The Public Izakaya in Singapore

by Starry

Sep 23 2021

If you are fond of eating Japanese cuisine, like tomo izakaya, hararu izakaya, izakaya shindo and izakaya nijmaru the Public Izakaya is the perfect option for you. It is a famous izakaya restaurant in Japan. The public Izakaya is the best place for getting the izakaya experience, even if you are not in Japan. 

About The Public Izakaya

It is owned by the Hachi group and gives the best Izakaya. The Izakaya is a kind of Japanese bar that consists of various dishes and snacks in small amounts and is served with alcoholic beverages. The dishes, snacks, and drinks served are usually cheap. The Hachi group across the border brought this Japanese food concept. 

In Singapore, The Hachu group is the beginner of Omakase dining concept and is known for providing the most delicious and fresh Japanese food items in the region. 

What do people of Singapore like about The Public Izakaya?

It is not only the taste that invites you to try Japanese cuisine at The Public Izakaya. The people in Singapore trust The Public Izakaya for providing the most authentic Japanese dishes. If it is about the taste of the Japanese’s Izakaya or if it is about the procured ingredient.

The ingredients used in The Public Izakaya recipes, including tomo izakaya, hararu Izakaya, Izakaya Shindo, and izakaya nijmaru are carefully collected and curated to get the unique taste of japan in Singapore that the business is being known for in the market. 

The Public Izakaya aims to provide the best Japanese cuisine in your city and deliver an unforgettable experience to the clients. The chefs at Japanese restaurants use high-quality ingredients. These ingredients used are prepared with full care, including the natural richness of the origin. The variety at The Public Izakaya is also extended with shochu and other Japanese beverages. 

The Public Izakaya in Singapore:

The Hachi group owned the Public Izakaya and first launched in 2013 in Singapore at 100 tras street. 

The Public Izakaya is a friendly traditional izakaya for the common people of Singapore who love easting Japanese izakaya cuisine.

The concept behind introducing The Public Izakaya in Singapore is simple. The Japanese restaurant was meant to provide traditional Izakaya at affordable prices. The Public Izakaya brings in dishes on the menu list that would attract masses right to the heart of shimbashi & yurakucho in Japan, where the highest concentration of Izakaya exists.

The unique and taste Izakaya prepared by the certified chefs of Japanese restaurants played a significant role in the extension of the restaurant and attracting a massive number of people to dine out and try the Japanese Izakaya with alcoholic beverages. 

About The Public Izakaya 2

Now, the famous Japanese restaurant has a sister branch named The Public Izakaya 2 in the same locality of Singapore. It is only eighty meters away from The Public Izakaya 2, located at 16 enggor street. The Hachi group also owns it, and the purpose is to bring the people of Singapore the famous Japanese Izakaya. The Public Izakaya 2 can accommodate a massive number of customers at a single time- a minimum of 240. The team includes a trained team of professional chefs- out of them, five are native Japanese. Of course, the native Japanese chef knows how to pour in the true taste of Japanese cuisine. 

Getting your favorite Japanese in Singapore is easy now with The Public Izakaya. The restaurant provides the best Japanese Izakaya on the menu card and gives the most enchanting environment that would take you to Japan.

The Public Izakaya

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Our verdict

The Public Izakaya is one of the most famous Japanese cuisine restaurants in Japan and has extended its operations to Singapore. Suppose you are a Japanese cuisine lover. Even if you are in Singapore, you can enjoy it. The affordable prices and high-quality ingredients made the business equally popular in Singapore too. Today, we have two restaurants of The Public Izakaya in Singapore because the people trust it for delivering the real taste of Japanese cuisine prepared with love. Atome has made payments easy through easy installment plans, so make your account today and enjoy your favorite Japanese cuisine today, and pay later.

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