CFOOT- The Best Shoe and Insoles Brand in Singapore

by Starry

Sep 03 2021

Are you looking for the best shoes for your feet? Improperly-matched sizes are not comfortable for your foot. While wearing them, you don’t feel relaxed. It causes imbalances. To walk properly, a shoe that has perfect insoles and fits comfortably is necessary. CFOOT provides you the best insoles in Singapore. It offers a technology to customize insoles for your comfortable walk. You don’t need to worry about the unfit and oversized shoes. Now you can pick the shoes that you love in your perfect fit size.

About CFOOT:

The emerging shoe company CFOOT provides the customers with exciting services not available in other shoe stores. You can walk in the store, choose your shoe, and fit in a standard size by insoles. No worries to leave the shoe you love just because it doesn’t get fit! CFOOT designs and manufactures shoes of high quality. To match the footprints of their customer, the brand customizes insoles.

The brand scans your unique feet with modern technology software to offer you insoles that comfortably fit.

Aim of CFOOT:

The company aims to help you find your exact shoe size by customizing insoles. Feet need to be relaxed after a long day of work. However, it is better to find the solution to avoid pain while wearing your favorite shoes.

The comfort of feet starts with comfortable insoles. CFOOT believes that whatever services a company is providing, it must work to its fullest. Therefore, the CFOOT company works to provide its customers the shoes that can help them walk comfortably and confidently. Created with multilayers with healthy material, they offer you everlasting comfort. As the sizes of both feet are not the same, CFOOT helps to get your feet’ size precisely measured.

The insoles of shoes are designed to allow you to walk more, stand more, and feel more comfortable. CFOOT customizes insoles to help you avoid heel pain, corn on your foot, plantar fasciitis, and other foot-related injuries to let you work comfortably and speedily. 

How does the brand work?

Being the only brand in South Asia to provide the best shoe insoles in Singapore, CFOOT starts by taking a 3D scan for footprints of each of your feet, followed by a pressure point test. Moreover, a leg alignment test is also taken to prevent any imbalances. The customer’s data is analyzed to find the size according to length, width, and comfort by professional and certified orthopedists in Italy. The design perfectly fits insoles for the footprint.

Services by CFOOT:

CFOOT uses robust technology to manufacture insoles with detailed precision. Customized orthotics insoles are the only insoles made in Singapore by CFOOT. With its fast services, you get your insoles ready within a week.

Moreover, CFOOT hires professionals so that you can avail the best services. All the staff in stores are well trained to take your footprints with the 3D software. They are trained to take pressure point tests as well as imbalance tests. All you need to do is just pick a shoe.

What makes CFOOT products unique?

Do you know what injuries you can get if not using insoles? If your shoes are not fitted perfectly, you may encounter body pain like lower back pain, ankle pain, knee pain, arch pain, and leg pain. To help you avoid such pains, CFOOT customizes insoles. The layered pattern provides your heel cup support, outer arch support, meta-arch support, and cushioning E.V.A. Moreover, the insole is made of antibacterial material that prevents your foot from foot corns. The exciting thing about CFOOT is that you can buy high heels too with orthopedic insoles. 

CFOOT automated correction insoles editing software combined with assessment of foot biology, foot pressure, and 3D data accurately measures the size and foot condition to establish a corrected insole prescription. It helps you to avoid foot sprains and any kind of pain you may get while walking in shoes that don’t fit.


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