The Best Folding Bike Singapore By Birdy

by Starry

Aug 23 2021

There are inventions in everything. Likewise in the bicycles too. There are now folding bicycles which provide tons of advantages to you. The folding bikes are very versatile and highly usable. Just like regular bicycles, they work like a standard bicycle. The difference between them is that one can be folded into a tiny one that is completely handy to lift with one hand.

On the other hand, the standard bicycle doesn’t fold. The folding bicycles generally are small in size, and after folding it, it gets tiny. Today we have brought the same material called the folding bike Singapore. It is provided by Birdy, which is a highly respectable outlet in Singapore.

The folding bike Singapore is capable of everything, just like a regular bike. You will never recognize any difference when you see a normal BMX and a folding bike standing together. However, the folding bike will fold into a more concise form. IT is very beneficial having a folding bicycle. A folding bicycle can fit in every place.

Those who doest have room to fit a standard size bike, so they pursue the folding bike. The folding bike is entirely doable in every situation. It is stylish and more often very usual. It is a lot better to ride a folding bike than a heavy long-sized bike that is very hard to handle.

The folding bike Singapore is a high-quality bike provided by the BIrdy. They have great bikes available. The folding bike gives you an immense advantage, especially in relief. You can have your folding bicycle while travelling on the bus or train. Moreover, if you have a giant bag, you can also fit your folding bike in the bed. It is entirely reliable while using anywhere. It is like caring in a wallet or mobile with yourself. That is how easy it is.

Moreover, you can go to work on it. It is fast and durable, which will never give you a hard time riding it. It is completely weightless. The cost of it is not too high as well. If you want yourself, then consult with the bird. Even if you don’t have enough budget for it then don’t worry Atome is here. With Atome, you can pay in installments without any fee.

The inconveniences of ordinary bike

From their year of invention, i.e., in 1817, bikes have come a long way, with so many changes in place that it’s barely the same thing that came into being in the 19th century. These changes are brought about for compelling reasons, and here we’ll be discussing the inconveniences of the conventional cycling experience;

Most are very heavy to carry.

Though cycling itself is a great means of exercise, ordinary bikes are more of an exhaustion than an exercise. Steering through these heavy frames is a very tedious job since the heavier bikes gain a lot of momentum, which is difficult to manipulate. And in the event that your cycle breaks down or gets punctured, you’ll be towing such a heavy load all the way to repair or to your house.

Some are not even equipped with a suspension!

The suspension has a very crucial role in any locomotive; It acts as a shock absorber so that every bump, depression, or pothole that exerts an immense normal reaction force on the frame of the bike, doesn’t transmit the entire brunt of the forces to your body. These tremendous forces have deleterious effects on our musculoskeletal system.

Bad handlebars mean callouses on your hand.

A bad rubber quality or an excessively frictious grip leads to easy bruising of the palms of your hand. Chronic exposure to needlessly high friction of the handlebars causes callous formation on the palms, similar to what you get from a bad grip on a barbell. A very hard handlebar means that your palms are never cushioned, and you always have aching hands.

Poor aerodynamics and frame structures are your archnemeses.

Some cheaper ordinary bikes are built without maximizing the aerodynamics of the frame. Every minor bending/molding error translates into massive aerodynamic compromise. This leads to excessive drag forces, compelling you to exert far more effort than necessary. Moreover, bad aerodynamics leads to poorly compensated posture, which ruins the entire purpose of cycling, i.e., you’re ruining your health instead of improving on it.

What sets Birdy’s folding bike a class apart?

Birdy bicycles (Birdy Bike Singapore) boast a unique set of features that makes them extremely user-friendly and convenient for daily use.

Birdy’s revolutionary folding technology is everything you prayed for.

Apart from a breathtakingly light frame, Birdy is popular for its folding technology. Now it begs the question; why do you need a folding bicycle? Glad you asked. See, the thing is that the path you tread is not always cut out for cycling. There are some terrains where cycling is just impossible. In other circumstances, you need to maximize the efficiency in terms of space being occupied. Say you need to board a bus or a train, or you need to take your cycle to some sporting event in your car; only a foldable cycle can help you out in such a scenario.

Let’s circle back to the frame.

As mentioned above, Birdy is known for a very light frame, made up of 6061 alu Monocoque main frame, 7005 alloy frame, fork tube, replaceable gear hanger, and an amazing elastomer coil suspension. This is a stellar amalgamation of the most amazing features in store for you.

Birdy offers safety and performance.

Compared to the conventional mountain bikes that are 300 mm in height, the new Birdy Monocoque is just 279 mm high, significantly lowering the center of gravity and endowing greater cornering stability. And even though these bikes are outrageously low, they’re flawlessly designed such that the pedal doesn’t stroke the ground even if the bike is tilted at 25 degrees.

You can build Birdy to your liking.

We believe that our customers should be given complete leeway in designing their Birdy however you like. You have complete liberty to customize it according to your own needs, and Birdy would never object.

Advantages of folding bike Singapore

A folding bike Singapore is specially designed for folding into a more compact form. There are many reasons behind it. The folding will help them in transportation and storage of it. Right now the folding bikes are gaining popularity around the world. The advantages that you can get from the folding bike Singapore are the following.

Easy in transportation

The folding bike is an excellent help during transportation with it. You can take a folding bike wherever you go. While going on a train or bus, it will never bother you, and you can bring it with you wherever you go. You can also fit it neatly into car boots. IT is the best option to bring it with you. While at work or going on a trip or something.


The compact size of the folding bike Singapore has vanished for security reasons. Ordinary bikes have problems which you cannot bring with you. You have to leave it somewhere in the parking lot, which creates a high risk of being stolen. In the case of a folding bike, you won’t feel the same. You can bring it yourself into the malls or while going to the classroom.

Easy Storage

Everyone knows now that folding bikes takes very little space. A folding bike occupies far less space than a regular bicycle. The folding bikes are the ideal choice for those who don’t have room in their homes to store a regular bicycle. You can keep it in your wardrobe in the closet or the room. The folding bike will never bother you in any circumstances.

About Birdy

Designed by German company Riese & Müller, Birdy is now sold worldwide. It all started in 1992, when one of the founders, Markus Riese, came up with a new idea for a folding bike. Markus realized that the rotation points could also fold if a bicycle were offered a complete stop. Birdy has all the components that make up a good sports bike, and it presses down equally to give a feel. Birdy also holds the world record for being the fastest bike to roll, taking just 4.9 seconds. For each model, there are 17 colours available to choose from. Whether you’re on vacation and exploring new cities, cycling, or your daily transportation mode, Birdy just pops up when you need it and wraps it up in your last place when you don’t.

Where to buy a Birdy bike in Singapore?

You can buy Birdy in Singapore in physical stores and online. The two physical stores where you can get your Birdy bike in Singapore are Mighty Velo – The folding bike specialists, and E-Walker. You can search for “Folding Bikes Singapore” or “Birdy Folding bike in Singapore” or even “Birdie bikes” in the search bar online, and the internet will show many results for places where you can get Birdie Singapore online as well as the physical stores retailing these bikes. You can buy all the latest and the greatest Birdy models such as Birdy Classic, Birdy Monocoque, etc.

What is Birdy’s after-sell service/ policy?

Birdy’s relationship with the customer isn’t limited to the store, which means you don’t part ways with the company. You are the treasured customers that fortify the pillars of this company. You can always reach out at our universal access number to find a very amiable and helping customer care to help you navigate through your concerns and queries.

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How to pay using Atome?

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A folding bike is a great advantage. In fact, it is far better than the typical bicycle, even if it is made of gold. However, if you are a stunt lover and a racer lover, then you might get less of a folding bike. Besides, it is the best working bike ever. You can go to your school, college and for your work. The Birdy outlet in Singapore provides the best foldings. With the Atome, you can pay it in three different installments without any fee. You are getting the best folding bike Singapore as well in installments without any interest. You will be delighted with both of them.

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