a little less gentle on your clothes and takes up more space.

Front Load Washing Machines

Front-load washing machines are usually suitable for hostels and Laundromats than households. However, they are useful for households as well. Front-load washing machines take less space. You can stack things over them and can hide under the counter. You can stack both a dryer and washer as a space-saving hack if you are buying both of them. It consumes less water and electricity. It gives a gentler wash for your fabrics with a quieter wash cycle. If you go through the washing machine Singapore review, you can find which front-load models are the best ones.


  • Energy saver and water-efficient.
  • Take less space.
  • Quiet wash cycle.
  • Gentle for the fabrics.

However, the capacity of Front Load washing machines is smaller and is challenging for those who cannot bend down.

A Guide to buying the best washing machine

Water efficiency rating

The washing machine Singapore review indicates that it is mandatory to have a PUB water efficiency rating for all washing machines sold around the region. It is advised to go for ratings of four ticks to get the best performance. However, they can be expensive. The three ticks on washing machines save double the amount of water than the cheaper ones with two ticks.


The capacity of washing machines ranges from 6kg to 12 kg. You can choose the model as per the number of family members or your household requirements. If you have an average of four people in your household, you can choose from 7k to 8.5 kg ranged washing machines.  

Top 7 best washing machines in Singapore

According to the online washing machine Singapore review, here are some of the best washing machines that you can consider on to your actual purchase.

1. SHARP Top Load Washing Machine

Capacity: 10kg

Approximate Price: $699 onwards

Ratings for water efficiency: Three ticks

Model Number: ES-W100DS-H

Sharp Washing Machine Type: Top Load

The sleek black-designed washing machine from SHARP comes without holes, making it effortless to clean and maintain. It comes with a flat-surfaced drum, reducing the chances of forming grimey mold in the tubs. It saves more than 30% water than other top loaded washing machines. You must go through the washing machine Singapore review and know-how suitable this model has become for people who are using it. 

2. Panasonic Econavi Front Load Washing Machine

Capacity: 10kg

Approximate Price: $1,259

Ratings for water efficiency: Four ticks

Model Number: NAV10FX1LSG

Washing Machine Type: Front Load

You will experience a whole new level of cleaning with Panasonic Econavi. It removes dirt, grime, and stains and helps eliminate bacteria and allergens by 99.99% with its two cleansing modes. One mode allows filling up the washing machine’s tub with 90°C piping hot water, while the second mode will sterilize your fabrics with silver ions and UV light.

If you see the Panasonic washing machine review, you will know that this model is well-known among its users for its quieter feature than other washing machines. It comes with an inverter, which saves energy and reduces noise.

3. MIDEA Top Load Washing Machine

Capacity: 7kg

Approximate Price: $239

Ratings for water efficiency: Three ticks

Model Number: MT740S

Washing Machine Type: Top Load

If you are looking for a budget-friendly washing machine and less than $300, this model from MIDEA is the right choice for you. It does not come with a long list of features, making it manageable for people who are looking for a fuss-free option. It is an easy-to-use washing machine, which comes with a one-touch function that will select the wash cycles and water level intelligently as required for the fabrics. This model garners a lot of positive Midea washing machine reviews.

4. Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

Capacity: 8kg

Approximate Price: $754

Ratings for water efficiency: Four ticks

Model Number: WW80J54EOBW

Washing Machine Type: Front Load

Samsung provides its customers with one of the most extensive ranges of washing machines and washers in Singapore. If you are looking for an efficient and sturdy option, a Samsung washing machine Singapore review shows that this model from Samsung is what you will love to have for your household. It saves up to 70% of energy. This machine’s frothing of detergent creates cleansing bubbles cloud, which helps remove dirt effectively up to forty times. You can set it to 15 minutes wash cycle mode to save water if your fabrics are not too dirty.

5. LG Washer Dryer- Twinwash

Capacity: 12kg for dryer and 21kg for washer

Approximate Price: $2,769

Ratings for water efficiency: Four ticks

Model Number: F2721HTWV

Washing Machine Type: Front Load & Top Load

This LG washing machine model is a unique kind, consisting of two compartments in a single machine. It can also run separately, making it the ideal option to clean a total of 21kg fabrics. The LG washing machine Singapore review indicates that it is the perfect choice for those who have to deal with loads of clothes for their larger families. The main front load washer can hold a 12kg capacity. This model also has one more washer below the first washer, suitable for a gentler cleansing of delicates, such as baby wear and intimates. It also makes your ironing chores effortless due to the reduced wrinkles; the AllergyCare mode of this model from LG eliminates bacteria and viruses.

6. Electrolux Washing Machine 

Capacity:  Front Load 57/8/9/10/11kg; Top Load 8.5/12.5kg

Approximate Price:  $1999.00 (Front Load Washer 8kg + ELECTROLUX Venting Dryer 8kg (YA6CA8BQLV) promo price right now or 3 payments of $666.33 with Atome)

Ratings for water efficiency: Four ticks

Model Number: EWF8025CQWA

Washing Machine Type: Front Load & Top Load (EWT8588H1WB)

The Electrolux washing can easily accommodate laundry and wash them with grace and power. With easily customisable settings, every wash can be finessed to your liking. For vibrant clothes every wash, the Electrolux Front Load Washer can do the job with flying colours.

Electrolux was founded in 1919 to manufacture lighter, more maneuverable vacuum cleaners. Its headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and its North American business is located in Charlotte, N.C. Electrolux also makes washing machines under the Frigidaire brand for the U.S. market. The company says Electrolux washing machine with front load saves more energy and water by automatically sensing the amount of water your laundry load requires and adjusting the water level accordingly.

7. Toshiba Washing Machine 

Capacity:  Front Load 8.5/9.5/10.5kg; Top Load 7.0/8.0/9.0kg

Approximate Price:  $999.00 (Front Load 8.0kg promo price right now or 3 payments of $333 with Atome)

Ratings for water efficiency: Four ticks

Model Number: Front Load BK95G4S(SK)

Washing Machine Type: Front Load

Toshiba Corporation is one of Japan’s oldest and largest producers of consumer and industrial electric and electronic products. In addition to its position as the world’s leading maker of notebook personal computers, Toshiba is among the global leaders in semiconductors and LCDs. 

Inspired by the Japanese painting, THE GREATWAVES™ is an innovation in washing machine technology. Developed based on Flush Wave and Cold Wash, this technology leads to extensive color-protecting performance. 

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Laundry is undoubtedly a challenging chore. If you get a suitable washing machine for the job, it will make your laundry chore effortless. Whether you are going for a first-time purchase or replace the old one, washing machine Singapore reviews tell you to choose one from some of the best washing machines mentioned above. Choose the model that is best suitable ideal for your homes.

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