The Ultimate Guide To Shop Online Without Credit Card

by Starry

Feb 23 2021

It might be impossible to overlook the benefice of the credit card, but if you’re thinking of contributing to the paperless environment of purchasing online without that shiny synthetic card. Then, having the right insights on your path will help you to minimize decisions making errors,; will keep you abreast about the facts. Fewer people may not possess a credit card though. This could be due to the fear of hackers using a VPN to hack you or when a site decides on not using the encoding (HTTPS) to guarantee a safe link for some partly cloudy reason, someone’s credit card data can be poked very quickly. However not having a credit card does not imply you being extinguished from the great online shopping environment; you can still shop online without a credit card using the methods we will discuss later in this article.

Here’s all the good there is about credit cards:


Not only are you not obligated to keep cash with you wherever you go, but credit cards also save a lot of time and the hassle of scouring through your wallet and rummaging for cash. Imagine a cash counter at a departmental store where everyone paid with cash. It will take forever to make it out of there! Apart from this, you have incredible purchasing power, both domestically and internationally. Most credit cards are virtually accepted everywhere in the world!


Most good banks offer reward points, cash prizes (based on lucky draws), and bonus prizes for every purchase made on credit cards. You can redeem these points to purchase items present on your bank’s website, or you can use these points at a variety of restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, or even airline tickets! You get rewarded for the purchases you were going to make anyways, regardless of the credit card or not.

Purchasing expensive items on credit

Though this is debatable, for the wise spenders, this still stands as an advantage of credit cards. Credit cards are a lifesaver in times when we are really in need of something but affordability stands in our way. Credit cards have opened new frontiers for many merchants and entrepreneurs because of this and continue to open many more avenues.

Along with this, credit cards endow the user with emergency purchasing power. Credit cards are capable enough to keep you afloat in case of a layoff or a medical expense, or any other related emergency for up to six months at a time.

So, credit cards aren’t just your fair-weather friends; they help you boss your way through unprecedented circumstances and help you land back at your feet.

Building credit score

You need a decent credit score for practically everything; mortgage, student loans, automobile loans, even renting an apartment, and getting a job! A good credit score is reflective of your creditworthiness – i.e., why should the proprietor lend you money? And a good credit score is only built through disciplined purchases on credit cards that are paid back timely.


In the event that someone tries to con you or you fall prey to fraud, credit cards offer better protection than ATM and debit cards. A conman can’t withdraw any more than 50$ in a single transaction, but with ATM/ debit cards, you can be robbed of all your money if you fail to notice or report your card missing. Credit cards offer valuable insurance such as travel coverage and cell phone protection to add a cherry on top.

The flip side of credit cards and why people prefer not to shop with them:

More and more people are realizing how the banking industry is silently and subtly controlling the entire human civilization like a ventriloquist, tending to the consumerist society by tempting us to “Buy things that we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like” as the famous saying from the Fight Club. Here are some alarming and pressing concerns about why people should think twice before falling into the trap of credit cards:

Hefty interest charges

The greatest flipside of using credit cards is the interest rate. If you aren’t vigilantly keeping an eye out for the interest levied on your purchases, and if you don’t return the debts timely, you’ll keep spiraling into the crypts of debt and bankruptcy.

Not having real-time money tempts us to spend more.

When you have cash at hand, you are limited by the amount you have to spend. You prioritize your expenses and divide them accordingly. This way, you may even save some amount for the rainy days. But with virtually no cash in hand, you can easily lose track of how much you have spent already and how much you are going to be billed the next month.

Late payment penalty

You have a deadline to pay your credit card bills. If you fail to pay within the due date, an extra surcharge will be levied on your credit card bill. This can be as high as 40$, and the worst part is that the penalty doesn’t stay the same; for repeat offenders, this can increase from the previous surcharge amount.

A bad credit score

The entire premise of the selling point of credit cards can become a turntable for you. While it is an irrefutable fact that building a good credit score is only possible through credit card purchases, an irresponsibly used credit card can mean quite the contrary. If you don’t pay your dues on time and there is a repeated history of arrears, your credit score is directly impacted, and you can bid farewell to all the perks that come with a good credit score, i.e., your job, your house or your student loans.

Lessons about Shop Online Without Credit Card You Need To Learn Before You Hit 40

Even though the credit cards may have made a reputation of being indispensable, there are many online payment methods without a credit card. For those of you who have made your credit cards your holy grail of shopping and want to get out of this downward spiral of debt and bankruptcy from credit cards, we will guide you on how to buy things online without a credit card. Even though you might be aware of many of these, there’s no harm in reiterating how to buy things online without a credit card.

Debit Card

Why is the debit card on top of our list of internet purchases without a bank card? It’s because debit card arrives with all sorts of bank account that are acceptable worldwide. These might include the famous MasterCard and Visa. Credit cards often can escalate to bankruptcy; this is why you need to save yourself from this dilemma by using the debit card since money is taken directly from your banking account. Also, a debit card is your ideal choice if you’re the kind of those folks who don’t like to carry huge loads of money to or from the market.

Try Virtual Credit Card

These have become very popular in recent times. Virtual Credit Cards are very safe and easy to use when it comes to making digital purchases without a credit card. A Virtual Credit Card gives you access to money in almost any currency. You can simply charge it up with your debit card or look for a till-point store without the need of accessing your main bank account. Not many people are aware of this feature maybe that’s the reason a lot of folks have delayed embarking on this method. Another unique feature is that you can still use your mobile device to make transactions or use it on a computer with the help of mobile emulations. This method is similar to other payment methods but the option to leave the order without paying is still there.

Prepaid Card

A prepaid credit card can now be bought locally in several places without your bank account credentials. Though there’s been a remarkable identical issue with the debit card, the prepaid credit is distinctive in that you’re required to make a certain deposit before you purchase. This just means a standard payment must be made and it applies to all users. Several banks, credit unions, retailers, and even toll booths accept them. There are plenty of deals and bonuses for those who use them to buy online without a Visa credit cardNot only that but it also has some variety of choices as you can use these to buy everything from gas and groceries to Internet connection plans.

Use collect-on-delivery

Going cashless is one way to pay less when online shopping is done. Commonly known as cash on delivery, is a way of Web-based shopping without a credit card then pay for them as soon as they arrive. The core advantage of this method is that less fraudulent is experienced since no money transaction is spent until you receive your deal. This idea is superb for top-dollar shopping that goes beyond your line of credit limits. All those customers who still do not have confidence in online transaction platforms will see this as being a more convenient method of paying for their deliveries.

Purchase Using Gift Cards

Just as you’ve been using cash to purchase in a real store, so is it with using the gift card when buying commodities from online platforms. A lot of online stores have emerged and the common ones like Hallmark, Amazon, and Barnes can be used with a similar process when adding the card balance to their accounts. When you’re considering making your payment online without a credit card, there’s an option on the site page to redeem a gift card; just locate it and insert the code on your card hit the apply option.

Use of Crypto

Now, you don’t need to worry about transaction fees, freezing of credit cards, or even having to go to a bank and take out a loan. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be traded via cryptocurrency exchanges, on platforms like Coinbase, and social media. So, no worries about using your credit card online or providing your financial information, and more importantly no worries about currency fluctuation. Starting an account with the bitcoin wallet is free, yet Bitcoin is the only currency capable of offering complete anonymity and security for a digital transaction without a credit card for global transactions.

Atome – The most extraordinary Buy Now, Pay Later app in Singapore:

If you love going on shopping frenzies and you’re practically addicted to shopping, then you must also be accustomed to the fact that the ecstasy of shopping is short-lived, and the felicity gets over when you proceed to the billing. The brunt of expensive shopping takes a toll on all your finances. But you need not worry; Atome was made for this purpose! Atome is a BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) E-commerce website that was made with the aim of mitigating the toll of an expensive shopping.

Founded in 2017, Atome is a gamechanger fintech company that operates with the vision of mutually benefitting the merchants and the customers alike.

While there are many Buy Now, Pay Later apps in Singapore business models, you must understand precisely what the term “Buy Now, Pay Later” means. Buy Now, Pay Later is a modern business model in which a company (the properties) allows you to purchase your item (merchandise) with a fraction of the total/original bill. The remaining amount of the bill is then divided into installments that can stretch for a couple of months. These BNPL companies can levy a service charge, or they can be utterly interest-free if you’ve hit the jackpot!

This is how Atome is so fantastic; it believes in reducing your monetary burden, not adding to it. For this reason, Atome is an interest-free company; You are liable to pay only one-third of the total amount at the checkout. After that, you pay for the remaining amount in installments over the course of two months. It has no service charges, it doesn’t levy any interest, and there are absolutely no hidden charges! The headquarter of Atome is in Singapore, but Atome operates in 7 other countries, which include Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Mainland China. Including all their online and offline merchants, Atome has over 15,000 merchants over the globe!

If you’re curious to know about how Atome works, click on this link, and you’ll find out! To make things even more impressive, Atome gives you the inaugural 10$ voucher upon your first successful shopping! So, do we need to say more? Get the app now! It is available on iOS as well as Android.

Creating an account on Atome:

If you have never used Atome before, you can register yourself using your mobile phone number. A 4-digit One Time Password (OTP) will be dispatched to your given number for verification.

Being a first-time user, you will have to go through user verification. Click “pay” on the homepage.

After this, you have to fill in your personal information credentials.

Finally, you must enter your debit/ credit card details, and your registration process will be completed.

And voila! Your registration is complete. You can now use Atome as a payment plan whenever you see an Atome QR code at a physical store’s checkout, or you could use Atome if it’s included in the payment plan options on the given merchant’s website. For more information about the customer feedback, please check the Atome finance app reviews online.

How to pay using Atome?

It’s really no brainer:

First of all, you must select all the items you wish to shop for. Add them to your cart and then proceed to the payment at the checkout;

Next, you will be shown many payment options; choose Atome.

After that, you have to sign into your Atome account. Don’t have one? No worries at all; You can create one completely free!

Final thoughts

There are still other methods on how to shop online without a credit card, this is just a few. If you’re looking for a quick fix you can still get a friend or another member of the family to make purchases for you. As long as you can repay him/her with either a bank deposit or cash at hand.

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