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by Starry

Jul 05 2021

Shoes are the best way of looking good. Wearing the best shoes always admires your looks as well your personality. There are many types of shoes with different top brands. Oxford shoes are one of them. Oxford shoes are the world top brand which sells its product worldwide. So make sure you make the right choice with oxford shoes. Today we have brought for the people of Singapore to buy the best oxford shoes from Yeossal.

Yeossal is a brand that sells oxford shoes. Oxford shoes have a unique design where the eyelet area is hidden inside the vamp. This model is a standard formal dress shoe that will never run out of style. These oxford shoes are a great example of oxford leather black leather. Compared to bluchers, oxford shoes have a more formal look and tend to retain their shape better over time. Yeossal brings the variety of best oxford shoes for the people of Singapore. 

What is Oxford Shoes:

We all are familiar with Oxford, where it gains its name from a city university. In 1800 some students used to wear the same shoes. That is how it emerged into the oxford shoes. Afterwards, the oxford shoes became the symbol of business and formal fashion wear shoes. 

Difference Between Derby shoes and Oxford Shoes:

There are many similarities between the derby and oxford shoes. You may not differentiate them easily. However, they are often different from each other. The main difference between them is the laces. You will find Oxford a close laced while derby shoes an open laced. Besides that, both shoes are very stylish and unique. Derby shoes are considered to be one of the best dress shoes. So both oxford shoes and derby shoes are the same. A slight difference makes them different from each other. 

Characteristic of Oxford shoes:

Following are the characteristics of oxford shoes.

An Oxford shoe has closed laces.

Oxford shoes have elongated toes with and without cap toe

It will have three-part panelled construction

Types of oxford shoes:

There are several types of oxford shoes available. In Fact, each of them is best for their purposes. We will define each best type of oxford shoes available at Yeossal. You can easily buy it. Just visit their official website through atome, and you will find many amazing shoes with other casual wear stuff. 

Classic Oxford Shoes:

As derived from the name. These are more formal shoes than the other oxford shoes. The toe on classic oxford shoes is plain. Classic types are best matched with tuxedos and with other suites. The black and the brown ones are the best matches of classic oxford shoes.

Wingtip Oxford shoes:

Wingtip is a more decorated oxford shoe. These shoes have wingtips that extend along the side of the shoe. A pointed toe cap also follows the wingtip oxford shoe. Wingtip oxford shoes are not the best match for formal wear, but a night out will be preferable. 

Cap Toe Oxford shoes:

Cap toe is predominantly a design that is named after a piece of leather. This is also one of the best choices for formal wear. It is very stylish and unique. Cap toe oxford shoes can be worn with any traditional dress like tuxedo standard dress coat and many other. 

Saddle oxford shoes:

Saddle oxford shoes are a vintage type. It was back polarized in the 1950s. These were used to play sports like tennis, school dress codes, and cheerleading. The shape of the saddle oxford shoes is like a plain toe with a saddle-shaped ring. 

Whole Cut:

Whole cut oxford shoes is another best variant, and it is made from a single complete cut of leather. The entire amount makes it a perfect shoe for formal and party wear. 

About Yeossal:

Yeossal is Singapore’s most famous shoe and formal wear outlet. They have almost every standard garment and shoe variety available at their store. They have an e-commerce store too. There is a vast collection of shoes that will make you choose the perfect out of them. You can easily make your ideal choice with them. They also have high-quality oxford shoes available. The oxford shoes make you look perfect. So visit now and buy anything you like. 

Atome Assistance:

Nossal here uses the service of atome to sell their products. The atome is providing that service to the buyers too. The buyers can buy anything from atome with excellent buying plans. If you want to buy or need anything, atome has everything. They have affiliated with thousands of top brands and outlets. You can easily shop with them.

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Oxford shoes are the world’s choice for every man and woman. It is classy and more sophisticated to wear. If you want to look more formal, dashing oxford shoes is the way to do it. There are many variants, as we already describe. So read every passage and educate yourself with oxford shoes. You will be satisfied with oxford shoes and their styling. 

Oxford by name is always amusing when we hear it. Once you start using oxford shoes, you will make it your permanent collection. Oxford shoes are primarily men’s shoes, but it is available for the women too. Here we have presented one of the top outlets which are providing the best oxford shoes in Singapore. The vessel is making every person in Singapore proud. So do not linger around in buying lousy and dull shoes. Buy oxford shoes. It is probably the most stylish shoe available in the world.

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