Get the right types of fabric for your winter holiday

by jiatongma

Nov 23 2022

Packing for a winter holiday? Want any types of fabric to prepare for the coming winter? You may think you’ll have to put on a bulky outfit with layers upon layers—but there are a couple of hacks to ensure you stay warm yet stylish. The trick is to know what fabric to wear. Just because you’re wearing several layers doesn’t mean you are perfectly warm. Different types of fabrics keep you warm differently, so you should know what works and what doesn’t.

Types of fabric you should know

  1. Flannel

You’ve probably heard of flannel shirts and jackets, and there’s a good reason these staple fabrics. Flannel is a soft, woven fabric. Most sleepwear is made of it, but it’s also a common material for winter clothes. It’s made of wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre.

One winter must-have is a thick flannel jacket that will get you through the worst temperatures. You can get a neutral colour so that you can match it with most of your outfits. Black is a classic, but a sandy nude will also work.

You could also make a statement if you get a bright colour—something like red would be eye-catching. The point is that just one jacket will ensure you’re warm without looking bulky, and you can even wear a cropped jacket with tights.

  1. Wool

Who doesn’t know about Christmas sweaters? If you think of warm fabrics, wool is the first thing that comes to mind. But not everyone wants to wear them because they have no silhouette, but the thing is that even something that looks relatively thin can keep you very warm.

Even a slim-fit sweater looks impressive, and wearing a wool dress with tights and boots is an outfit that can’t go wrong. Wool fabrics are a staple for any winter wardrobe.

  1. Cashmere

Cashmere often gets confused for wool, but it’s pretty different. Cashmere can sometimes be expensive, but it’s much warmer than other fabrics. A cashmere sweater is perfect for braving the winter winds, and layering it with a coat makes for the perfect outfit.

If you want to play with fabrics, then layer any other coat with a cashmere scarf to ensure that your neck is warm. There are several ways to style and tie a scarf too.

  1. Fleece

Another winter staple is a fleece. It’s a relatively lightweight material that’s loved for its anti-perspiration properties. You might think it’s wool, but it’s made of polyester, which is why it’s so commonplace. It’s even used for bedding, and fleece blankets are perfect for winter.

The material also makes for a great clothing material, and a fleece jacket makes for a great piece. And the best thing is that since it’s not too pricey, you can get several jackets in every style and colour. But to build your wardrobe right, start from neutrals and basics like black, white, and brown because they’re colours that work with everything. We’d also recommend the Nike tech fleece technology, which was developed for special insulation—so even a comfy tracksuit looks good if you’re going for a laidback style.

  1. Tweed

The final material on our list is tweed. Gone are the days when it was just for professors. Now it’s a whole look you can rock, especially with preppy glasses. A tweed jacket is a statement piece for an academic aesthetic. The best part about tweed is that it’s sturdy, so you can go for a stiff silhouette.

types of fabric

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The North Face

The North Face is one the biggest athletic and sportswear brands, and you’ll find all sorts of high-quality clothes at their stores, whether you want clothes for your hike or warm winter clothes that’ll ensure you’re great even in extreme weather.


Zara is a staple fashion brand, whether you want formal wear or casual outfits. But you’ll also find warm winter clothes, wool sweaters, or tweed blazers. Shopping at any store will prepare you for winter with stylish outfits.

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Get cosy this winter with Atome

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, but you can only enjoy it if you are warm and comfortable. Shop for the comfiest fabrics at The North Face and Zara’s stores, and remember to pay with Atome to enjoy interest-free monthly payments.

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