SING SING WHISKEY—On of the best Whiskey brand in Singapore

by Starry

Aug 30 2021

Every person possesses a different opinion when it comes to whiskey. Surely it has higher alcohol content as compared to beer and wine. And when chosen as a gift for someone, it is considered the most expensive gift compared to other options. Sing sing whiskey is a whiskey brand that is designed, conceptualized, and marketed in Singapore. Our company provides refined whiskey in collaboration with Taiwan distillery partners.

We provide elegant and smoothly balanced whiskey that is manufactured from craft distilleries of the subtropical region. Our tasting notes are infused in the woody and floral aroma. They are considered perfect for whiskey beginners.

By trying our whiskey brands, you will enjoy the unique flavors of wooden barrel ages in subtropical weather, resulting in a delicate and warm finish. We believe that there is no specific way of drinking whiskey. The drink is just for enjoyment and pleasure, and our whiskey will provide you with it. We usually place our whiskey in wooden barrels to absorb the great aroma, and flavor becomes balanced.

Our whiskey brand offers whiskey of different color aromas and tastes for our different customers. As our customers differ in their preference regarding the whiskey taste, we also provide a customized taste of whiskey. We make sure that our whiskey is old enough to make its taste inviting.

Sing sing whiskey is a whiskey brand that provides different styles of whiskey from the well-known distillery in the UK or a craft distillery in Taiwan. Our whiskey ambassador also prepares a customized whiskey for a private tasting or to just enjoy a wonderful evening in private. Our customers also order them to enjoy time with company employees on our preferred or designated venue, even if it is at your place.

When you visit our whiskey brands, we will first introduce our unique spirit, the different kinds of whiskey and all its ingredients, and the procedures required for its manufacturing. In addition to this, the introduction section also includes information related to the whiskey labels, tasting methods, recommended pairing with foods, and the interesting facts related to whiskey. 

Sing Sing Whiskey Tasting Set:

We offer sing sing whiskey tasting set for our customers. This set includes one sing sing ten years single malt, one BTL sing sing 12 years single grain, and two Glencairn glasses. Our whiskey is completely filtered and non-chilled. Our whiskey brands provide a different color of whiskey that is unique as compared to other brands.

This tasting set is also considered a perfect choice for gifting someone. We provide you the same taste you have in your mind. Sing sing whiskey brands do not compromise on the quality of their products. We are sure that all whiskey lovers will love its taste.

Sing sing whiskey ten-year single malt:

Sing sing whiskey brands present you with a new type of whiskey. We work with our partner in Taiwan to select the best batches carefully to manufacture the unique taste of whiskey in Singapore. While tasting, it reveals smoothness, floral aroma and, in the end, gives a sweet round note. You can either drink it neat or along with a rush of water.

Different kinds of whiskey have different colors. The color of the drink talks about the malted grain content and how much older the whiskey is.

We manufacture the finest malted barley originated in the subtropical region. We manufacture this ten-year single malt by the distillation process. After this, the maturation process of the malt is done in the American oaks cask, which consists of a little amount of floral and herb notes. In addition to this, It provides you with the slightest flavors of oaks that end up with a sweet taste. Enjoy your drink with a dash of ice in it to provide a pleasing taste.

Sing Sing Whiskey 12 Years Single Malt:

Sing sing whiskey brand 12 years single malt is an addition in the 1819 series of Merlion edition. The Merlion statue on its bottle consists of a mythical statue of a lion head with a fish body riding above the waves.

 We use the finest malted barley to make our whiskey. The product has an aromatic floral note with light honey and oak spice flavor and provides a sweet and mellow finish.

We manufacture our product by the complete distillation process. In addition to this, we bottle and store them safely in Taiwan to make sure that it provides great quality of cleanliness and safety.

Sing sing whiskey malt and grain set: 

If you want to gift a branded whiskey set to someone, then you have come to the right place. We provide high-quality whiskey gift sets at a reasonable price for our customers. Our whiskey brands cover our bottles with lunar high-quality New Year edition labels. Sing sing whiskey brands have a separate box for glasses and coasters and provide free delivery for our customers.

Our gift sets include 12 years single grain, ten years single malt, two Glencairn glasses, and two coasters. A goof whiskey set can be an amazing gift option for any kind of occasion. We design attractive and appealing gift sets for our customers. Our gift sets will surely impress all the whiskey lovers due to the high-quality taste and amazing packing.

Why buy at ATOME?

Sing sing whiskey brand offers the purest and finest whiskey for their beloved customers. They take care of their customers by providing them high-quality whiskey. People often consider it an expensive item to purchase for you or to gift someone. Despite being the most expensive gift, our whiskey is worth the chase that provides a taste worth enjoying and an experience worth seeing.

But we make it easy for our customers to purchase our products by doing partnership with ATOME. ATOME has made it easy for the customers to pay for the product. They divide the complete payment into three installments. This had made it convenient for the customers to order their required products and pay the bill in installments. In this way, you can get refine high-quality whiskey at a reasonable price.

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