11 Over the Top Jewellery Trends in Singapore for 2022

by Starry

Jan 20 2022

With this year’s jewellery trends, there’s something for everyone, from edgy chain-link necklaces to delicate pearls.

The spring 2022 runways are urging us to have some fun with our jewellery. They’re a little odd, oversized, and bright. Spring’s baubles provide a fast and simple mood boost, whether you’re an earth mom or a youngster at heart. Make room in your jewellery box for these seven fun jewellery trends that will be available in time for spring.

Continue reading to learn more about the on-trend style statements of jewellery in Singapore you’ll want to make in the coming seasons.

Chain link accessories were all over the spring runways again this year, from massive silver chokers to lengthy gold chains. The beauty of this on-trend jewellery is its adaptability; it’s powerful enough to wear alone yet simple enough to stack with other pieces. Layer a hefty chain link bracelet and necklace with a delicate strand of pearls for a striking stylistic contrast.  

There are many jewellery brands in Singapore, such as Hervelvetvase (HVV) who has a huge variety of the trendiest jewellery in Singapore.

Mixed material jewellery

While blending metals isn’t a new concept, we’re taking it a step further this season with jewellery designs that incorporate hybrid components. The more materials we can include, the better! Pearls with diamonds, colourful stones with high-shine metals, the more materials we can integrate, the better!

Front-facing hoops

From the red carpet to the design studios, front-facing hoops in diamonds, colourful gemstones, or a combination of the two reigned supreme.

They remain a major orientation as we enter the New Year, whether in the different cutting of stones or different hues blended together.

Evening wear

Eveningwear has made a comeback on the catwalk, bringing with it stunning jewellery that will elevate any celebratory night out or formal occasion.

To capitalise on this beautiful trend, look for megawatt diamonds, stunning drop earrings, and ornate metal embellishments.

Line bracelets

The line bracelet, which included a row of diamonds and/or gemstones in the 1920s, remained popular throughout the twentieth century in various sizes, cuts, and settings of gemstones. It wasn’t until Chris Evert lost hers on the court during a match in 1978 that the bracelet earned the name “tennis bracelet,” which it still bears today.

The blend of cuts, bolo closures, and settings has become bolder in recent years. It’s a piece of jewellery that should be worn on a regular basis, regardless of your own style. You can easily find walking the line bracelet at any shop in Singapore.

River of gems

Rivière is a French word that meant “river of diamonds” in the nineteenth century. Since the 1800s, these necklaces have been popular in a variety of forms. They are now worn in pairs or multiples, sometimes with a pendant necklace.

 In real life and in the remake of Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour are two proponents of the current day wearing of rivière in multiples.

They also look great on their own, and modern versions are commonly referred to as eternity necklaces because the stones go all the way around the neck.

Colourful stones

Colour has been the most popular trend for the past three years or so. As we look forward to a brighter future, it simply keeps growing more vivid, more cheerful, and bolder.

This year’s trend is for colourful splashes of colour, especially in the form of vividly coloured gemstones. Wear a single coloured stone to try out the trend, or go all out and mix and match various stones for a trendy and diverse style.

Cocktail rings

Looking for a huge, striking trend that’s still simple to wear?

It’s time to enter the cocktail ring! Dainty ring stacks have been popular for a long time and will continue to be so in 2022, but these larger, statement-making alternatives will be all the rage.


Pearls, like diamonds, are timeless gemstones that will never go out of style. While classic pearls will never go out of style, unconventional pearl jewellery that deviates from the standard pearl’s prim and proper appearance might be precisely what you’re looking for this season.

Pearls of various shapes, colours, and sizes create a natural aesthetic that is pleasantly surprising and one-of-a-kind!

Personalised jewellery

Break yourself from trends and express yourself with jewellery that is really unique to you. There are many ways to customise your jewellery style, from nameplates and initial pendants to zodiac signs and birthstones.

Charms and lockets can also be personalised with a meaningful image or charm to represent something special to you. The beauty of personalised jewellery is that it never goes out of style and is designed to be cherished for a lifetime, making it an ideal present for someone you care about or for yourself.

Layered and stacked jewellery

Layering and stacking are as popular as ever this year, whether it’s with bracelets, rings, or necklaces. Look for delicate pendants and bold chains in varying lengths when stacking necklaces.

 It’s all about experimenting with different colours, textures, and materials when it comes to stacking rings and bracelets.

When it comes to layering and stacking jewellery, remember that the more, the merrier! By the way, if you want to seek shoulder bags in Singapore, read on for the best picks.

Hervelvetvase is your ultimate destination for the best jewellery in Singapore.

HVV specialises in clothing the woman as she is and as she wishes to be. It’s all about crafting the tiny elements that build up to big moments, and their love of minor details shines through in their inclusive, considerate designs for the modern romantic.

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