Clean Your Entire House with the Steam Cleaner Without Any Hassle

by Starry

Dec 08 2021

Keep your family safe and sound with the latest technology, removing 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Live in a healthy and clean environment. Whether it is your lounge, kitchen, or bathroom, a Kärcher steam cleaner is ready to work everywhere you want.

About Kärcher:

Kärcher Singapore was founded in 1935. It is one of the most well-renowned and most popular cleaning services and cleaning machinery around the world. Kärcher products are available in more than 120 companies in 70 countries. They have every cleaning essential for home and garden. Moreover, they also have a range of industrial cleaning products and services with the most powerful and efficient cleaning tools for their valuable clients.

With the recent pandemic situation of COVID-19, everyone is now more conscious of cleanliness and hygiene. So, according to the current scenario, Kärcher supplies everyday solutions, which are innovative, latest, and make your life easier. Kärcher has home tools as well as professional tools.

Home Garden Singapore:

Kärcher has a vast range of home and garden products like:

  • Pressure washer
  • Mobile cleaning
  • Watering systems
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Steam cleaners
  • Steam vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless window vacs
  • Floor cleaner
  • Multi-functional vacuum cleaners
  • Accessories
  • Cordless electric brooms
  • Cleaning and care agents.


Kärcher Steam cleaner is one of the ideal cleaners with the maximum capacity to fight against strong and harmful bacteria. The latest technology of hot water steam, the highest temperature steam, the mighty nozzle, cleans 99.99% bacteria from hard floors, tiles, marbles, and mirrors—hygienic and deep cleaning with steam, a complete tidiness without any chemical agent.


Everyone desires a neat and clean floor surface for him. For this desire, they search for the easiest ways of one cleaning solutions. Kärcher floor cleaner is perfect to go cleaner with a heavy resistance battery; now you can move freely here and there with cordless moping of your choice. The perfect tool is Kärcher maneuverable FC3 Cordless. If you want a mop that can remove every smaller dust particle and even small scrap, then choose FC5. Those who are very conscious about moping should go for FC7, which is the one solution to every coarse dirt. Some basic advantages of floor cleaners are;


Floor cleaners save you time, as you do not need to wash a mop again and again. So, it saves your time and effort.


The floor cleaners also save your money. You have to change your mop every month or when it gets damaged or expires. But a floor cleaner does not expire so fast. Kärcher also provides product warranty on their products. So, in this sense, the product saves your money consumption.


Kärcher presents steam cleaning, wet cleaning, and dry vacuuming, all three folds in one machine. This all-in-one machine is ideal for your homes and surroundings. Cleaning is never as simple as before. Now make your life more convenient and save your precious time. Kärcher promotes chemical-free cleaning of steam vacuum.

Features of steam vacuum cleaner:

Kärcher steam vacuum cleaner is advancing the entire cleaning strength of dry, wet, and steam cleaning. The easy-to-use cleaner is perfect for all homes and surfaces.

All in one:

The steam vacuum cleaners can remove each single particular crumbs from the floor. While the water, steam, and dry vacuuming process make it easier to clean the surface without changing filters again and again.

Effective hygience:

When you think about washing and hygienically cleaning toilets, the bathrooms are now clean enough with the steam cleaner. Steam cleaner ensures hygienic cleaning with the help of hot steam.

Best for allergies:

For those who have any breathing issue or something like this, vacuum’s 4th stage filtration system detects any bug and dust, particularly from your bed foams, and leaves it a clear and breathable room.

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