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by jiatongma

Jul 29 2022

Radiant skin is an indicator of good health. That’s where V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic comes in. 

A lot of factors that affect our external appearance are not in our control, such as aging, sun exposure, radiation, melanin production, etc. However, that does not mean we are helpless when it comes to counteracting or slowing down the resulting consequences. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, leading to the development of several aesthetic procedures that can help you achieve your skin goals! 

If you have been glum about how your skin is starting to look and no products have yielded satisfactory results, then it’s time you visited V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic. It is a trusted avenue that offers effective and high-precision treatments to deal with deteriorating skin conditions or treat signs of aging.

About V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic

V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic was established in 2019 to provide the people of Singapore with the highest quality treatments to deal with a plethora of skin conditions. Their team of over 16 highly-skilled doctors believe in a patient-centered approach where each treatment regimen is uniquely tailored to the visitor’s requirements. 

Over 15,000 people trust the clinic to deliver treatments that work wonders on the skin. 

They are currently serving out of seven clinics located islandwide. However, you can visit their elaborate website to get detailed insight about the procedures offered, their team, and exclusive products. You can also contact them with your queries or book customized treatments. 

Here are the various skin conditions treated at V Medical Aesthetics:

  • Ageing & Saggy Skin
  • Active Acne & Acne Scar
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Double Chin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Eye Bags & Dark Eye Circles
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Nose Augmentation

Have a look at their Signature Treatments:

  • Pico Laser
  • HIFU Face Lifting 
  • 6D Face Lift Laser 
  • 4D Upper Eyelid Lifting Laser 
  • Fotona® Hair Growth Laser 
  • Signature V Shape Face Slimming

Treatments available at V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic 

Pico Laser

This laser treatment corrects pigmentation, acne, acne scars, and enlarged pores. It smoothes out uneven texture, making your skin more supple and radiant. The Pico Laser works on your skin in ultra-short pulse durations, i.e., Picoseconds, which is where it gets its name. The combination of reduced photo-thermal effect and greater photo-acoustic effect exposes your skin to quick instances of high energy, which breaks down the pigment into tiny fragments that are then removed by your body. Apart from the conditions mentioned above, it is also used to treat Melasma, Age Spots, Sun Spots, etc. This procedure is pain-free, and the downtime is less as well. 

Signature V Shape Face Slimming

A V or diamond-shaped face has always been desired by a lot of people. It consists of a sharp jawline and a projecting chin. There are surgical procedures available that help you achieve it, but they come with certain drawbacks. Fortunately, V Medical Aesthetics offers three non-surgical methods to achieve that V shape face. 

Jaw Slimming BTX

A precise dose of BTX is injected into the masseter muscle, which is present on both sides of the lower jaw. This, in turn, weakens the muscle causing it to shrink in size, leaving you with a V-shaped face. 


A calculated amount of the botulinum toxin is injected at specific points on the face to achieve a lifted and more structured look. The tiny droplets that are injected into the top-most layer of your skin work by reducing sebum production, relaxing wrinkles, lifting the face, and shrinking pores. 

Chin Filler

This brief procedure leaves you with a strong and well-defined chin. The filler is injected at one to three strategic points on the face for optimum results, followed by some molding. Chin fillers can last for a couple of months or years, depending on the products used. 

Fotona® Hair Growth Laser

Hairfall and receding hairlines have been major concerns for many; thankfully, solutions are available for these specific problems. The Fontana Laser works by stimulating natural hair growth. It boosts the health and metabolism of your scalp. The best part is that the procedure is painless and has no side effects. The treatment works by subjecting your scalp to a non-ablative Er: YAG Laser. The result is controlled heating of the scalp tissue activates dormant hair follicles and increases their blood supply. 

Clinics near you

You can book an appointment without being concerned about a lengthy commute. The clinic is located in seven different areas, and you can visit the one closest to you. 

  • 111 Somerset

#04-09 111 Somerset, Singapore, 238164

  • Century Square

2 Tampines Central 5 #05-07 Century Square, Singapore, 529509

  • International Building

360 Orchard Road #04-06 International Building, Singapore, 238869

  • Jurong Point

1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-21/21a Jurong Point Shopping Center, Singapore, 648886

  • Royal Square

101 Irrawaddy Road #11-01/02 Royal Square Medical Center, Singapore, 329565

  • SBF Center

160 Robinson Road #05-09/10 Sbf Center, Singapore, 068914

  • Woodlands Square

6 Woodlands Square #09-07 Woods Square Tower 2, Singapore, 737737

Atome x V Medical Aesthetics 

The benefits of choosing V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic are not limited to top-of-the-line skin treatments; they also include a feasible payment method. All thanks to the clinic’s affiliation with the leading buy now, pay later application, Atome. 

Atome is a state-of-the-art program aiming to make goods and services accessible for every shopper. When you choose to pay your bill through Atome, the amount is split into three smaller payments which are supposed to be paid off at scheduled intervals. The best part about using Atome is that it charges no interest fees or hidden costs. 

That’s not all! V Medical Aesthetics isn’t the only place you can use Atome; the application has several local and international partner brands, such as Nike, Velo, Zee and Elle, Lenskart, JD Sports, ASICS, and more. You are eligible for a discount worth $10 on your first V Medical Aesthetics treatment booked via Atome. 

To get started, simply download the app (get it here) and create a free account. The user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to navigate. The application is also available on Google Play Store and App Store for download. 

How to pay with Atome?

This incredible program also offers flexibility since it can be used to pay for online and in-store payments. 

Follow these basic steps to book your V Medical Aesthetics appointment with Atome:

  1. Open the Atome app on your smartphone. 
  2. Scan the QR code at the checkout counter. 
  3. Type in the total amount and add the vouchers, if available. 
  4. Review the payment schedule. 
  5. Make the first payment then upfront. 
  6. Make the remaining two payments at scheduled monthly intervals with your linked credit or debit card. 

Final thoughts 

Our skin undergoes immense wear and tear as it protects us against detrimental factors such as microorganisms and mechanical injuries. The skin also performs several processes that are vital to our health. Therefore, we owe it to our skin to look after it, and V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic offers a myriad of ways to do that.

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