The Age of Technology – Ease of Security

by Starry

Aug 12 2021

Security is a major issue nowadays due to multiple reasons. It is better to be safe than be a clueless target. The digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore is a guaranteed way of securing your home and yourself. No matter what happens, safety should be your top priority. That is why An Digital Lock Singapore has provided you awith the best and most guaranteed security.

The aim of using a digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore is to make sure that everything in your home and personal space is safe and secure. It is not about being resistant to burglary; rather, it causes the burglar to get caught instantly.

Take a moment for Atome

Atome is the biggest supporter of security and brings you the best digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore. Atome is a new Singaporean app that was launched back in 2019. Due to its amazing features and payment policy, it has gained a lot of popularity and applause.

Even though it has already been launched, this app is fully functional in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. This app serves as a platform that collaborates with all the best brands on the market. That includes fashion, clothing, home care, personal care, travel, etc.

Atome is popular for its great tagline, “buy now and pay later,” which is their payment policy that allows you to buy everything and payback later. With the collaboration with An Digital Lock, now you can order your desired digital lock and payback in three easy installments. Shopping has never been this easy and on the budget.

A new era of digital locks

Digital locks by An Digital Lock Singapore is the new era’s best innovation and security matching device. However, there is nothing wrong with the conventional security ways that involved physical lock and key. These conventional ways of security are even used today for various reasons. Also, the conventional lock and key are still bought very cheap on the market compared to a digital lock.

But when you look at it from a practical point of view, you will understand how the digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore is far more advantageous than the conventional lock and key.

Advantages of a Digital lock

If put into a list of advantages, it will be a never-ending list. Therefore, here are a few points to summarize how a digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore is a better way to secure your house.

1. It is a one-time installment and has been wired with your online and offline security through electrical wires. Even if the main power is cut, it has its backup that is triggered in crucial times.

2. A digital lock does not require a key, and that means that there is no worry of duplication of keys. It either operates on a specific code, your fingerprint, or even your eye. Some digital locks by An Digital Lock Singapore are voice-operated; thus, the key being lost or duplicated is completely erased.

3. The system is always updated and online if someone tries to intrude, the lock is already connected with the surveillance system and triggers the alarm. The alarm either alerts the neighbors and after a while, it also alerts the nearby police station. The digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore works exactly how you want it to work; more security and protection services will be provided by the company or firm installing your digital lock.

4. If you have multiple locks installed in your home or office, you only require one key to open. For more security, you can even get personal authorization. In that case, there is no chance of breach in the security.

5. The digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore is made to be secure in every aspect; if you have to put in a pin for authorization, no one other than you can see the pin or even know the pin.

An extraordinary digital lock

The digital locks by An Digital Lock Singapore is given by an alarm triggering lock. Imagine you are going to bed. You have installed a digital lock in your main door. Now, this lock aims to guard certain vicinity. It will most probably secure a few meters of the house around the main door.

Now, if you have entered your pin number for safety and closed the door, that means unless you remove the trigger, anyone who opens the door or tries to open the door will trigger the alarm. This alarm is very loud and almost deafening. This is because a very high-pitched sound that can can also cripple the offender, which will give the residents enough time to call for help.

This is an example of the simplest form of the digital lock by An Digital Lock Singapore on the market. There are plenty of other innovative digital locks that can secure your entire house in multiple ways. They can do things that no ordinary lock and key can do.

The An digital lock

An Digital Lock Singapore is a very popular site for the best and most guaranteed locks on the market. Such as Atome the digital lock Singapore is a platform with plenty of different security tools for your home. It is up to you for what you want to install. Because the digital lock has different companies that are best for security, all these locks are genuine and have a warranty plus guarantee.

1. Samsung

2. Kadaas

3. Asus

4. Igloohome

5. Philips

6. Solity

7. Kaiser

8. Schlage

All of these brands are the best and have been tested by the best judges. Their security is up to the mark, and every digital lock by An digital Locks Singapore by this platform has already been reviewed as the best, not only in word but has proved its worth.


Security is a very important luxury. Those who do not have this are always stressed and anxious. Peace of mind is a blessing that very few can have and afford. For the same reason, the digital lock has taken over the home care brands due to increased security demands. As it should be, everything aside, security is the only thing that needs to be taken very seriously and should be taken care of beforehand.

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