Want to Learn Leather-Crafting Skills at A Reasonable Price? Learn with ATOME.

by Starry

Jul 27 2021

Atelier Lodge, a leather crafting academy, deals with leatherwork. It has a remarkably skilled and professional team of leather artisans. These people are experienced in producing handmade leather products by using leather from their international brand. The company uses proper leather crafting techniques to market their products in the leather industry.

This leather workshop Singapore provides workshop within a showroom that features beautiful handmade leather items, lighting, and vintage furniture. They also provide services of hand-stamping monogram pre-made or outstation. Their craftsmen are very experienced in operating and presenting the base according to your requirements. They have complete corporate packages which are according to your budget and needs.

Corporate gifts:

They have a great variety of supplies and leather products. Therefore, they are capable of manufacturing high-quality leather products at a reasonable price for your corporate gift. Depending on your preference related to the leather type, delivery time, and quantity, they will collaborate with you to provide the most valuable products to your company.

Atelier lodge and ATOME:

Atelier Lodge has collaborated with Atome to provide convenience to its customers. The payment method of Atome is very easy. It divides your whole payment into three installments and therefore makes the product quite pocket-friendly for you. The company will make you learn important leather crafting skills. People greatly respect and appreciate the products in the category of handmade goods.

leather workshop Singapore provides classes to individuals who want to learn certain skills. Likewise, this platform is very beneficial for beginners who do not have proper experience in leather crafting. They will make you learn different techniques, including cementing, assembly, cutting shapes, etc., along with providing complimentary stamping names.

Men’s leather bifold wallet:

Are you tired of normal cloth wallets? After a certain time, the cloth becomes rough and therefore can’t be used formally. The distinctive leather and unique design will change your vibe, keeping all your cards and cash organized, and this too in a stylish way. This leather workshop Singapore provides the three most amazing features for our beloved customers. Firstly, there are two separate pockets for receipts and cards. Next, they provide six slots for credit cards. In addition to this, it also provides two different cash compartments. The size of the wallet is nearly 120mm90mm.

Atelier intermediate leathercraft level 1 course:

Basic module: It is a syllabus of their leather-crafting course. It is used to enable people to design and make these Men’s leather bi-fold wallets. It gives one session related to cutting, two sessions related to stitching. In this way, you will learn the skills of leather crafting and will identify the high-quality tools, leather, and equipment. They use a particular type of leather, i.e., premium veg-tanned leather.

Intermediate level of course:  it comprises three sessions of purse or wallet making.

In total, this course consists of six sessions. And every single session is for 4 to 5 hours.

Canvas and leather industrial sewing machine course:

It is a type of product-making course which uses canvas and leather with the help of a sewing machine or hand stitching. This course will make you learn how to make high-quality leather items and the number 1 quality canvas items in just two sessions.

The team will first introduce you to the basics of leather crafting. And will make you learn all the leather crafting techniques, for instance, forming, assembling, and cutting. The complete stitching process is done with the help of a saddle which is a traditional method. The team also introduces you to the edge-dying technique and will learn how to do the finishing. In addition to this, it also makes you an expert in hand stamping. Therefore, Atelier lodge provides you with a chance to learn such amazing skills at a reasonable price. It has provided you with this opportunity by collaborating with Atome.

DIY; simple cardholder:

It is a craft-it-yourself leather fun kit. Atelier Lodge introduced it to their customers to make a basic leather cardholder at home. This product consists of three pieces of cut leather. These leather pieces already have holes engraved for stitching. Similarly, it also provides two different colored thread rolls and one needle. By using these things, you can design your cardholder according to your requirement.

Canvas and leather industrial sewing machine- zipper pouch and sunglasses holder:

Atelier Lodge, a leather workshop in Singapore, has made people’s life easy. This is because they have provided them with an opportunity to carry glasses with them anywhere, they go. They use special canvas and leather to make products by means of sewing machines or hand-stitching. This course will make you learn how to create leather sunglasses holders, and zipper pouches made up of canvas. The leather sunglasses holders provide a variety of four different colors. If you want to make the product different by adding your name, it can be reasonable. It is because Atelier Lodge provides this service at a cheap rate.

Canvas and leather industrial sewing machine- lunch bag and slot cardholder

It is a product-making course that will make you learn different types of skills. You can learn how to make lunch bags and slot cardholders. These canvas lunch bags have a handle made up of leather. It is a perfect choice for carrying food, beauty products, etc. It has a strong leather handle that makes it strong enough to hold things. They are double stitched to provide durability. This leather workshop Singapore has provided its customers with ease of carrying products.

Why buy through Atome?

It is quite difficult to become a part of workshops as they are quite expensive. But this platform enables you to learn leather-crafting skills at a cheap price. Atelier Lodge, the leather workshop Singapore provides its customers with an opportunity to easily become a part of this workshop. Those people who can’t pay the whole amount of the workshop find this platform beneficial as it provides a convenient way. Now they can do the payment in the form of installments. The whole amount is broken down into three installments due to the collaboration of the company with Atome.

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