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Sep 28 2022

The Curtain Boutique Ubi showroom is one of the places where you can shop for an attractive variety of products from The Curtain Boutique. You can find another outlet for the brand at Boon Lay Way. The Curtain Boutique has over ten years of experience providing window furnishing and balcony solutions to homes in Singapore.

Curtains are an essential fixture in any living space. While windows are important for letting in sunlight and fresh air, they also reduce the privacy of your home. This is where curtains can help. Curtains not only cover your windows on the inside to give your rooms a neater look but they also obscure the view for anyone who is standing outside your house.

Curtains create a good vibe within a room. They bring about warmth and gives the house a cozy feel. With the wide array of hues available they play an important role in setting the mood for a room.

Reasons why you should install curtains

Here are a few notable reasons on why you should install curtains in your living spaces.

  1. Privacy

Protecting your security and privacy is a significant concern in all households. Since complexes and lofts are built very close to each other. It is now necessary to install curtains to avoid people looking into your house. Thick curtains also help to block out the bright headlights of passing vehicles from shining into your room.

  1. It allows you to regulate sunlight according to your mood

We all have days when we want to be surrounded by bright sunlight in our homes. That is the time when we pull back all the curtains and allow the shiny sun to shine down on us. However, there are also days when you want less natural light in your room. As bright light can be exceptionally bothersome for people with conditions like migraines, etc.

With curtains, you can regulate the amount of sunlight entering your space according to your preference.

  1. It enhances architectural designs

Curtains while easy to install, it could vastly improve the overall appearance of the house. Latest curtain designs and styles can quickly elevate the look of any space and make it look more modern and stylish. For example, vaulted ceilings pair well with curtains and could also appear as a fashion piece.

You can even accentuate the appearance of your windows by modifying the length of your curtains, such that it reduces the visibility of the unsightly window frame.

  1. Curtains can make windows appear larger

Many houses have windows that are smaller compared to the walls where they are placed. This can look distracting and take away from the room’s overall vibe. While replacing small windows with larger ones is an option, it is not always cheap to do so. If you hang curtains on a window, it instantly makes the it feel. You can also play around with different sizes and lengths to find one that creates the perfect illusion of wider or taller windows.

Interestingly, curtains placement can also accentuate the width and length of the entire room. Therefore, it’s a cheaper but effective way to enhance your space.

  1. Curtains can add personality to a space

Curtains are available in a variety of colors, prints, and textures. Whether you like neutral hues and subtle textures or vibrant splashes of colors, the options for curtains are endless. Homeowners can quickly change the feel of any space. They can choose between adding vibrancy to a room or create a neutral-toned room design simply choosing the right curtains.

Bright and vibrant colors can make a room look alive, while neutral hues can blend seamlessly into the surroundings. This décor accessory is great because you can easily change the mood of a room by switching out the curtains.

The Curtain Boutique

The Curtain Boutique is one the pioneer local curtains supplier brand in Singapore. Their competitive edge lies in their commitment to providing high-quality products at the most affordable prices. Since every business strategy focuses on customer satisfaction, the company has maintained its position in the industry.

The Curtain Boutique was awarded the Most Promising Brand award in 2019 by the Singapore Prestige Awards. Apart from its products, the company is dedicated to providing professional and friendly assistance to every customer who walks through its doors.

Have a look at the products you can shop at The Curtain Boutique.

  • Curtains
  • Blind curtains
  • IGlass
  • Ziptrak
  • Windows films

Curtains variety at The Curtain Boutique

All the curtains the company makes follow perfect measurements, which means you get the exact fit you’re looking for. Since everyone has different preferences and tastes, the store carries a variety of curtain designs and fabrics to choose from. You can find ripple folds, double and triple pleats at their showrooms.

The material used in the curtains is top-quality and gives your space a sense of lush ambiance. Each of their products is created to last– from the material to the finishes; the company doesn’t compromise on quality for affordability.

If we look at the basic categories of curtains at The Curtain Boutique, we can divide them into:

  1. Day curtains
  2. Blackout curtains

Day or sheer curtains are created using lightweight materials such as organza and lace. They look very pleasing aesthetically and help reduce the sun’s glaring light. This style is highly versatile and can be used in various settings around the house.

Night curtains, also called blackout curtains, can block 100% of the sunlight. These curtains can create complete darkness, so they are perfect for people sensitive to light while sleeping. Night curtains are made with three layers of material that insulate your room and also absorb sound.

If you don’t like too much darkness in your room, there’s another option for you: ‘soft blackout.’ Dim-out curtains can block 80% of sunlight and diffuse the sun’s rays and heat.

The Curtain Boutique is one of Atome’s partnered brands

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How does Atome work?

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Enhance your space with The Curtain Boutique

Curtains play a crucial role in the setting and décor of any home. However, it is usually overlooked and not selected carefully. You can improve your home’s level of style, comfort and privacy simply by adding luxe curtains.

If you want to buy curtains in Singapore, The Curtain Boutique is an ideal store where you can find quality products and excellent customer service. You can even try The Curtain Boutique Ziptrak for outdoor spaces.

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