The Best Watch Box Singapore 2021

by Starry

Aug 05 2021

Watches are an essential accessory, much like shoes and the clothes we wear. Every person loves to wear a watch. It is an obvious thing that a watch can add more to your aura. People strive to wear the best and most expensive watches. There are millions of watches available with different brands and categories. Likewise, millions of people wear it daily, which makes it a common thing in the market. While its primary purpose is to tell the time, it serves as personal style too. For the protection of your watch, we will introduce a great and stylish watch box in Singapore, provided by Funky SG online outlet in Singapore. 

Watch owners are always concerned about their watch. A watch is always on the open side, so there is always a curiosity about breaking the watch. This often happens while taking off the watch. For that reason, the watch box can do a good job by protecting the watch as every man loves to wear high quality and expensive watches to make it possible. It keeps the watch in perfect condition. There are tons of benefits to a watch box. A watch box is a convenient item because it has a high demand in the market. It is also so usable while giving it as a gift. There are custom made watch boxes as well. A watch of yours is perfectly safe in the watch box. You can vbuy it right now from Funkey SG.

Watch box Singapore is made up of excellent materials that keeps the watch wholly safe and sound. Most of the watches come with a watch box. However, they are still not durable enough. The lack of durability can cause significant problems with your watch. Fundamentally a custom-made watch box Singapore for your expensive watch is what you required. It is an excellent alternative for any watch. Smartwatches are also emerging in the market. It is an excellent watch box for any smartwatch. Funkey SG has so many designs which are entirely fair and square in any case. So order it now from them. They have a vast collection of every watch box.

Everything you want to know about Watch Box Singapore:

We will define and explain everything deeply about the watch box and the materials used in it. Following are the passages. 

What is a watch box:

First thing first, you must know what a watch box is. I Magnin you have bought an expensive watch for yourself. Then you use it all day long. When you take it off, where would you put it? You will find a perfect place for it. For the perfect place, there is nothing better than the watch box Singapore. A watch box is the case of a watch that keeps it protected and from any dust and scratch. Moreover, using a smartwatch like the Apple watch is wholly protected in the case or watch box Singapore. So to keep the LCD of the watch protective, there is nothing foresee a watch box. 

Things to make sure of before buying a watch box in Singapore:

Following are the alternatives to look at before ordering a watch box in Singapore. 


There is the size of everything. The sizes of the watches are different. So deciding a size that perfectly fits the watch. You can choose an individual watch as well for a whole pack. If you own a collection of watches, you can make a big-sized watch box for the watchers. You can easily take the size of your collection and can get the perfect dimensions of it. The size matters a lot. So try to choose the perfect size for the watch box. 

Additional features:

As a watch box is a custom-made box, you can also add some of the additional features. The additional features like the addition of some new compartments. Or to make different compartments for regular watches and your smartwatches. You can also suggest a design for them. So I can, in fact, freely add some renovation to it.

Types of Watch Boxes:

The different common types of watch boxes are the following.

Wooden watch box:

A wooden watch box is the most common box there is. Most people prefer wooden boxes. They are durable and much more casual in looks. You can also select the colour of the wooden box, just like the colour of your watch. The wooden watch box provides a natural look. It is the most sophisticated type of watch box. 

Leather watch boxes:

Just like wooden boxes, the leather watch boxes are also famous. Most of the companies prefer leather boxes. It is also durable and lasts for a very long time. The Funkey Sg is the best leather watch box which consists of high-quality leather. You can also choose genuine leather as well as Pu and other chemical made leather. IT is totally up to your choice. 

Cardboard watch Box:

Cardboard watch boxes are the most common watch box. The watch comes with a matchbox made up of a cart board. They are more stylish and have vibrant colours, which make them more perfect. 

About Funky SG:

Funky SG is the creator of many appliances. Their outlet is based in Singapore. Funky.SG focuses on providing consumers with the latest fashion gadgets, including watch boxes, ergonomic equipment, computer accessories and home appliances in excellent deals on various online platforms. So you can order any custom item you want to create. They will deliver it. 


The watch box is one of the necessities. An expensive watch must have protection. Without it, it can scratch easily. A proper Watch box can completely protect the watch from every dimension. To give you ease, we have provided the best watch box provider. The funky SG has everything you need. Please place your order now with them. You will be delighted with them. 

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