Life Needs Style – Start with Plating Desserts

by jiatongma

Jun 17 2022

Life needs style: Start with plating desserts!

No meal is complete without an appetising dessert calling for the delightful aftertaste. And Table Matters Singapore knows how important it is to end your meals on a sweet note. Did you ever realise, it’s not only the taste that matters but also the presentation of the dessert that makes it irresistible? It’s not an easy task to achieve, after all, you need creativity, art and passion to plate a dessert. Dessert may be the last course, but not the least as it draws a lot of attention. Have you noticed how everyone at the dinner table waits for the dessert eagerly?

Why the need for plating dessert?

You must be asking yourself, why give so much importance to dessert? But imagine this, the food at your restaurant or even at home doesn’t fulfil the taste criteria of your guests. It could be too spicy for them, or the other way around. Plating your dessert not only uplifts the mood of the guests but also presents your skills as a chef or cook. 

We understand that plating desserts may be time consuming and demand creativity. That’s when Table Matters got your back with their incredible dessert plating classes, tips, and tricks. 

How to Plate Desserts? Here are some tips on how you can make your deserts more delicious 

  • Get beautiful dessert plates, and bowls.

To be able to plate your desserts, you will first need some beautiful dishes, plates, and bowls. Afterall, there are unique plates and bowls of different sizes for each type of dessert, thus they cannot be served in the same dishes as your full course meals. The restaurant-style dessert plating can only be achieved if you invest in some good quality and unique utensils for your sweets. 

  • Make it a platter 

If you have multiple desserts, and are confused about how to present them, making them into a platter will help. Start by placing your main dessert in the focal point of the plate and arrange the other sweets around it. This not only helps in utilising less plates, but also makes it more accessible for the guests to have it. 

  • Be creative with textures

While we all think it’s beautiful to contrast chocolate with vanilla, they sometimes merge in to make one bland sweet dish. It is because they are similar in texture. Think of bringing together different textures when preparing your dessert plates. 

  • Add colour to your plates

Make sure you use bright and colourful ingredients while making your desserts. Think of how you can top up your vanilla cake with berries and strawberries. Or sprinkle coconut sugar on your chocolate fudge cake. Colourful desserts are always sure to attract your guests with.

  • Garnish the dessert right 

You can never run out of options when it comes to garnishing. For instance, you can garnish your sweets with fruit cravings, chocolate powder, cookies, nuts, creams, or syrups. Combine the right tastes and add amazing flavour to your dessert bowl. 

  • Don’t overdo

You shall keep a balance between playing around on the plate and leaving enough space for the dessert. If you add too many sweets at once, your dessert plate or bowl may become too wobbly or tall. You wouldn’t want your four layered ice cream scoops to fall downfall halfway to the guests. 

  • Stay consistent 

Consistency is the key, no matter what you are doing. When you give your beautiful dessert plates a try every time you make one, your mind will explore new ideas and techniques. You will also get familiar with different plating types of desserts. Don’t forget to keep adding to your dessert plates collection from Table Matters. You will need beautiful and aesthetic dessert plates and bowls to decorate your desserts. 

About Table Matters

Table Matters started out as a way to spend free time looking for unique and high-quality dishes. It quickly turned into a personal way to express art. The brand was made to help reach the goal of giving everyone tableware that looks good. Every collection has unique designs that use elements from nature that are pleasing to the eye and turn them into intricate illustrations and colors. Table Matters uses high-quality materials that have been carefully checked for endurance, durability, and quality. Each piece of dinnerware is guaranteed to be safe to use and can stand up to the test of time and the dishwasher. You can shop from their range of collections from their website

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While you may not think so, plating desserts are an important part of pleasing your guests with appetising food and delicious looking dishes. It not only represents you as a host, but also shows off your creativity and artistic skills. Now that you know the simple and quick tips on how to prepare your dessert plates, you surely should move on to the next step and invest in some beautifully designed dessert plates and bowls. 

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