An Excellent Retreat for Families: Come to Happy Fish Swim School!

by jiatongma

Nov 14 2022

Swimming pools are a retreat from your mundane lives. Moreover, if it’s hot weather that you’re dreading, a plunge into the refreshing waters of a swimming pool is just what you need to cool off your day.

If you don’t know how to swim, we have a fix for that. May we introduce to you Happy Fish Swim School – a great solution if you don’t know how to swim or are looking for expert-level swimming lessons in Singapore.

Today, we’re going to discover all there is at Happy Fish Swim School, its offerings, and what the hype is all about. Dive into the glorious swimming pools in Singapore at Happy Fish Swim School and start reaping the benefits of swimming.

Is swimming good for weight loss?

The short answer to this is: Yes, swimming is good for weight loss. Swimming your heart out definitely does its part in burning some excess calories if you’re planning on losing weight.

If you weigh 160 pounds, swimming at a low or medium pace can burn up to 423 calories in an hour! The same figure skyrockets to 715 calories/hour if you swim at a greater pace! So, if you’ve decided that you want to shed some excess pounds, registering yourself for your swimming lessons in Singapore would be an excellent start.

Why is swimming so hard?

Water resistance and temperature play a great deal in making swimming hard for you. Since water is clearly much denser than air, you face greater resistance when you try to move your body while swimming. This is because there’s a much greater level of resistance stopping you from achieving the same speed in covering the same distance as when you’re running or walking.

To include some numbers to solidify our argument, water is approximately 800x denser than air. Therefore, pushing yourself past a greater resistance obviously demands greater work and energy from you.

In addition, when you’re underwater, you clearly cannot breathe, and your body is actually positioned horizontally, making swimming a more challenging sport than others.

Happy Fish Swim School – Get to know them!

Founded in 2007, Happy Fish Swim School laid its foundations to showcase and highlight the love of parents towards their children. The founders of Happy Fish Swim School – Jay, Kay, and Jacqueline – knew that adults and children need to develop and possess certain key motor, emotional, and cognitive skills in order to swim.

Happy Fish Swim School prides itself on its objective of providing and promoting swimming lessons in Singapore to people of all ages.

In addition to that, Happy Fish Swim School provides clean and hygienic indoor swimming facilities that cater to people of all ages. So, if you have a child who’s ready to take their first dip or it’s you who wants to start swimming as an adult, Happy Fish Swim School is for you.

Indoor swimming facilities at Happy Fish Swim School

Happy Fish Swim School has state-of-the-art Singapore swimming facilities.

The swimming pools at Happy Fish Swim School are extremely comfortable and clean. Happy Fish maintains their swimming pools to ensure great levels of purity and comfort. UV filters fitted into their swimming pools eradicate bacteria and other by-products, making Happy Fish’s swimming pool crystal clear. The UV tech lowers chlorine needed by up to 90%, which is amazing. Never worry about stinging eyes, dry hair, shivers, and dry skin ever again!

The non-chemical tech used in Happy Fish’s swimming pools is usually used to purify drinking water – that’s how clean the water is.

Swimming lessons in Singapore – What courses does Happy Fish Swim School offer?

Happy Fish Swim School offers swimming lessons in Singapore for every age bracket.

  • Baby Class – Young ones that are 4-23 months (S$342.4/ term for group and S$428 for private).
  • Toddler Class – Children that are between 2 and 4 years (S$342.4/ term for group and S$428 for private).
  • Kid Class – Children from 5-12 years (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private).
  • Adult Class – Adult swim lessons for people ages 13 and above (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private)

Besides these, Happy Fish Swim School also offers the following swimming lessons in Singapore:

  • Lady swimming classes (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private).
  • Prenatal swimming lessons (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private).
  • Special needs swimming lessons (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private).
  • School holiday intensive swimming lessons (S$342.4/ term for indoor group and S$428 for private).

All of the above-mentioned prices are for weekdays. Prices for weekends are usually higher.

If I register now, how many lessons will it take for me to learn to swim?

Adults with no fear of water usually take around 20-25 hours to learn basic swimming. Happy Fish Swim School provides a 30-minute lesson per day. So doing the math, if you take a lesson once every week, you’ll learn to swim perfectly within a year.

Where can you find Happy Fish Swim School in Singapore?

If you’ve decided you’re going to enrol yourself in the swimming lessons in Singapore offered by Happy Fish Swim School, here’s where you can find them.

  • Happy Fish Swim School Home @ Bedok ESR BizPark @ 750 Chai Chee Road #01-07, S469000
  • Happy Fish Swim School Home @ Stevens – 30 Stevens Rd, #01-10, Singapore 257878
  • Happy Fish Swim School Wild Wild Wet – 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
  • Happy Fish Swim School Home Jurong East – 2 Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-05, Singapore 608512
  • Happy Fish Swim School Home – 750 Chai Chee Road
  • Happy Fish Swim School Home Horsecity – 100 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287992
  • Happy Fish Swim School Home Bukit Timah – 8 Duke’s Rd, Singapore 268888

Happy Fish Swim School and Atome

Did you know that Happy Fish Swim School is a proud merchant of Atome? Well, now you do!

Atome helps to reduce upfront payments by allowing you to purchase your items now and pay for them later. Atome’s Buy Now, Pay Later feature divides your bills into three interest-free instalments, all of which are a month apart. Moreover, there aren’t any hidden fees involved either!

Atome is a Singapore-based company that has successful operations in ten regions, including Singapore. Download the Atome application today on both iOS and Android devices. Other than Happy Fish Swim School, Atome has 15,000+ merchants from which you can purchase and divide your bill into three easy monthly instalments. So get the app now receive a free $10 voucher upon your first purchase through Atome.

Learn how Atome works!

Here’s how you can get the best swimming lessons in Singapore from Happy Fish Swim School through Atome:

  1. When at a Happy Fish Swim School branch, scan the QR code available at the counter.
  2. You’ll be asked to log into your Atome account. If you don’t have one, create one – it’s pretty easy and won’t take long.
  3. Pay one-third of your whole bill and pay the rest later!

That’s it; you’ve successfully made your first purchase through Atome!

Ending thoughts

If you don’t know how to swim, you can head over to Happy Fish Swim School right now and get the best swimming lesson in Singapore – they won’t be content until you really learn how to swim like a ‘happy fish.’ Dive into the clear waters of the swimming pools at Happy Fish Swim School and use Atome to split your bills while you’re at it!

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