The 12 Best Laundry Baskets of 2021

by Starry

Jul 20 2021

Laundry has always been a hurdle when it comes to having a busy schedule. No matter how many or how big laundry baskets you get, the pile keeps getting bigger. Also, the piles of clothes keep getting added to the older pile. Nobody can help you with your procrastination, but a lot can be done about the laundry pile issue, such as the new woven laundry baskets, laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks.

Airmock is an online store that has started creating laundry baskets from seagrass and selling them for a very fair price. These laundry baskets Singapore by Airmocks are unique in style and beautiful in color. They are also very easy to carry as they have two plastic stripes.

Traditional laundry basket

Doing laundry has been going on for ages; there is nothing new in the process. But what mankind did was make it easy to carry out the basics, such as the laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks. Ages ago, women had big stone dumps that would contain their clothes, and they would wash them. It was the time when not much technology and knowledge prevailed.

Later, these practices were taken over by cloth baskets that were not durable and did not have much space. The laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is nothing like anyone has ever seen. It is a different type of idea. While the demand for a better laundry basket grew, wooden laundry baskets were the new trend. These large and heavy baskets were good space but were too heavy to carry. This trend did not last much longer.

a. The metal

As the era modernized and ideas came forth, metal baskets were also around it, but the metal baskets were again unaesthetic, heavy, and would rust. However, they were not as heavy as the wooden ones. If you think about those times, the laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is light and weightless to carry. They still look for a lot of energy while carrying it. Thankful now, are we?

b. The plastic

It wasn’t much longer than plastic was discovered, and laundry baskets made from plastic were the new trend, and everyone loved it. The trend is ongoing, and even today, most of our necessities are made up of plastic. But all things must come to an end.

When plastic expired, even after 20 years, it would break and become brittle. But it would never decompose. It was becoming an overload on the earth. The laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is here to replace the monstrosity we created for our ease, and now we cannot undo it.

The need for Airmocks laundry basket

Though plastic laundry baskets are lightweight, have better handling, and even have better aesthetics. But when it comes to expiry, the plastic basket becomes brittle and breaks away, leaving sharp shards behind, which can injure your hands and even your loved ones. This is nothing unusual, and it is a very common accident that happens. Laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is compensation and a healthy choice for all. If you are using plastic in their homes, you must know that there are many harmful effects of having plastic around for a longer time.

If you have a water bottle and keep it in the fridge, the cancerous chemicals will leche it into your drinkable water. If you have plastic plates and microwave them, it will become toxic for any food that is not on the plate. Though mankind has created plastic, it has far more adverse effects than benefits.

The aim of laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is to replace your plastic laundry basket and give you something better, natural, and environment-friendly. Like said before, everything must come to an end, and the laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks will decompose when it is time leaving behind no toxic remnants while plastic never decomposes and stays on the land as garbage.

Getting the Best Laundry basket in 2021

In the year 2021, people have become more sensitive towards the environment and the health of our earth. That is why they prefer something natural and will not harm the land when their use is over. For that purpose, the laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is the best one you got. There is no doubt about that. This amazing woven laundry basket is;

a. Made out of seagrass, that means it is natural and holds the essence of life.

b. It is spacious and malleable, which means it can hold more than its capacity.

c. You can use it as a toy basket as well.

d. The laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is easy to grip as it has two plastic strips for handles.

e. It has a beautiful beige and grey color, which adds to the ambiance of your home and does not look untidy.

f. The laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is light and airy, and it does not have much weight, making it easy to carry and empty.

g. It can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or wipes.

If you still are looking for other options apart from laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks, which is highly recommended. So you can also check the following;

1. Wicker hamper

2. Threshold wicker hamper

3. Seville classic handwoven oval handwoven laundry hamper

4. Bayou breeze wicker laundry hamper

5. Songmics handwoven laundry hampers.

6. Litwit freestanding laundry hamper.

Atome to the rescue

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Now that Atome has collaborated with Airmocks. You can buy the best laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks instantaneously and pay it back later in three easy installments. Always be on your budget.


Laundry baskets may not seem like an important thing, but as the person who does your laundry or starts doing your laundry. Then you will feel how important the laundry basket Singapore by Airmocks is and how amazing these innovations are. This land is ours to keep and work for. The use of plastics is harming them.

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