Are You Worried About Hair Loss? SL Aesthetic Clinic Is Your One-stop Solution!

by jiatongma

Sep 14 2022

Alopecia is a very common condition. Although it’s more common in older adults, anybody can have it, including kids.

American Academy for Dermatology estimates that, on average, fifty to a hundred hairs fall daily. Your head has roughly 100,000 hairs so that slight loss is hardly visible. In most cases, new hair grows to replace the hair you lost, Though that is not always the case. Hair loss can occur over many years and at times even in days. Hair loss might be either transient or permanent, based on the underlying reason that is causing the hair loss.

Are you trying to determine if you are genuinely losing hair or shedding hair as you would normally? Concerned about how to prevent hair loss? Please continue reading to learn more about baldness, hair loss causes, and hair loss treatments with SL Aesthetic Clinic.

Symptoms of hair loss

Losing too much hair is a primary sign of alopecia and at times it might be trickier to spot than you think.

Following are some symptoms listed that might give some indications:

  • Expanding portion. If you part your hair, you notice that the part you pick is expanding daily, which may indicate hair thinning.
  • A thinning hairline. Having a higher hairline is an indication of thinning hair.
  • Untidy hair. After using a hair brush, check it. If your hair feels more clumpy than usual than you might be having hair loss.
  • Bald spots. These might develop over time and be of different sizes and develop over time.
  • Obstructed drains. You could discover that hair has stopped the drains in your shower or sink.
  • Aching or pain. You could also feel discomfort or irritation on your scalp if you have a skin issue that is the root of your hair loss.

Don’t worry; SL Aesthetic Clinic has got you covered! If your hair loss shampoo is not working, SL Aesthetic Clinic offers the best shampoo for hair loss available on the market.

Why do we experience hair loss?

There can be a lot of reasons one experiences hair loss. However, with a good hair loss treatment in Singapore, all hair loss issues can be dealt with.

We have listed a few reasons why we experience hair loss for you below:

Hair loss caused by thyroid issues

As both illnesses result in a hormonal imbalance, hair loss can be brought on by either a thyroid at its underactive stages, also known as hypothyroidism, or a hyperactive thyroid, also known as hyperthyroidism. Hormones have a role in almost every bodily process, including hair growth. You may manage your hormones, stop baldness, and begin to regrow your hair by receiving the appropriate therapy for any of these thyroid problems.

Changing hair quality after pregnancy

Hair loss can also result from other hormonal abnormalities, particularly the dramatically shifting hormone levels that follow pregnancy and childbirth. It takes time for hormonal changes to normalize after pregnancy, so postpartum mothers frequently experience hair loss or even bald patches. About three months after the infant is born, this frequently happens. Don’t panic; your hair follicles will recuperate along with the other parts of your body. Your hair grows back after the temporary hair loss.

Medication-related hair loss

Many drugs used to treat common health issues include hair loss as a side effect. Oral contraceptives, antidepressants, NSAIDs, calcium and beta channel blockers, and blood thinners can all cause baldness or hair thinning. Retinoids, vitamin A-based medications, if taken in excess amounts, can also cause hair loss. As they seek to kill cancer cells, several chemotherapy medications are known to result in complete hair loss. Hair should regrow once you quit taking any medications that make you lose hair, just like it does after chemotherapy.

Mechanical injury

Many individuals alter the look of their hair using permanent waves, bleach, straighteners, dyes, and tints, all of which can damage the scalp and hair. Using these hair styling products might also lead to baldness since some include potent chemicals that can burn the scalp.

Braids, tight ponytails, and hair extensions are a few hairstyles that can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

The hair transplant procedures at SL Aesthetic Clinic aid in restoring fuller-looking hair! SL Aesthetic Clinic’s reviews are proof of their brilliance in technology. From vitamins for hair loss to the best hair loss shampoo in Singapore, SL Aesthetic Clinic has got you covered for all hair loss problems.

Why do people not embrace their hair loss?

When people discuss how losing their hair affects their self-esteem and ability to land jobs, it seems like a uniquely contemporary problem for our image-conscious times. However, it seems that males have been worried about balding for years, if not thousands of years. Julius Caesar was reportedly obsessed with baldness and would do anything to regrow his hair.

People feel they look less pleasing and more aged with hair loss. They feel that with losing hair, irrespective of their young age, they will be assumed old and hence will lose a lot of opportunities in terms of work and their love life. At SL Aesthetic Clinic, they know what their clients want and provide the best of the best. Moreover, if you are looking for hair loss shampoo in Singapore, you should try SL Aesthetic Clinic.

What is SL Aesthetic Clinic all about?

The FDA-approved, CE-marked, and HSA-approved minimum to non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments are available in Singapore at the SL Aesthetic Clinic. SL Aesthetic Clinic has been providing aesthetic treatments for more than ten years and is committed to offering customers a variety of therapies that enhance their appearance. The ultimate objective of non-invasive cosmetic procedures and fillers is to enhance you so that you may be the greatest version of yourself.

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FUE hair transplant at SL aesthetic clinic

For long-term relief from hair loss problems such as androgenetic alopecia (FUE), follicular unit extraction hair transplantation is an option (Female Pattern Baldness and Male Pattern Hair Loss).

Follicular units (also termed grafts), naturally occurring clusters of one to four hairs, are obtained for hair transplantation using the SL Aesthetic Clinic’s FUE technique. Individual follicular fragments are taken from the donor area or site of the hair transplant patient during FUE hair transplant harvesting, preferably one at a time.

The donor location suffers reduced damage thanks to the FUE hair transplant technique.

This is done randomly to prevent the hair growth in donor sites from being noticeably lessened. Hair transplants at the SL Aesthetic Clinic Singapore replicate how your hair grows naturally on your head, eyebrows, or beard. As with any operation or treatment, results might vary from person to person.

Both men and women can benefit from our FUE follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant procedure. Hair transplants are not just done on heads. In actuality, it might also involve beard and brow transplants.

Benefits of FUE hair transplant

Manual Follicular Graft Extraction is a benefit of FUE hair transplantation. To minimize downtime and scarring, the clinic extracts grafts from the donor site using a micro-motor punch device.

  • Reduces waste of extracted grafts during the hair transplant operation, minimizing trauma towards the donor area
  • Grafts from other body places may be used to accomplish the desired result if the donor site’s follicles are found inadequate during the examination.
  • A rise in hair density.
  • Implanted hairs follow the orientation of neighboring native hairs. This reduces the possibility of placing grafts too closely to your current hair, giving you a more natural-looking outcome.
  • Hair transplants at SL Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore have little downtime and are reasonably priced, starting at $5 per graft (depending on the number of grafts).
  • The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia on the clinic’s premises.

Some clients can resume their normal activities one to two days following the surgery.

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SL Aesthetic Clinic has been providing aesthetic treatments for more than ten years and is committed to offering customers a variety of therapies that enhance their appearance. Atome makes the experience more accessible and hassle-free. So what are you waiting for? Purchase SL Aesthetic Clinic’s products and services using Atome now!

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