Can You Cut Eyelash Extensions?

by Starry

Sep 02 2021

Dr. Lash is one of the most famous and leading eyelash salons working in Singapore. It focuses on semi-permanent make-up, for instance, eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions. Don’t try to cut your eyelashes at home as things can get worsen if you want to save money by doing it all by yourself. Dr. Lash’s services provide great customer satisfaction and are designed in a way that will give long-lasting eyelashes to their customers.

This lash extension process can give rise to many hazardous consequences if not done properly. Therefore, our experts take care of the hygiene and high standards of the services. With Dr. Lash’s collaboration with Atome, the payment process has been made easier with monthly, interest-free payments.

Lash craft

Dr. Lash’s revolutionary procedure will provide you with beautiful lashes in just a few minutes.

  • The Doll

It is the perfect balance between voluminous and natural lashes that will make you look gorgeous. You will definitely love the doll look as it will add style to your personality.

  • Au Naturel:

This is a method in which you can extend your lashes, giving a natural look to them. Thicker strands of lashes are used for this kind of look. It will enhance your original lash and will give you a natural look.

  • Scarlett:

This eyelash extension style extends from short to long very quickly and maintains the long length of the lashes. This is, in short, a combination of short and long lashes collectively adding to the length of lashes.

  • The diva:

This Diva look lets your inner beauty shine through her eyes. This will provide you a perfect eye shadow effect and fullest lash line. If you don’t have enough time to work on your eyes every day, then this is the perfect choice for you!

  • The Avant-Garde:

This in-house specialty technique will provide you fluffiest eyelashes. Your lashes will have a heavy look, enhancing your features and making them prominent. You can carry this style with a simple, elegant, and plain dress.

  • Kim K:

Your eyes will reflect boldness and confidence. Selecting this Kim K icon will provide you empowerment and determination with this lash craft.

  • Kourtney K:

It will provide you with the sparkle in your eyes. Plan your path with our Kourtney K and travel like miss independent with our lash craft.

  • Khloe K:

This icon shows fearlessness and strength in your eyes. Provide yourself with this kind of self-love that you deserve.

Brow craft

A perfect pair of rows can make you look beautiful. Brows frame your face. This means it can either break or make your overall look. Therefore, an expert is required to perform brow crafting.

If you can’t wait to see those perfectly shaped brows every morning when you wake up, Dr. Lash will provide you with perfect brow craft services along with a complimentary brow designs. There are many options for brow craft, including:

  • Defined: 4D stroke
  • Classic: single stroke
  • Powdered brow: Airbrush stroke
  • Powdered defined stroke: Airbrush + 4D stroke

Brow design

Everyone has differently type of eyes. Therefore, everyone deserves to have a uniquely designed pair of brows. For this purpose, our experts provide you brow designing services that will suit your eyes and facial features. Either you have a diamond, oval or almond-shaped face, Dr. Lash has covered it all.

Lash serum

Dr. Lash provides a lash serum, Rejuven8 Lash serum that seeks to enhance your natural eyelashes, along with keeping them healthy and well-maintained.

Why buy with ATOME?

Dr. Lash provides its customers with an easy way to get super curly and natural-looking eyelashes in a matter of few minutes. All the objects used in the cleaning process are 100% bacteria-free. In addition to this, all the products are completely pure.

Their experts are highly trained and professional who will work on your lashes and eyebrows to give you a beautiful and appealing look. You can cut your lash extensions by following their expert guidelines and enhance your beauty by trimming the lash extensions. But usually, it becomes difficult for people to enjoy basic salon facilities due to increased costs. But Dr. Lash has solved this problem for their customers by doing a partnership with ATOME.

ATOME divides your complete payment into three installments which have to be paid equally on three months basis. Therefore, now you don’t have to worry about the payment and enjoy the type of look you have always wished to have for your eyes. ATOME always collaborates with the brands that provide high-standard services to its customers. In this way, it satisfies its customers. Buying the services with ATOME also proves convenient for everyone as you just have to book your appointment and pay only a part of your payment at the time of receiving the service. 

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