Showcase Your Talent with Lionheart Art Studio

by Starry

Nov 03 2021

Lionheart Studio, a Singaporean premier Art studio, is a single local unified agency responsible for showcasing the local and international talents based on three perspectives, i.e., services, training, and education. This Art studio is growing rapidly day by day. Within two years, the team of the company has worked with several different individuals in three main areas, including design training/education, design services, and corporate events. 

Consultancy/ Employment: 

Lionheart studio also provides an opportunity for artists and individuals who want to search for promotions, branding, marketing, funding, etc., who are interested in starting up a business with the help of their art or skills. 

Using the platform packages, the company provides, and your skills like watercolor painting, digital painting, etc., creative individuals, entrepreneurs-to-be, artists may introduce their ideas. The team will see if they can help you in making your dream come true. 

If the application of the applicant is accepted, then the team of Lionheart studio provides the following services: 

  • Weekly consultation regarding your business strategy that can turn your idea into reality
  • You can also use lionheart studio as your base.
  • The team also provides certain resources that will boost your ideas, workshop, classes, etc.
  • There will also be private mentoring to your account, portfolio, etc.
  • The company will also empower you with social and other business profiles.

Watercolor and digital painting: 

Do you feel like trying watercolor painting? Just take the Company’s Art membership. They provide an opportunity to try the newly introduced traditional arts and digital painting in the same place where you can create amazing art simultaneously where technology combines the classical roots. 

You can expand your horizons by learning more about watercolor painting and digital painting. The team will provide you with an opportunity to learn about techniques used for these paintings. You can also get some help from tutorials to improve your abilities. Whether you are a beginner or you have excelled in the arts field, this is the best place you can go and upgrade your skills. You will learn new strategies to combine your artistic skills and technology and create innovative ideas. You can also master your tools by using various paints, pigments, and other watercolor brushes. 

Graphic designs: 

The company has also hired several art designers and directors who will make and cater to the needs of their customers, whether we talk about branding materials like name cards, posters, logos, etc., to marketing campaign equipment like completely designed installation. 

You can inquire for a hassle-free opportunity and chat with the art studio’s designers, who will customize their services for you. The company’s services include product print, 3d mockups, 2d plans, website designs, etc. 

Commission personal portraits: 

These personal treasures are done in acrylic and oil and can enable our artists to complete their work in a week or so. We specialize in knowing people through art as each piece of art holds a different story to tell. Each artwork made with premium paints holds great value. Having a painting holds a greater value than just having a picture because a painting reflects a person’s inner self. 

The company has hired experienced trainers who conduct both digital and traditional art at the same time. The space enables the clients to customize their functions according to needs like birthdays, educational events, corporate marketing, etc. 

They provide the world’s leading artistic devices, which will play a role in educating, training, and demonstrating in the studio and other public events. With experienced trainers, Lionheart studio guarantees an increased chance of skill retention and knowledge. 

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