SK Jewellry: Years Are Silent, True Love Is Eternal

by jiatongma

Sep 14 2022

Since the early days of mankind, humans have showcased precious stones and valuable items; fashioned into any variety of jewellry. And this practice has been passed on to the current age as well. It is an old tradition for married couples to exchange rings at the time of officiating the marriage, with the most popular choice being diamond rings due to their rarity and everlasting beauty.

SK Jewellery has encompassed this entire concept of offering ornaments as gifts and spreading joy by making the receivers’ day special.

Jewellry has always played an important role in many cultures, traditions, and religions. People wear them to highlight their social status, wealth, faith, etc. It is common for jewellry which includes; diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings, to be worn as heirlooms with the intent to preserve and continue the legacies of their ancestors who had worn them before.

Why do people like to use diamond rings for marriage proposal?

There are various reasons for this, but the most compelling reasons drive from the history of diamonds as precious gemstones and their connection with humans in celebration of the union of two people.

Tradition and customs

Historians believe the custom of presenting ornaments such as a diamond ring for women originated in Rome. Afterward, a noted individual; Archduke Maximillian of Austria offered a diamond ring, quite possibly the first on-record diamond engagement ring, to his soon-to-be bride; Mary of Burgundy, in the year 1477.

The tradition was further strengthened by the acclaimed advertisement campaign propagated by De Beers company. The impactful slogan read: “A Diamond is Forever,” which went hand in hand with the parallels to the longevity and success of a marriage between two people.

Singapore’s age-old tradition is to present diamond rings to the betrothed. This is where SK Jewellery in Singapore comes to boast the customs of ancestors of the people and help keep the tradition alive. There is a wide selection of diamond engagement rings at SK Jewellery for such special occasions.


The trinkets of diamond jewellry symbolize that true love between a bride and groom is eternal, just like the durability of the gifted gemstone. The diamond engagement ring signifies the absolute commitment and passion for one another.

The ornament is the iconic representation and embodiment of the concept of marriage itself.

A glance at SK Jewellery Singapore

Let’s have an overview of SK Jewellery Singapore as a brand and then delve into some of their fine rings.

About SK Jewellery

SKJewellery Group was founded in Singapore in the year 1991. The Group launched its very own goldsmith store under the banner of “Soo Kee Jewellery” in Bedok Central, which streamlined into the name “SK Jewellery.” Soon afterward, the Group paved the way for white gold and diamond jewellery in the year 1996.

This led to the establishment of a brand called “SK Jewellery” in 2003, which catapulted into the immense success of the ornament business, especially the diamond rings for women, diamond engagement rings, and the multi-purpose hit ‘princess cut diamond ring.

What SK Jewellery strives for

They want what any purpose-driven brands want for their clients: To make sure the highest quality product can be attainable to customers. As SKJewellery believes that “everyone deserves to shine.”

The SK Jewellery diamond ring price for any 1-carat diamond ring or 2-carat diamond ring, or 999 pure gold sets, is leagues ahead of the competition in terms of value for money. Each piece of exquisite ornament is made with detailed precision and a meaningful design with the world’s best craftsmanship. SK Jewellery Singapore has quickly earned its place at the top of the mountain. They believe all modern women should be able to wear their luxurious, high-in-demand diamond rings for women and their 999 pure gold jewellery pieces.

Types of SK Jewellery Rings

Here are just a few of the many outstanding rings offered by SKJewellery. These all represent ingenuity, class, and beauty.

Starlett Starshine Diamond Ring

The bar setting allows for more light to enter the diamonds, bouncing and then reflecting on dazzling with an impressive and classy partial eternity ring.

A highly versatile ornament that can be worn solo or paired with a solitaire ring.

● Design: Bar setting

● Material: 10K Gold

● Color: White Gold

● Ring Size: Standard

● Gemstone: Lab Grown Diamond

● Total Carat Weight: 0.22 ct

● Weight of Product: ~1.3g

● Dimensions: 1.7mm (bandwidth)

SK 916 Shimmering Sea Duotone Gold Ring

A layered ring of waves that will make a showstopper piece stand out from the competition. Prominent with faceted cuts and white gold plating. The waves resemble the sea and sunshine over the water.

● Design: Ocean waves

● Material: 916 Gold

● Color: Gold

● Ring Size: Standard

● Weight of Product: ~5.6g

Star Carat Fancy Glimmer Diamond Ring

This iconic lab-grown diamond solitaire is set in a double halo frame embedded with diamonds in 18K white gold. Truly, an enchanting piece of art. It is the princess cut diamond ring.

● Design: Double Halo

● Color: White gold

● Gemstone: Lab Grown Diamond

● Ring Size: 14

● Carat weight: 1 ct

Momento Everlasting Love Rose Gold Wedding Band Bundle

With its elegant swirling design, this ring glimmers like the point where the sun meets the sea in golden resplendence.

Momento Everlasting Love wedding band holds a promise of forever love and devotion beyond the tides of time. Crafted in rose gold, this ring makes for a sweet and tender symbol of your marriage, suitable for everyday wear.

● Design: Elegant swirling

● Material: 14K Gold

● Color: Rose Gold

● Total Carat Weight: 0.11 ct

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SK Jewellery Singapore means attainable jewellery for modern-day woman empowerment with its impressive lineup of ‘diamond rings for women. It means top-of-class quality with carefully dedicated designs that help its customer feel the luxury of immaculate craftsmanship.

SK Jewellery Singapore offers naturally mined diamond rings as well as state-of-the-art patented lab-grown diamond rings. The SK Jewellery diamond ring prices offer real value for money. The exquisite diamond engagement rings have the potential to make the bride and groom’s special day even more memorable.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs that customers want to know the answers to.

How should one care for their gold ring?

In order to avoid scratches, always be sure to store the gold rings in their own personal pouches. The rings should be protected against bleach and other harmful chemical substances, so avoid wearing the rings in the shower or swimming pool.

Which diamond shape offers the most sparkle?

The answer is also the most popular diamond ring cut design: the round cut diamond. It possesses 58 facets to brilliantly reflect the light of the facet’s surfaces to achieve optimal sparkle.

How to self-clean Jewellery pieces?

The best option is to use a jewellery polishing cloth to wipe and clean the ornaments. Avoid the usage of tissue for wiping as it could leave a residue. Another way is to use warm water instead of cold water(it could cause discoloration to some pieces) to clean gold, silver, or diamond engagement rings.

How do you care for 22k gold?

The purer the gold, the softer and more malleable it is. 22k and 24k are most likely prone to scratches, so one has to be extremely gentle in handling the washing and drying process.

Here is the homemade gold and other jewellery cleaning solution:

  1. Mix a bit of dish detergent in warm water. Make sure it’s not too hot.
  2. Add a few drops of ammonia to the concoction.
  3. Use a new soft toothbrush to brush it off.
  4. Rinse in lukewarm water.
  5. Air dry or carefully towel dry with a silky cloth.

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