The Need for Good Air and Water Filtration Systems

by Starry

Aug 13 2021

Do you think about the things that go into your body and in your system? Don’t you wish there was a filtration system that could be trusted 100% that would take you a step closer to a healthy lifestyle? For your benefit, it would be better to use the filtration system by EIGHT STARS. It is an amazing innovation and a definite step into a better and healthy life.

A filtration system for water or air is to minimize the risks of water and air-borne diseases. It helps separate the microscopic foreign bodies that may harm you away from your system. It almost guarantees 95% of a healthy lifestyle.

Why have a Filtration system

It is an understood fact that as the world modernizes and provides us all the luxuries of ease and peace, the waste produced is greater and has been piling up over the years. There is no proper filtration for these wastes; rather, they are either pushed on the land or leaked into the waters such as oceans, lakes, rivers, seas, etc.

Now let’s take a moment to understand who you should consider buying water and also air filtration is your best shot to have a healthy lifestyle in today’s world. However, EIGHT STARS is known for the best water filtration and has been tested and proven to work 100 percent.

1. It is a one-time investment to buy and install a water filtration system. It costs a little more than your average water pipe but has the integrity to be used for over decades.

2. Good water filtration is the best way to have good and clean water to purify your system. Water is an essential demand of the body, and if it has harmful content in it, it will do more bad than good.

3. The eight stars water filtration is the best system for turning water alkaline, serving as an antioxidant and the best drinkable water. The pH of any water affects its integrity and how it will react with the body.

4. Installing water filtration is much more important than looking out for the foods you eat. Because our bodies are 94% water, and that means that without proper water levels, there can be different diseases.

5. The eight stars water filtration system is good for removing salts and carbonates from the water, which can calcify the aorta and cause kidney stones.

Water filtration at affordable prices

No matter what material price you pay, the eight stars water filtration can never be more expensive than the bills you will have to pay at the hospital. You can purchase this amazing filtration system for about $1100 – $3200.

The pH of your water

Water is indeed essential for life, but there is more to that fact. If the water is clean and has no foreign particles, but yet the pH is not correct, it will cause issues in the body. That is because the body system works at a very optimum temperature and a very neutral pH. Water that has not been through rigorous eight stars water filtration carries allergens and other micro biota such as cholera, virus, fungi, spores, yeast, and other bacteria, which are harmful to the digestive system.

Though they are inactive, who knows when their pathogenesis can start and cause disease. The virus is always dormant when outside a host, so if you have not used the eight stars water filtration, there is the big chance of you contracting a virus while it is in its dormant state. Once the virus enters your body, it can attach itself to you as a host and start to replicate, causing diseases.

When you install the eight stars water filtration, it helps make your drinkable water alkaline; normally, the pH varies between 7.34 – 7.64, which helps kill the microbiota, which can be harmful. When the body’s pH is alkaline, there is a very lower chance of infection or any other disease.

Atome as a platform

Atome is a Singaporean app that was launched back in the year 2019. It was a very innovative way of collaborating with all the best brands and bringing them all to one platform. These brands include everything from fashion to home care to travel. This app is known for its amazing tagline, “buy now and pay later” Due to this amazing motto and payment policy, you can now buy anything you want and purchase it now. Have it dropped off at your doorsteps and pay later.

Now that Atome has collaborated with eight stars, you can order the best eight stars water filtration system online from the best and trusted app. You can start using it now and payback in three easy installments.

Antioxidants and filtration

The eight stars water filtration is the best way to ensure your body has good immunity and can fight off germs and toxins by releasing radicals. While the eight stars water filtration helps in cleaning the water and making it alkaline, another amazing feature it adds to this filtered water is that it boosts antioxidation, which means that the water particles break other molecules to create Oxygen radicals or protons to kill toxins and bacterial cells. It is also effective against viruses and fungi.

Let’s take a step into biology. The body is created by water which has been distributed in compartments. The tissues and organs are all made of cells; the body has its filtration systems. Each call has its parts that help keep the cells and tissues afloat.

When proper eight stars water filtration is used, and such water is drunk, that water goes and replenishes all the body’s cells, including the organelles. The water is absorbed by the cell and used as a buffering agent, while the lysosomes and peroxisomes use the H2O to form radicals. Also, the mitochondria use water to generate energy for the cells, and with every ATP released, oxygen radicals are also released. These radicals clear out the waste products and all the toxins. This radical formation and waste clearing are called oxidation which includes both reactions of oxidants and antioxidants.


Health should be your priority and should be important for everyone. You should get a proper water filtration system for the same reason because water is the main source of health and disease. For that very reason, the source of every household water supply should be checked and made up to the mark.

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