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by Starry

Aug 09 2021

An empowered woman who identifies her strength becomes an ideal for every woman. This is because she faces the whole world with a strong conviction. Marie Da La Roche is a brand with 33 different female designers that design products for women with the help of different techniques. Their products are of wide variety according to the cultural diversity throughout the world. These products consist of shoulder bags, clutches, backpacks, purses, etc. The design of their products is the main factor that differentiates them from others. They have unique colors and designs to attract customers, which are considered as a unique selling point.

Marie Da La wants to see their customers being empowered and enjoy their life with grace. To achieve this objective, they have collaborated with Atome. With its  ‘buy now, pay later’ policy, it has made shopping very easy and convenient for you.

Aldana Collection – The Pearl:

Aldana is an Arabic name that means ‘the pearl.’ It is based on the objective on finding and treasuring beautiful things. This collection takes you towards a beautiful journey having classic colors like fresh mint shades, Croc Noir, etc. In addition to this, it also provides a bolder presence with platinum marked in their standard Atena, inspired Micro in beautiful star-shaped. It is a form of love letter to empowered women who have played an important role in building our brand and dream. These products are for strong, elegant, sophisticated women who nourish and support their communities.

Their products include Seda silver purses, Sfeda pebbled purses in mint color, Octavia Crock backpack, Octavia pebbled backpack in mint color, and many more.


People notice everything you carry while traveling, visiting a friend, or attending a party. Our handbags change the complete game and give you a look that will add up to your grace. It will also leave a great impact on others. The unique selling point of their product is that they are the style statement of this generation. It has become more than a place to pack a wallet and purse. Marie Da La helps you find the perfect purse for you by providing style with utility.

Its products include Atena Sol purses of yellow color, Atena Sol chocolate color, Atena Plush Fuchsia purse, etc.; they all vary in style and color. The unique selling point of our bags is that they are bottle-shaped, inspired by the Greek goddess crest-shaped helmet. In addition to this, it has soft curves like a perfume bottle symbolizing the strong yet gentle side of a woman.


The Atena handbags are provided with a detachable strap. Therefore, you can adjust the height of the bag according to your height. Marie De La Roche designs them. Whenever you want to spend time in the park or go shopping in the mall, our handbag will be perfect for a casual look. You immediately need something from the pharmacy or grocery store, and you forgot to bring the shopping bag with you. Then you can place the grocery items inside this bag by removing the belt. It will create more space for the products.

It is also useful when you have to go to a party just after work, and you forgot to bring the party bag. Atena handbags will enhance your look. Simply remove the strap and convert it into a statement purse. In addition to this, it is also very spacious, which will help you in keeping all essential products.

From pastel to Croc leather, you have a great number of options according to your style. This diversified variety is because there are different types of women. And each woman has a different perspective of style and color.


Are you looking for a small stylish bag? Marie De LA provides clutches that offer practical, traditional, and stylish yet small-sized clutches that will compliment your looks. However, it can be a fussier option as it required hand-holding. But it doesn’t point towards the fact that they are not practical. They usually cost less, easy to carry as they are less heavy. Marie De La provides clutches in a variety of shapes and this too at a reasonable price.

The unique selling point of their clutch is a different type of shape. Offering semi-circle-shaped clutches of different colors, the color variety includes Cherubim nite convertible clutch, shell suede electric blue color, etc. The brand makes sure that their customers find the products unique and comfortable to carry, which is their unique selling point.

Tote bags:

Our stylish Tote bags attract the attention of many customers across the globe. If you don’t want to carry an extra heavy bag beside your purse, you can buy with us to take care of your need. You cannot find this combination of style and utility anywhere else. It is proved to be very much beneficial if you want to carry all the meeting essentials with you. In addition to this, the unique selling point is that they are durable and can be used while traveling. They are spacious and compact enough so that you can carry them with style and confidence.

Why buy with Atome?

Marie De La supports confident and empowered women. It encourages women to create new ideas of style and grace. We work together as a community so that you can walk confidently among the crowd. Marie De La provides these advantages by collaborating with Atome and is really a unique selling point for you to visit. It will divide your whole payment into three equal parts so that you can gain benefit from our products without worrying about the cost. We make the payment process easy for you. Therefore, provide quality of products at a reasonable price.

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